Juliet J. Carter, Worldbridger – The heat of the Sun warmed my skin and sank into my muscles and bones. As the fiery pulsations of light radiated from the star, I harmonized my breath, my entire existence, with its rhythm, which drew me into its furnace of cosmic comprehension. When there was no differentiation between the limits of my body-mind and the radiant matrices of solar light, I entered its labyrinth of lens-like crystalline chambers and returned to that from which I came. Quenched in this reunion, I moved beyond the Sun and found the container of my consciousness floating above it in a silence that was absolute. I drifted in a sea of potentiality. There was neither the passage of time nor the absence of its passage.

A starry display before me, I beheld the courtship of creation between the Sun and Earth. Liquid gold fractals of geometric energy formed an unremitting arid endless transmission of light-code Intelligence pulsing in orgasmic spherical waves from the Sun, generating the photonic matrix of creation, cascades of primal data rippling out to Earth’s bio-spheric aura. A responsive shiver of energy emanated from Earth, an egg-like receptive embrace which integrated the electric seed impulse of the Sun’s attentions, a womb from which all cosmological solar transmissions were birthed into time and space.

This sacred communion formed interference patterns of geometries that nested seamlessly, morphing, birthing ever more dense fields of manifestation. The life mandate, entering the bio-spheric membrane of Earth, descended into the crystallization of matter, translating light’s subtle impulse as life forms that walk, fly and swim, clothed in fur, feather and skin… trees, flowers and shimmering wings; Earth interpreting the love from her Sun as the living poetry of form and feeling, color and sound. Into the ratio of this symbiotic relationship was the peripheral but essential influence of other planets through whose presence within this solar system the symbiosis of evolution was coded.

It was then that I felt the discordance.

It reminded me of every negative response, thought or feeling that I had ever experienced within the scope of my life as a Human. I felt from behind me in the shadows of space, a transmission; a contorted mutant influence. Its invasive presence permeated the sacred communion I had witnessed, downgrading the resonant tantric harmonic created by the two potencies of creation transmitted and received by Earth and Sun to that of a lesser frequency, disrupting the sacred order of evolutionary embryogenesis, and instead, birthing a deformed fetal paradigm, creating a field of diffracted frequency around the planet in which all living units of circuitry collectively transmitted the electromagnetic consensus of a mortal realm, a cocoon of belief in which the dormant immortality of Humanity never finds its wings, but dies over and over again.

I understood that this imposter within our solar system has brought death to Earth, showing only one face, keeping its dark side in the shadows. Its ultra-magnetic field instigates the dualistic infrastructure of conflict that has, in the living memory of Humanity, torn the world apart. It stabilizes the genetic mutation of the divine blueprint of all life forms on Earth, perpetuating the disconnection of core circuitry that would allow for the reciprocal communion of life with the Source of its Creation.

This congenital disconnection has spawned a devastating spiritual chasm to be filled with innumerable erroneous concepts of God, creating a deeply rooted mycelium of deception in the Human psyche. The transmission of this synthetic and heartless presence never misses a beat, but transmits its mutant message relentlessly and remorselessly in the disease, suffering and death it has catalyzed since it was placed within Earth’s orbit. It is the grand deceiver in the sky. It is our Moon.



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