“Through upgrade and accelerated impact of the Living-Light Unified Conscious Source Energy of Oneness, we are initiating the timeline collapse of the Lunar Forces and faulty systems as they can no longer be energized by the lower vibrations.”
Romeo Baron – The Moons are pieces of Fragmented Consciousness of original planetary bodies they fragmented from when the entity, Metatron imploded/exploded 5 billion years ago, which rippled distorted sound waves that shattered the subharmonic sound tones and separated the female and male expressions within many Star Systems. The loss of Sound Tone Vibrations equates to Memory Loss and this is what resulted in the Fall of Consciousness. Pieces of planets that are perceived as soaring through the solar plane, such as asteroids, are the result of tiny pieces of fragmented consciousness, still trapped within the lower vibrating sound tones, held together in that form. When our Universal Time Matrix eventually reaches the complete healed expression, we will no longer experience the fragmented consciousness of moons, asteroids and comets because they will be pulled back into the Sun mind of God-Source, to merge back into balance.
The moon that is stationed within Earth’s orbit was brought here in our solar system and was stripped to be refitted for its use as a Reptilian and Grey Alien Satellite base. The timeline is around the Luciferian/Illuminati takeover timeline on the planet which caused the Atlantean flood which also ushered in the sexual misery/mind control programming on to people. There is Artificial Intelligence technology on the moon that transmits Solar Body Consciousness Trap, Mind Control frequency NETs. The Moon base also has technology that keeps the connections open to the artificial wormholes that they have created. Our solar system has endured more damage because these fallen intruder entities have been creating rips and holes in time/space as well as, wormholes.
Have you Ever wondered why we are unable or not allowed to clearly see the structures and/or the devices on the moon with telescopes? Yet we can clearly see the rings around Saturn which is much further in distance than the moon. It is because there is an AI Shield in front of the moon that blocks our visible light spectrum.
The frequency NETs are Electrostatic Force-Fields transmitted from the Moon Base and anchored with impinging scalar sonic pulses to the Earth’s inner grid system as an ‘interference’ pattern or electrostatic force-field which enshrouds the Earth. This NET distorts the magnetic fields of the planet and has the effect of buffering or stopping incoming and outgoing crystal-clear signals, in particular to the higher dimensions, Christ Matrix, Galactic Mind/Solar Logos/ Universal Logos connection, and communication with Diamond Sun Families (ET Guardians), which creates a kind of quarantine. This has created frequency fence overlays within the Planetary Shields to block the consciousness of humans from feeling the divine forces of the Trinity-Source Crystal Heart Connection as it beams from the Sun Star towards the Planetary Body.
Moon Tech magnetizes, especially within the old paradigm-ritualistic observance of the new moon and full moon transmissions triggers people, causing unbalanced thoughts and the release of Life Force Energy to promote, sexual misery and a Dualistic Finite Life System here on the Earth Hologram.
What adds further into the mind control programming on this planet is that society was conditioned “to know that the menstrual cycle is automatic and natural within moon cycles”. If we were not so cut off from higher mind Source consciousness and our own intuition this would come naturally, and a female would only begin menstruation when she planned to have a baby. It is quite a waste to expel an egg once a month that is overflowing with very beneficial Life Force energy which could rejuvenate the entire body from distortions and energetic blockages.
The Lunar Forces of the Moon Base are directly involved technologically with purposely transmitting AI frequency beams to distort, manipulate and abuse the sexual life force energies, therefore spiritual energies, in human beings incarnated on this planet. The frequency NETs are designed to manipulate and abuse the Solar Body Consciousness life force energy. Many of us are tuning into the Source Field- Galactic Mind and we are becoming consciously aware that the transmissions from the Moon Base have been especially difficult on the human mental and emotional body and nervous system, which suppresses the ability to have complete unified functioning energy centers for the perceptual bridge connection to the Higher Heart and Sun Conscious Mind. 
What we are preparing for in this Ascension Cycle is the removal of the artificial moon technology so we can go back to the original, natural universal time matrix of the Galactic Calendar Cycles. These mind control technologies from this Archon Base/Satellite we call the moon will be Neutralized as we move into the next Density, further into the great Central Sun for the complete Planetary Shift of Ascension.
~Sacred Romeo
Rainbow-Sun Krystal Matrix Emissary


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