Susanne Amara – this is a small watermarked sample of what is emerging from my Soulscape.

A coded gateway to the Ascended Master Consciousness. This is the beginning of Source or Mastercode expressions, whatever ‘label’ we choose to place on it – they are “keys” or harmonic libraries and this work is coming as a human signpost in the “uni”direction of unconditional love embodiment.

“Light language” has been steadily emerging from my embodied multidimensional soul aspects for just over two years since I encountered ‘Oraphim’ diamond consciousness in a cacao and breathwork ceremony. I no longer consider that this is coming from an ‘external’ source.

We are in a state of forgetting…and remembering…letting go and unfolding like universal photonic flowers in a garden so vast it is incomprehensible and yet paradoxically nothing at all.

I was reminded yesterday for those of you beginning this unfoldment that I was constantly doodling, particularly as a teenager. Some of the strongest ‘codes’ are also very simple notations. I was taken back in Dreamtime with my team to observe myself in two times of life. It was a profound healing because I considered myself ‘asleep’ in that way from aged 5 to 2012 when my current soul awareness came in.

First I observed myself sitting in a Biology class at school when the male teacher took my exercise book which I was doodling on and slapped me hard on the face and head. This shaming and violation of my natural expression shook me to my core as it remained a block to my expression. I was shown a close up of my ‘doodle’ which was clearly source code wound in circles.

Next I observed myself sat in my Art A Level exam aged 18 – I was a classical abstract painter interpreting what I saw with my inner eyes – totally unconsciously and yet there I was painting source code into my piece – in innocence.

So many times I have been shepherded, guided, random strangers enlightening me or bringing me back to the core of my soul’s expression. This was so deep and enabled me to accept myself as I am instead of running the programs of shame, guilt and being too much or too weird for people around me. These feelings are common, especially among walk in’s – and yet here I was before my ‘current’ chapter expressing light language. I have seen babies and children expressing themselves now – it is INNATE in each and every one of us.

Even if our experiences seem external or ‘other’ worldly or arriving through contact with ‘beings’ or energies – I feel more and more that this is an experience created by YOUniversal Source Unconditional Love Intelligence – which is what we ARE.

Channeling is now transmitting in the embodiment state.

The source intelligence held vibrationally in every photon of our being.

Taking it one step further perhaps we are all simply divine code having an experience that ‘seems’ very real – the holographic reality model. I have experienced so much in the last 4 months to support this and remain as every open-hearted to this as material objects have manifested from ‘nothing’ and I have witnessed orchestrations of reality and synchronicity which are breathtaking.

Authenticity began as a virtue I wished to embody, now it is a way of being – my physical body often responding directly where there is dissonance in by being or energy I am encountering. Always reflecting within, witnessing, observing and allowing the raw harmonic (vibrational pattern) to show.

So I share straight from this place – there is nowhere else to be. I am fully aware that I can only write from the perspectives I am given to experience even in neutral multidimensional observation which is multi perspective. I understand and that it is more than likely that I ‘understand’ and ‘know’ very little in terms of Universal Consciousness AND it still must come through my human brain and personality stream, even if it is in a constant state of evolution.

I am human BEING.

What else is there to do other than share and bring the presence of being?

We hold space for sharing our experience and frequencies at all levels from simple to highly complex…and we entrain where we meet resonance or harmony, or encounter dissonance and ‘trigger’ which is a signpost for inner work.


So if you are reading this post – it is most likely that some aspect of your being has already remembered this communication for you.

We simply mirror that which is arising…and engage with others in expansion and elevation of the collective.

There has been another huge ‘jump’ in my awareness, processing, and coding communications in all forms. My rate and capacity of neural processing is increasing, and with it increasing prolonged states of bliss, joy, peace, and union with ‘Source’ unconditional love and acceptance.


So how did this seeming sudden ‘jump’ in my consciousness occur?

It began three months ago when during an activated breathwork practice with Martin McNicholl, my entire consciousness was lifted into another plane of existence.

This was not new, it has happened several times (‘iterations of harmonic field overlay’). Each time followed by a paradigm shift, breakdown, break open, acceptance and integration processes on all levels.

Death and Rebirth.

This inner plane was inhabited by ‘future’ versions of my diamond light body and Elohim source intelligence consciousness. For some this is easy to dismiss as fantasy and it may well be that I am in some kind of ‘psychosis’ yet up to this point, my body was experiencing periods where I would experience these ‘beings’ briefly for a few seconds greeting me, followed by blackout, body shaking and extreme nerve and energy sensations.

Each time I would get waves of sadness, grief and then as I let go stillness and integration. The experience with the breathwork was prolonged and I am unsure how long it was because I saw my body stop breathing for several minutes, it was all recorded on video and witnessed. I was reassured in the following weeks to meet others who had ‘stopped’ breathing air for many minutes or more in these type of experiences and were perfectly healthy.

The end result was that when I surrendered to the integration and did the deep inner work as it pushed up the primal fears of controller, defense, wounded masculine, mother and father wounds, parental guilt and shame to name a few – part of my consciousness was and is able to hold a continual presence with this frequency band and life as I knew it began to unfold again.

The first stage was inner work and physical adjustment.

The next wave of the embodiment came just before I arrived in Dubai. I was dreaming every night in this space – encountering such beautiful consciousness, and human potentials as pure vibration. Like becoming the wave of sound, or frequency of light which is only so IF it arrives through a vessel which can decode it through sensory receptors.

I was directed to begin. And so it was these codes began to come through…the sacred source codes. In Dubai the next wave of learning began when I encountered extreme fear of embodiment of Arcturian consciousness, the scientist, the numerical lyricist, the translator…parallel to working directly with Divine Masculine wounding. It was lifted in an encounter with Asil Toskal and a synchronistic opportunity for me to surrender and allow this aspect of my being to embody. We ARE the creators.

Even IF we dismiss the experience, it is like having an onboard universal computer providing a rich new catalog of music to listen to complimenting wholly the diamond light frequencies. It is all the same really –
Simply L O V E in M O T I O N.

I came here to run a workshop – I was sent on an inner mission I could not have foreseen to evolve in a deeply sacred process of understanding what it takes to be empty, and super sensitised to these vibrational fields EMBODIED in a human, sharing it and living LIFE in flow and enjoying the experience.

I came to meet the amazing mirrors to assist in this next wave of surrender and service – to live our new template coding, to begin the translation, to let go more and more, and enjoy the feeling of being off solid ground, in impermanence without attachment to whatever this may be.

The codes emanate from my entire being, we are like radio’s tuned into infinite frequency bands – always in flow – just moving through in a non-linear way – beacons of harmonic unconditional love.

And so it is.

The isness of being ‘me’

I am sat here with the broadest smile heart wide open.

If you got to the end I thank you for being present with me. The gratitude I have is genuine, all the support with this work – people who are sharing this experience with me, those of you who have housed me, fed me and looked after me when I have fallen, people who have catalysed me, listened to my ego sparking as it began to crack, triggered me and helped me find my wings, and held me accountable into authentic expression, and self-mastery.

YOU catalyze THIS to arise and I thank you.


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