The connection we share with our pets can be intense and powerful. Ask anyone who has or has ever had a dear furbaby, and he will attest for the connection. Although we cannot communicate through speech; we are often much closer to them than to people who live with us every day.

The dogs have a mediumistic way to view our lives “without the sensor,” that is. They can see spirits in the same way that they see people. They capture their energies, just as they capture that of us who are alive and when this energy is not good, they usually have that strange behavior, growling, and barking.

Animals and their Spiritual Purpose

Dogs come with a charged purpose; these loving beings are here to help us and to defend men. In addition to defending people in our physical plan, they defend their owners and the people they love, especially of curses and spells.

Your puppy will try to stop heavy energies coming to you, so he tries to absorb the most of it to get his owner. How many times do you have a dog, did not you see your pet having diarrhea out of nowhere or having a sudden malaise, until it died suddenly, without explanation? They protect their owners from the visible and the invisible and are rewarded for it when they die.

Since the kittens are a little different, they are also charged in the upper plane to help humankind, but their function is different. Cats have no sensor in sight; they see people, spirits, and caste beings even lower. What they do most is to clean the environment that their owners live, they see where the energy is bad, it’s heavy, and they go there and clean up those energies. When it’s too heavy even for them, the reaction is that of being terrified and running away (who has never witnessed this?), Or else they often run away from the house. It is like a job for them, and it’s a job that takes all day. When you see your kitten lying down and especially catching a sunbath, do not call the poor guy lazy. He works hard to maintain everyone’s well-being. When he does this, he is only regaining his energy, and then continuing his cleansing. It is no wonder that the ancient Egyptians worshiped them so much.

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 Cats are Master Reiki Healers

Also, cats are also considered reiki specialists. Reiki is a technique of spiritual healing using the energies of the heart through your hands (when applied by people). Kittens have the ability to align the chakras that are misaligned in their owners, using their own body (when they rub themselves in a certain part of the body of someone), as with their paws (you must have seen kittens “massaging” people with their paws).

Is your pet always sick? Already went to the vet, uses drugs, but does the problem always return? Do not you understand why, in many cases, pets have the same diseases as owners? Know what negative energies may be present in your home – far more than you realize.

No doubt we are spiritual beings inhabiting a material body, and We also have a soul, a unique and exclusive personality that sets us apart from other people. All that we observe and feel with our five physical senses are only 5% of all that exists in this immense universe. 95% are things invisible to the naked eye – energies, spirits, atoms, molecules, beings of light, thought-forms.

At all times we are coming in contact and exchanging energies with the objects, environments, and people around us. This interaction has the purpose of keeping bodies with balanced energy. Therefore, those who have a lot of positive or negative energy, donate to those who have less of it, and vice versa.

If we do not learn to protect ourselves energetically, especially from the lower energies, we will tend to absorb and accumulate large quantities of them in our energetic bodies. In the long run, we will tend to feel certain unpleasant pains and nuisances, which will somatize to the emergence of the various types of diseases.


Animals are Natural Empaths

Animals are very sensitive to energies. They can detect a change in the vibratory pattern of a body very easily. As they love their owners, they tend to absorb for themselves any strange energy that their owners present. If he does not take the Pet constantly to walk, get in touch with new people or contact with nature, the animal will be overwhelmed with harmful energies. Like us, pets cannot stand so many negative emanations in their body and the living environment. There are also other issues that can influence your health – genetics, diet, physical inactivity, abuse, physical and emotional trauma.


A very frequent question is the fact that the Pets end up manifesting illnesses equal or like those of the owner or of the family in which it lives. It does not only occurs with our Pets, but with any Being in which we spend much of the day interacting. This greater energy exchange means that members of a family, very close friends, or any group that meets frequently, have very similar symptoms.

Our pets love us; they do everything they can to make us happy and to please, for us to be in good health. Thus, unconsciously, they absorb our negative energies or any other energy that come to us, not leaving us depressed, sick or tired. Who does this a lot are dogs and, especially, cats.

If you do not have the habit of practicing any technique of energy protection and cleaning because you do not have the time or do not believe it, I recommend that you continue to take care of the physical part of your houses such as cleaning, and dusting. Then, from the spiritual part – incenses, sprays, crystals, plants, songs. In this case, if you only have one animal, beware, for there may be a certain point that they will not be able to transmute so many dense energies that you bring about.

If you do not want to see your Pet sick, take care of your inner world – your emotions, thoughts, feelings, attitudes. Then, daily protect your body from energetic attacks from the outside world, study, meditate, connect with more subtle sources. So, your body, your Pet, your home and your family will thank you deeply.

Animals may become sick in contact with these harmful energies of the environment. Our animals are like dry sponges that absorb energy from the environment we live, present some negative impression.

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The Spiritual Meaning of Wanting a Cat

In the astrological field, the cat is associated with the moon and represents the maternal feeling, affection, care. Generally, people feel the urge to have a cat in their lives when those feelings are missing in their lives or when they are in disarray.

If a child desires to have a kitten, she probably needs to feel more familiar with their home. When this desire awakens in adults, it may be due to amorous dissolutions or new family beginnings.


Spiritual Meaning of Wanting a Dog

The dog, unlike the cat, is associated with the energy of the sun. People who wish to have a dog usually seek more independence, freedom, energy, want to be in touch with the world in an active way.

When children have a strong desire to have a pet dog, they need attention and companionship. It is an ideal time to encourage them to develop their skills and talents and work harder on themselves. When this desire manifests itself in adults, they need to seek new beginnings in their lives.

About the Author

Cathedral of the Soul intends to undertake the challenge of creating a multidimensional healing space that is dedicated to those who seek to enrich, enlighten and heal themselves while serving and assisting in the healing of others. Cathedral of the Soul is one of the many spiritual outreaches of Humanity Healing International, a registered 501C3 nonprofit with Church status.

Cathedral of the Soul is developing an Animal Ministry program. If you want to volunteer and help animals, join the Facebook groups @circleofprayersforanimals

Cathedral of the Soul intends to undertake the challenge of creating a multidimensional healing space that is dedicated those who seek to enrich, enlighten and heal themselves while serving and assisting in the healing of others. Cathedral of the Soul is one of the many spiritual outreaches of Humanity Healing International, a registered 501-C3 nonprofit with Church status.


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