Andrea Cutlan – Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for some turbulence.

Or perhaps it’s more like…

Buckle up and scream if you wanna go faster

I guess that’s all dependent on you and how you are perceiving these shifts but the next few days may feel a little…bipolar?

We have highs and we have …some…..”oh yeah alright, we’ll just see about that shall we”

Hey I can’t write “lows” when I’m fully aware they don’t exist, what is a low anyway? A refusal of truth? Well that’s a choice, albeit a rather blinded one.

So we have highs and I’ll observe and take action…that’s far more fitting.

Word spells are something of a favourite of mine at the moment and we can think about this for a second.

Many get the words contradicted, mostly because at first they don’t know, and that’s the safest place to be if you wish to stay oblivious and continuing your life unaware…sleep is one of my most favourite places so I understand how the simplicity of the complexity suits.

However when you are aware and waking yourself up to know and yet not do is nothing short of….well, lining up a whole bunch of life experiences to teach you.

Let’s look….

Dark night of the Soul – is a breakthrough for growth
Anxiety – Avoidance of Self truth, experienced for the purpose of growth
Anger – disconnection from self, lack of self…experienced for growth
Depressed – Self avoidance, disconnection from reality, avoidance of growth

We can go on….but can we see how the subconscious mind, which only matures to the approximate age of 12 and has very limited understanding, it works in binary…at first, yes no, on off, high low…can you see how the contradiction begins within just by the mix up and the spells in your words.

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Of course as we move through these phases and release attachment, this includes our language, but it’s also a reason why you find keyholders bringing in new words to use in explanations as the words create a whole new vibrational message to the receiver, it ensures a direct shift as there can not be any distorted attachment to a word created for the purpose of the experience, which, when delivered by a light worker is in fact filled with a very high and impacting light code or feeling.

It often also brings a giggle, which encapsulates the new word in a even higher frequency.

Too many words have been diluted or changed, one of the favourites to use in the spiritual arena is narcissist, it’s everywhere but it’s now used so freely, an empath gets upset because a truth is delivered and all of a sudden the truth bearer is a narcissist.

From a psychology point of view I find it all very interesting especially with the ability to feel the words, and see behind the words, the fluff, the distortions and the smile to your face and yet the dagger in the back.

Pay attention now it’s come to light in this transmission because today will be a mighty fine day to observe Self within your reality and the reflections you are about to see.

The next few days are going to feel like a shake, as the universal proverbial rug is set to ripple…nope not strong enough word…FLAP…yes that’s it, it’s going to Flap like Aladdin’s rug in a hurricane.

Or not…

That depends on you entirely.

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We have had a blast of Solar Winds reaching G1 storm levels, it has subsided for now and I’ll keep you posted.
Not just this but we have tiny sun spots from the NEW solar cycle which will give this movement a forward future focus, as though something inside is telling you this is essential for the future and you won’t be wrong.

To WEIGHT will highlight your experience that to wait is to be weighted…self sacrifice.
And yet to action will bring instant realisations, instant manifestations and instant opportunity.


Because firstly our Sun has been pumped up and aligned to our Great Central Sun Sirius.
Fully charged and ready to apply masses of coded light, in the form of truth, is now aligned with our North Node, which brings in either what you require to clear in order for the new, or for those already aware and working through, it brings the dues, it’s time to reap.

And whilst this transits the North we have the opposition to the South, which provides the release of the old, making space for the North to bring in the winds of change.

Providing the work has been ticked off and dissolved…otherwise those glittery timeline loops that look all sparkly, exciting and new…..just turn out to be that same old same old of old, those looping patterns, that most have been highly trained to accept as life.

These solar blasts are now rare in comparison to what we are generally used to, during a solar maximum it’s the cosmic rays that feel all different, now we are in a solar minimum the solar rays can feel a little to high.

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How you experience in your physical just depends on your frequency.

So those still muddling will experience all the typical ascension symptoms.
Aches, pains, emotions, tension, aggression, headaches.
Realities get loud people get grumpy BUT you see that’s because light activates and it allows you to SEE what we choose to ignore.

Higher octaves get super productive and surf the realisations and movements like a pro.

It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s creative BUT and here is another big BUTT we are in the midst of some powerful energies, some super DNA upgrades and I suggest to take this slow and steady regardless.

Sun is also trine Neptune bringing in more heightened awareness, more quantum codes, more dreamy and yet tangible data enters for us to ground in and INjoy the new sacred space.

Now…I mentioned bumps…shakes and rugs…

Mars is hitting a square with Uranus….whilst trine to Chiron so we could be seeing some very quick turn around, quick explosive presentations but the softness of the trine has the opportunity to bring gentle closure and healing to this masculine wounding we all hold.

The collective field has had no rest for weeks….let’s see how this manifests.

Hearts wide open
Release all to fall away that no longer resonates
Zero point everything within

And remember….we are working in the energetic field…all is completed from within

It’s simple 💙💙💙


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