Amanda Lorence – For those that work directly with their own ENERGY FREQUENCY and ENERGETIC FIELD: the ability to DIRECTLY amplify our frequency within 2-3 seconds is NOW here. This is actually hugely significant to:

1] Our State of Being as we go forward, giving us direct access to change our human ENERGETIC without the use of old paradigm brain/mind methods. But by our own direct methods of connecting to our own energetics. Each human has an energetic frequency, that changes continuously through each day. A sustained energetic frequency creates their overall energetic frequency signature. Until they change it, and sustain a new one, higher or lower in previous Energetic Hz. Baring in mind that each human emotion and feeling IS ENERGY in motion, so has it’s own energetic frequency as an energy. The ability to now go direct to OUR OWN ENERGY and alter directly, means we can instantly alter our feelings, emotions, therefore thoughts, directly, via connecting to our energetic field within and immediately around us. No need to use the BRAIN and old thought methods, to transform human mood. Before, as humans, we changed our thoughts to change our energetic frequency. NOW we can go direct; change our energetic frequency and the thoughts shift automatically to a higher vibrational experience for first ourselves, that then impacts our reality.

2] In recent weeks, our Merkaba has increased it’s spin rate. But NOW, the ability to work directly with our own ENERGETIC FREQUENCY within this 2-3 second mark, we are experiencing a more POWERFUL connection as the HUMAN and it’s conscious awake state, to our actual Merkaba, that is also spinning faster. In other words, we are NOW, due to the bombardment of recent incoming waves of energy from our Sun, able to merge more potently and more energetically powerfully, with our Merkaba. This is in our awake state, eyes open, non meditation, or sleep mode required.

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3] This feels a huge step for humans, because we are NOW able to master and control our energetic state. At WILL. And it’s only the start…of increased energetic abilities that evolve as we do. As we work with this raised ability, it will develop into greater energetic abilities within our own body and outer field. It will expand our conscious awareness and energetic sensitivity, even further into the COLLECTIVE FIELD, that in truth, is ONE FIELD. One Consciousness. We can already merge with the outer fields of Gaia, plant, and animal lifeforms, but this significant NOW upgrade, will change that, if we choose to work with this current increase in ability.

I am sure each that work directly with their own energy have found their own way to connect and amplify their energy. There are many methods to engage and amplify our toroidal field, clear and increase spin to our chakras, increase our energetic connection to our light body, increase our sensitivity and connection to energies within and without the vehicle, increase the sensitivity and connection through our heart portals to All That Is. So whatever your own preferred methods, it’s worth working NOW, to experience this amplified connection that has arrived as HUMAN UPGRADE; the ability to change DIRECTLY, our energetic frequency within seconds, not via the brain, but DIRECT energy connection WITHIN, and see what FURTHER expansion will undoubtedly occur through our participation, being a free WILL choice to do so. This Upgrade being just another stage of energetic expansion that will only increase and increase as we go.

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Exciting times and potentials for all sentient beings as the shifts continue. For in truth, our increased mastery of the human energetic, has far more wide reaching and beneficial impacts, that anything I am actually mentioning in this post.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
7 July 2019


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