Romeo Baron – The Angelic HUman DNA Template was meant to embody 12 dimensions of consciousness in ONE lifetime. When the HUman Whole-Body Matrix was operating properly within the Eternal Life Unity Grid, HUmans ascended and gradually moved into less dense bodies at typically around the age of 44 after they had activated all 12 Bodies. When the DNA coding activates properly by the age of 23 one would be able to embody Soul Identity of the Celestial Mind, start to have access to Oversoul Identity of the Monad Mind, be conscious of more than 6 dimensions and know one’s life purpose. By the age of 44 the angelic HUman through the Cosmic Divine Trinity would become a walking Avatar-Christ of Source conscious Intelligence. Therefore, HUman bodies would transmute from a dense carbon base matter into Crystalline Liquid Living-Light matter. This is a complete DNA activation that brings higher consciousness also the entire ability of other Higher Sensory Perceptions like intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, teleportation and direct cognition. If everything would go naturally and in Divine Right Order, an angelic HUman would activate their DNA Coding and progressively EMBODY the identities of one’s Higher God-Self, with more Eternal Light and Source Consciousness that corresponds to their Galactic DNA Codes as follows:

Age 0-12 Incarnate Identity – Dimensions 1-3

Personality Conscious Mind

Age 12-23 Soul Identity – Dimensions 4-6

Soul Integration into the Conscious Celestial Mind, part of the Higher Self Embodiment. At this level, one begins to download and express the Languages of Light from their higher identity multi-dimensional selves. In the full Activation into the 6D state of cognitive expansion, one can then recall their Soul’s Lineage Race/Species and Universal Family memory record of Planetary Density Shield 2.

Age 23-33 OverSoul Identity – Dimensions 7-9

Over-Soul Integration into the Conscious 144 Monadic Mind, part of the Higher Self Embodiment. At this level, the multi-dimensional Sacred (Higher) Heart (sits in the thymus area) activates and opens the energetic connection with one’s Eternal Higher God-Self, which holds the conscious memory of the Cosmos. Through the activation of the Sacred (Higher) Heart, one begins to access multi-dimensional communication through their Higher Spiritual Identities of Planetary Density Shield 3. Once Over-Soul embodiment is achieved one can open to receive information from their Avatar-Christ identity Galactic Mind.


Age 33-44 Avatar-Christed Identity – Dimensions 10-12

Avatar-Christ Integration into the universal harmonics Conscious Galactic Mind; a fully Source Embodied Avatar God-Goddess androgynous energy, Identity polarities merged and united as One eternally within the Diamond Sun Living-Light Christed Plasma Body state of Planetary Density Shield 4. The true Divine Trinity-Source Blueprint of Eternal Consciousness. At this level, the Avatar-Christ Identity represents the full Activation of all 12-dimensional bodies and the highest level of Awareness that can be Embodied in the physical form. Avatars hold higher Dimensional frequencies of energy and can access the Galactic Memory record. The Activation of Avatars is synchronized with the raising of the crystalline vibration within the Planetary Grid Fields. They bring forth new consciousness expansion technologies that will Greatly affect the evolution of the Masses.

However, for over 26,000 years HUmanity has been healing back into being able to activate dimensions 4-12; the Cosmic Divine Blueprint of Eternal consciousness. The Galactic DNA Unity Codes that correspond to higher dimensional anatomy and consciousness were damaged due to energetic blockages caused by an Ancient failed experiment explosion from the Galactic Plane in 4th Density, which created a Sound Shock Wave ripple effect that shattered the original Eternal Life Harmonic Sound Fields of Creation. This resulted in the distortions and fragmented consciousness and a finite life Closed Sourced System disconnection from the Zero 12 Point Eternal Tree of Life; our cosmic divine blueprint and its corresponding elements of the crystal body anatomy. The original 12 Chakra System configuration was knocked out of alignment when the Fall of Consciousness took place in every life form, including the 4 Planetary Density Shields within this Universal Time Matrix. The chakra system was based on the Eternal Life Unity Grid of the Central Sound Vertical Channel of 3D-6D-9D-12D Chakra/Conscious Mind Inner Stargates that connected to the Cosmic Divine Trinity, which allowed for Eternal Life. When the explosion-sound shock wave occurred the Breathing Cycle of the Cosmic Divine Trinity that supplied Eternal Life Source Energy was locked into a Closed Source System and manifested the distorted formation of what we know in the present day as the Vesica Piscis Disk Shape Form. The displacement of the Chakra system, of the Eternal Life Unity Grid and the Cosmic Divine Trinity, resulted in the separation of the Female and Male Expressions and the manifest formation of the Subconscious Mind and the distorted placement of the “7 Primary Chakras” learned belief system known today.

