Gabriel F. DuranIf you are a frequenter of YouTube you have probably seen videos that depict two suns as the sun is setting on two different locals within the horizontal plane. Or perhaps a shadow or a “division” in the sky that depicts a definite difference in “light” as if there is a dividing line in the heavens. Or, in some cases like a video captured here… you can see two identical vehicles with the exact same license plate driving side by side. What is this? What are we witnessing? Should we be concerned?

I believe we are witnessing the splitting of timelines when we see videos depicting these “anomalies”. We have been told by Bashar the Essassani who is channeled by Darryl Anka, likewise. When we see a unique “division” in the sky. Where one side is sunny and as if split in half another side is displaying a different luminescence typically seen on a different day. As if there were two distinct weather patterns happening side by side that could not exist in the same environs.


We are all separating into various timelines based on the “pulling’s” of the mass consciousness. Many tend to “identify” with and share very similar frequencies with one another. And this is the fractalization of like energy attracting more of its kind. As we “identify” with those of similar energies and belief systems. We form an amalgamation of a timeline in consciousness. And those that identify with this “timeline” sustain its existence and begin transitioning to that form of expression.

The timelines are many and varied. As the 4th dimensional plane hosts an unlimited number of timeline expressions. In that if one truly desires a very unique timeline. Being resident in the higher frequencies these timelines may manifest, quite readily. However, most being unaware of their Divine nature as a creator tend to align themselves with a timeline through energetic resonance, alone.

This is not the best way to proceed. As many are aligning themselves, energetically to what is resonant within them. And many carry a great deal of fear. Even world leaders and various political parties are wholly aligned through a fear-based form of consciousness. Hence the belief in scarcity and the “need” to defend this “limiting” view. When in truth we are all capable of overflowing abundance. And beloved Gaia would sustain us all, rather readily and easily.

However, recognize and remember that we are each an individuated aspect of the Divine. Wholly able to produce a timeline that accommodates all our intents and desires. And those that are more cognizant of this and perhaps don’t truly have Humanities best interests at heart. Have used this knowledge very well through our media and even educational, political and religious/spiritual systems. How?

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By relegating the evolution of Humans as being random, as depicted in “materialistic” science. By electing to not teach in schools of all levels the truth of consciousness and its multidimensional origin and perspective that is innately ours. By “religious” authorities focusing their teachings on “sin” and “faults” rather than illuminating their “flock” about their unlimited power and potential as Divinity manifest in physical from, here and now. Holy and wholly able to transmute, transcend and transform any and all “sin” at the individual level. Which is the only way to have our “misdeeds” cleared. By our own individual direct calls.

By making certain that ALL “entertainment” and media focus their efforts on keeping their “fans” within the lower three Chakras at all times. Focusing on selfish and self-centered views of power, sex and security. By flooding the media and clothing industries with everything sexual rather than regal. While having very little that truly shows Divine love as a virtue. And instead preferring to highlight all of the various ways to instill fleshly “vices” where Divine “virtues” used to be glorified.

How many are taught their ability to “activate” the higher Chakras? And how many are taught their inherent ability to masterfully tune one’s own Chakras so that higher frequencies and creative potentials are emphasized and brought forth in all thoughts, words and deeds? How many are taught the TRUTH of Oneness and that ALL belong for nothing stems from outside the Creator? How many are taught that they are eternal Beings that do not cease after “death”, which should more appropriately be referred to as transitioning our state of being for a period of inner reflection?

We can each muster support for and increase the numbers of the Divine timelines that are manifesting, here and now. And we are assured by our beloved Arcturian cosmic family as well as others that we are manifesting magnanimous timelines that are displaying greater and greater positive potentiality. For those desirous of expanding back into Oneness, once more.

For those of us that have made the “call” to increase love Divine on beloved Gaia. These “calls” compel the answer. And the answers are sounding forth, clearly. As Humanity is being assisted, greatly by our stellar and cosmic families. As many are assisting us through this transition of timelines. Helping us to “navigate” the multidimensionality that we are “awakening” to. Reminding us how to transform ourselves and our reality to the most blessed timelines we can create together.

