The Divine Messengers of the Solar Cosmic Christ Intelligence are encoded with the genetic imprint of the 144,000 Living-Light Unified Codex of the God-Source Inner and outer Creation. We are anchoring the Universal Consciousness Rays of the 144,000 Genetic Code, which is essentially every KEY to the KING-DOMES of God-Source, the frequency associated with the Absolute Divine.

The divine messengers are the first ones to embody this sacred unity code of Christ Consciousness returning through the Primal Sound Fields of the Blue Ray, Gold Ray, and Violet-Magenta Ray frequencies for the Divine Plan.

We are here by the many hundred thousands in pure service to the truth spirit mission to support the Cosmic Disclosure, the Planetary Liberation, and Ascension.💫🌍💫

For the timeless, everlasting elevation of the 144 Oversoul Families Zero-Point Unified Field Quantum Harmonics of Eternal Oneness.🙌🌈☀️💎💫🌏

~Sacred Romeo
Oraphim Living-Light Language Code Keeper


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