The Summer Solstice


Christof AO Melchizedek – Today marks the summer solstice, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, where we enter into the longest day of the year, early mornings, long days, late suns, short nights.

The solstice is often being used by ancient cultures as this portal of potentiality, a marking of the seasons and the timings upon which to plant and so, the solstice happens because of the Earth’s tilt at 23 and a half degrees.

It means that we are accessing the sun at various different time portals. As we move through an imaginary line that circles the globe knows that known as the Tropic of Cancer, or the constellation of cancer the crab.

This is as far north as the sun in kind of gets. And as the solstice kind of transpires, there’s this beautiful bursting of light that comes from the sun and from the Great Central Sun behind it that allows a heightened ability for manifestation.

Today is a wonderful day for building a strong intention and sitting it off to the world to be returned to the intelligence that is the source field. So today, take some space to contemplate life, set your vision and hold a strong intent.

How you can do this is by holding Hara.

Hara is the field of intention and as you hold Hara begin to build the frequency of your vision to the highest energy holding potential, find some nature of tree or a portal that you know exists in terms of a high-frequency node and drop your intention into the earth and send it out into the ethers as you walk your golden path.

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Enjoy this midsummer portal of potentiality for those in the north. And of course, the winter solstice or the winter months in the southern hemisphere. Wherever you reside in the world this remains a powerful portal of potentiality.

Set your intention and let it sail into the wind.



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