Reprogramming the default pathway of thought can be simplified all the way down to some fundamental understandings. If we were to truly live our life through these key perspectives, our reality is guaranteed to shift radically.

The greatest understanding of all is that we live, move and breathe inside the body of Universal Mind, the consciousness of Absolute Source. Life, in all its activity everywhere manifest, is God in action.

It is only through a lack of this understanding in our human thoughts that we are constantly interrupting the pure flow of that perfect and wondrous essence in our lives.

Through the action of thought, we are either opening the door to our greater light or we are squeezing off that flow.

Sometimes our thoughts escape us, and are automatically sent forth ignorantly and ungoverned. We can also fall into the trap of thinking through our emotional triggers.

It has only been through our own projections of thought that we have experienced limitation in our lives. This runs contrary to the divine design of our intended blueprint.

There is only one thing in this entire world that brings in limitation; one thing only. This is your acceptance of the outer appearance instead of the active Divine Presence of God within you.

When we bow to the false appearances, they will assuredly manifest in our lives.

We must stop giving power to the outer appearances. Every time you find yourself going down a path of limiting thought such as I am stressed, I am broke, I am old, I can’t, I shouldn’t, whatever the misqualification might be, instantly reverse this fatal condition.

Repolarize the default pathways by instantly repolarizing the thought. Call it right back and move it securely into your highest spiritual alignment.

You live, move and breath inside the body of Absolute Source. Therefore, the Divine Presence is in action in every facet of your life.

Re-polarize every thought you have to this truth!




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