However, we must be ever vigilant and aware that we are not to “sit” and watch the party, so to speak. For we must do our part to align ourselves directly with our chosen sojourn into the higher 4th and 5th dimensional realms. And this is accomplished in tandem with our release and integration work that we are all going through. As we shed that which no longer serves. We make room for embodying these higher frequency timelines that are manifesting.

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Our stellar and cosmic families are aligning themselves, as well, for this “reunion” that is in the making. As many of us that “tune into” the stellar messages being heralded are hearing more and more about the ever-concern these ones have in making certain that our timelines are in sync with their chosen manifested timelines. While those timelines that are too dissimilar for our frequencies fall off the radar, so to speak. Having no momentum to proceed as a viable timeline in our future.

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Thus, we are in a position now to see many more phenomena than we used to. As we “climb” in frequency we open ourselves to perceiving greater aspects of the reality that have been ever-present. Yet, being too low in frequency previously, we were “blind” to these in times past. Now we are seeing many “anomalies” and even recording them and capturing them on video phones. Although, many not knowing what they are seeing.

So, rest assured these are signs of things happing now and even more of these are yet to come. As we separate once more into a multitude of various timelines. Each timeline having a “version” of all of us experiencing and expressing our various chosen paths being manifest on that timeline.

This is why we are never to “negate” a timeline. Rather, we are to align ourselves with our chosen timeline we desire to express. As in Creation ALL options play out that have enough spiritual and consciousness “pull” behind the timeline. So, spending our “time” trying to stop a certain timeline. Affords us no time to align to our chosen timeline.

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Recall the axiom “where are thoughts are, there we are.” If we are busy “fighting” those that are desirous of going through an “Armageddon” we will have spent our energy unwisely. Rather we all are to merely align with our own chosen reality. Expending our thoughts and energies on what we are desirous of bringing forth. As once more “where are thoughts are, there we are.”

Like a scene depicted on the video given above. I too drove with my wife down the freeway one day. And Looking in my rear-view mirror. I saw my wife and I driving the very same vehicle that is ours directly behind us for a period of time. Directly witnessing the timelines deviating on the very road we were driving on, that day. The latter vehicle eventually departed along the path in another direction.

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Welcome to multidimensional awareness. This is why we are always taught that our point of power is always the here and now. For in truth, we create our “past” from our here and now. This is why the past is truly NEVER fixed. For our current now moment is never “fixed”, as well. We are creating our “past” from our present. And we are aligning to the future we desire to bring forth. Each and every one of us. None are merely “casting a vote” and going along for the ride. ALL CREATE, HERE AND NOW.

This is why the emphasis has been on awakening others as to their nature as co-creators. And awakening in these ones the truth that they are not “victims.” Through focused and determined effort we each create our chosen form of expression. Even if it is a relatively “poor” creation in which we give ourselves the illusion that we truly are “victims.” For this is wholly valid. To use one’s entire creative faculty to lend credence to the path of victim-hood is an entirely valid creation. Therefore, create wisely.


Many are beginning to have more and more interaction with our stellar and cosmic families. And more and more are realizing that they are “tuned-into” the inner planes. As the “ringing” and various anomalous noises emanating from the ear are coming into focus. Many are realizing that as this “clears” they are hearing rather clearly from their various Angelic and Ascended Guides.

Thus, the intent should be to develop these “telepathic” abilities further. As we begin tuning into these messages that we are ALL getting. We build our memory muscle in these organs, once more. Which culminates in being able to hear rather clearly from the etheric planes and beyond. Know that this is being directed in all of us by our own Higher Self. As we align with this aspect of Self, we expand ourselves into our new roles in the most harmonious and gracious of ways.

Humanity has stepped up to the higher states of creation and Being, knowingly or not. The higher Chakras have the tools that allow us to manifest all that we have come to bring forth. To gift Creation with the Immaculate Concept of Self, I AM. Let’s embody the Divine within, here and now! How? The call compels the answers! See, first hand! Let Creation answer the call put forth from within the Divine Self which is Who I AM.

5d woman

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran


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