Andrea Cutlan – If we weren’t in 2019 I would probably be begging these transits up however since The Quickening began we have been watching and experiencing everything that no longer serves gets ejected and so whilst you may start the day off feeling filled with the joy of a brand new week starting, reminiscing in your love pool, things might not end like this.

We have a huge influx of feminine frequencies and Jupiter joins to expand on everything. BUT….we like big BUTS….when we are existing in that masculine idea of love, attachment, codependency, control and manipulation we get to see that the love we thought was love is nothing but conditional attachment and expectations.

In fact we can guarantee that the majority of the collective really has no clue what love is all about, or how to love themselves and this sneaky little transit, also whilst Neptune is newly in retrograde has the energy to become a gigantic mirror for you to see the truth of Self and therefore the relationships you hold.

New awakeners will have the apparent dark night of the soul as they experience relationships being catapulted out of their fields in often bizarre or incredibly rapid presentations.
Anyone experiencing this I highly recommend stepping away from the old beliefs about this dark night of the soul, it’s nothing of the sort and the words increase fear levels. It’s nothing more than a cosmic sort out, which in the moment feels like DEATH as it triggers all the associated programming, FOR you to realise and release and begin the journey towards the path of light.

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Those already underway of their cosmic clearing will no doubt experience more of the same, only this time round it gets more deep, this can manifest in subtle ways, especially if your eye is now tuned into the mechanics of how this all works but this could also be manifesting with that one person you simply didn’t want to see the truth in…..well it’s coming in now

Cosmic surfers know this is time to create, build, contribute and get active, bringing in the unification templates to balance the fields and assist in the unseen energetic world.
We have been expanding in the new codes for weeks, consistently now, which tells us The Quickening is Quickening, rapid realise release and recalibrate, which once could have taken weeks or months to move through can now be completed in moments.

We are still in a very LIGHT (heavy for some) period of cosmic ray energy, these frequencies are updating you constantly through your DNA ready for the next incoming activations from our solar Source which is due in a day or two. After all this time in the photonic light many begin to feel sluggish, like an over filled feeling, I remember very clearly before my unification process and learning to work with, from within, these energies that after a long period of cosmic frequencies that I would feel as if I had eaten to huge roast dinners at once, the want to move was pretty non existent however this slow down would always highlight things I didn’t want to see.

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The photonic light, is soul light, it enters your physical body and reverberates throughout your cellular body, this rings somewhat like a bell and warbles your field, creating the energy to begin manifesting in your reality what you don’t want to see….it’s nice like that 🙈
However this is for your PURPOSE, your Divine Purpose which is to unify with light and come home to Love, real love, the unconditional Source type love.

This energy is ongoing, we are in a solar minimum and this will continue now till around 2022/23, all is dependent on the new patterning of our Sun, we are Quickening, the solar minimum has been earlier each cycle so let’s wait and see, but let’s just say for now….make this count! When the new solar cycle begins you will be seeing all the holes you chose to ignore and after the great conjunction on the 12th Jan 2020 I highly suggest getting the ducks in a line….the world stage is soon to look different and with this, you will either be joining the fear brigade and becoming a part of the chaos or you will have joined the light brigade and have your lighthouse lit up so brightly to assist all ships lost at sea.

Tomorrow gives us a clue as to why these T Squares aren’t as joyous as we once would have liked to believe.

The Moon Conjuncts Chiron….whilst conjuncting the fixed star Kerb…. meaning…..jilted lovers and also bad judgement (hence I mention in the meme new relationships should wait until transit is over)

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