Shekina Rose –  Awakening: Rise of Sacred Feminine Divine Power, Calling in the Slphys Devas Angels of Air, anchored in Sedona at the Cathedral Rock Twin Flame Temple, Portal Vortex where the ley lines connect to the sacred sites throughout the Earth.

The Lemurian Spirit is awakening and restoring the balance of the Divine Feminine and Sacred Male empowering the I Am presence Unity Spirit Oneness with all Life.

Our divinity on Earth with the Spirit Devas and nature spirits Angels is crucial. The Lemurians DNA Divine Feminine essence, held vital records and wisdom – stored within each and every cell the secrets of our genetic history and crystal human field resonances.

We are now preparing for the New Crystal Age of Crystalline Resonance that encompasses the divine plan of the Golden Age of Atlantis and Lemuria. Through the DNA Crystalline Resonance the best of these lost worlds of ancient can merge in the Sacred awakening of Now.

The Slyps are angelic air spirits of the higher dimensional realms of the Angelics.

You have come back; from the ancient lands, your memories are coming on line of the Lemuria Golden age. Communion with the Nature spirits and Angels, Peace with the divine races, Cosmic Harmony, and Holy love of Mother Earth.

We are divine and we are Whole. The feelings of our empathic Nature that guide our intuitive heart are our sacred compass of the living Goddess – this is how we are Bringing Heaven to Earth.

You are the bridge and the sacred Divine Feminine calls you to awaken and remember!

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Shekina Rose and Kymberley Maajii Griffin awakening the Divine Power Angels of Air, the Slphys Angelics High Pure nature beings who serve with the nature spirits and watched over the sacred essence of Mother Earth that attune our Divine DNA to Crystalline Resonance Holy Power.

Shekina Rose, Star born Blue Ray, Angelic Messenger Crystal Vocalist for the Language of Light, Blue Ray Peace Emissary and Channel, Angel Medium Healer/Soul Reader, NDE experience, creator of the Sedona Vortex pendants & Devices
~ Sedona Crystal City Ambassador For: Sedona Vortex Crystals technologies Pendants & Devices

Kymberley Griffin Sedona Crystal Bowl alchemist and Healer

See Shekina & Kymberley at Sedona Vortex Gaia’s Love and Compasion sacred language of light crystal bowl performance

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Sedona Vortex Cyrstals


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