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We are now entering the beginning development stages of Interstellar Galactivations for the restoration of the Angelic Diamond Sun, Christ-Spirit Eternal Crystal Body of Original Creation.

The Angelic Diamond Sun Crystal Body Ascension is our journey back to our Liquid Living-Light Plasma Source Eternal Consciousness energy; the fully Christed 12th dimensional Creator-God state in the complete manifestation of Inner Divine Union.

Through the infusions of the Cosmic Divine Trinity-Source re-encryption Frequencies for Soul-Monad Integration into the Angelic Diamond Sun DNA Template of Source Embodied Eternal Consciousness, the original Chakra System configuration and the Vertical Channel of the Eternal Life Unity Grid is now being restored within the 4 Planetary Density Shields and for many Ascended Beings. And this mechanism removes the seals or membranes of the 7 Displaced Primary Chakras, which now allows all the 12 Chakras to move back into the original balanced, configuration, re-alignment within the Crystal Body Matrix. All chakra male and female polarities are coming into balance horizontally, 1 & 2, 4 & 5, 7 & 8, 10 & 11 reconnecting to the vertical Channel and Cosmic Divine Trinity into the 12 Christed Identity level of the Conscious Source Intelligence. As the Vertical Channel comes back into re-alignment and streams 12D & 13D Eternal Source Light Energy to connect with and communicate through the pure Source Conscious Intelligence, this process also dissolves the Subconscious Mind.

Original Chakra System Configuration of Eternal Life:

The Cosmic Divine Trinity (10D, 11D, 12D)

12 = Sitting 6 inches above Head

11 = Right Side Brain- Male Electric Charge

10 = Left Side Brain- Female Magnetic Charge

9 = Sitting On Crown

8 = Behind Right Ear

7 = Behind Left Ear

6 = Center Head-Brain 3rd Eye

5 = Second Heart

4 = Heart

3 = Above Navel

2 = Right Ovary Female, Right Testicle Male

1 = Left Ovary Female, Left Testicle Male

12 = Below feet, Zero Point Plugs into Planetary Consciousness Grid

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The 5th Chakra is not a “Throat Chakra”

What is known within the Source Unified Field and taking place is that when one reaches the Soul Identity level, within their dimensional Consciousness of 4D, 5D, 6D, the membrane in the throat area dissolves and the 5th Chakra is then released and moves back into the right side of the chest because of the Celestial Mind and Higher Heart Intelligence opening realignment.

As the 5th Chakra (2nd Heart) is placed back on the right side of the chest (for the Male Electric Charge) this transmutes the False Ego into pure essence. The 4th Chakra (1st Heart) moves back on the left side of the chest (for the female Magnetic Charge) and this restores Polarity Balance between the 1st Heart and 2nd Heart.

The throat center of the voice box then opens, one begins to express the Languages of Light at the Soul Level. The 5th Heart Chakra now allows for emotional, or hormonal, and responses to remain in trinitized balanced connection with the 4th Heart Chakra and the Higher Heart, also collectively known as the Crystal Lotus Heart or Heart Brain (sits in the thymus area).

This is a gradual process of integration, clearing the Whole-Body Matrix through the infusions of Source Energy, and by demonstrating unconditional love and forgiveness which enables one to raise their accretion vibrational rate of energy. So that one can expand and restore more of the lost energy of Source that connects all of the 12D bodies and Galactic memory.

The true “5D Ascension New Earth Reality Field” correlates to the Planetary Vertical Pillar Re-alignment process and connection back into the Open Source System-Cosmic Divine Trinity of Dimensions 10, 11 & 12(Mother/Father/Christ.) The focus is on anchoring the Cosmic Trinity-Source Code re-encryption frequencies for the rehabilitation and reconnection of the Planetary Crystalline Grids upon the Earth System, the restoration of the Holographic organic Living-Light Template Soul-Monad-Avatar Identities and building the Eternal Bio-Plasma Crystal Body of Galactic Intelligence for the complete Planetary Shift, the complete Unveiling of the Earth and Disclosure Event.

~Sacred Romeo

Rainbow-Sun Krystal Matrix Emissary


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