Asur’Ana – What does Namaste mean? Namaste means many things and the translations are quite deep. In Lemurian, “Namaste” is an ancient word that was utilized to trigger the deep awareness between two or more souls of their underlying truth. The underlying truth of two or more souls is a vibrational resonance that holds a specific function in Creation, upon Earth, and throughout time, space and form. As two or more souls hold their specific function in any creation, the truth of the creation becomes amplified such that the entire creation may hold its truth in a state of honor. It is only in such a state that any creation can evolve and ascend.


Seven Root Races


The seeded Red Race, whom came to Earth about 200,000 years ago, was seeded as seven tribes. The tribes have been traced in recent records uncovered in Earth’s ascension to regions known as North America, South America, Africa, Tibet, Australia, Hawaii/Tahiti, and the North Pole. Those carrying a pure lineage to such original seeding are known as North American Indians, South American Indians, Aborigines, Polynesians, Eskimos, Africans, and Tibetans. These are the remains of the original seven root races seeded upon Earth. However, all humans shall be related to one or more of these seven root races in their ancient ancestry, as all humans are indeed ONE. It is as any human brings forward in time their ancient ancestries that the genetic encoding become available to fuel one’s biological ascension forth.


The original job of the seven root races was to hold their truth, and in so doing, Earth’s truth was likewise amplified and held. Such tribes were anchored to assist Earth to fulfill upon her truth of ascension. Very early on and shortly after the original seeding, a distortion occurred within the seven tribes altering the thoughtform so that destruction rather than ascension would come forth for their nations. What was the cause of this original distortion?


There appear to be many causes upon the assessment of Earth in her own ascension. For one, the root races were from a solar system known as Sirius that was red/pink in color, and were transported to Earth which exists in a solar system that contains a yellow/orange sun. This in and of itself would not provide perhaps the necessary vibrations to the original root races to sustain the form distortion free, that is if they did not adjust to the change in environment. However, the Priests and Priestesses within the root races were seeded with grand spiritual knowledge. It was their role and agreement with Earth through successive ascensions to alter the genetics of all human tribes to become compatible with the vibrational differences between our solar system and Sirius. However, this was never completed upon, and something else took hold that was far more devastating.


Incomplete Ascension


Ascension results in the clearing of thoughtform. Thoughtform creates life upon any dimension that the thoughtform exists upon. The current thoughtform of Earth creates life upon Earth. In ascending to the next dimension, one releases the thoughtform that is third dimensional in nature, and embraces thoughtform that is fifth dimensional in nature. If one wishes to ascend and return to Source of All, one then releases all thoughtform inherent in this creation and embraces the thoughtform of Source of All and exits this creation altogether.


Sound easy? Well yes and no. What if not all thoughtform is cleared and a soul ascends anyway? This is known as an incomplete ascension. The dissonance of the yellow/orange sun created the first known veil when reflected upon a human embodiment requiring a pink/red sun. Any veil is the result of distortion in energy movement and one could postulate that a human form designed to resonate in a pink/red vibrational range might not be fully resonate with a yellow/orange vibrational range. The dissonance creates a veil of illusion, or in other terms, a haze in the auric field of such humans due to incompatibility.


It is now understood that the veils created from the above circumstance in early human settlers from Sirius caused a problem. The distortion and related veils created a haze in which the early ascending humans could not perceive all thoughtform in their respective ascensions. In not perceiving all thoughtform requiring transmutation in order to ascend, some thoughtform went un-transmuted in the act of ascension. This caused an incomplete ascension in which a part of the ascending human’s thoughtform and soul was left behind upon Earth rather than entering the fifth dimension.


Incomplete ascensions have vast consequences that all sentient species along with those in human form whom are ascending at this time in history are just coming to understand. Whatever thoughtform is left behind in an incomplete ascension, such thoughtform becomes exaggerated and empowered in a manner that then overrides the thoughtform of all of Earth along with the related species at cause.


Let us say that the early ascensions within the seeded Red Race failed to release all thoughtform surrounding harmony in the third dimension and then embrace all fifth dimensional thoughtform for harmony in its place. What then? Then, there is thoughtform of harmony that is left over, and as the ascension occurs and the form ignites moving to the next dimension, the left over thoughtform of harmony becomes exaggerated or weighted above the place that it held in the overall thoughtform creating Earth.


Codependent Thoughtforms and Behaviors


In the weighting of the thoughtform of harmony over all else, all other thoughtforms become “less than” in emphasis. As such, humans and all species react by becoming overly concerned with sustaining harmonyin the life expression, and under concerned about other thoughtforms such as unitycompassionUnconditional Love, joy, peace and forgiveness. The humans in their original seeding knew not destructive thoughtform. They operated for all intents and purposes with thoughtforms similar to The Language of Light. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 1Chapter 3 for Single Tones 1 – 48 of the Language of Light. Dual Tones 49 – 96 of the Language of Light were presented in Chapter 3 of this volume.) However, if one unity-based thoughtform becomes over emphasized above and beyond all others, codependent thoughtform and behavior is born.


How is this so? Codependence can be likened to seeking to change another to allow one’s life to be better, or change another to allow the group to relate better. You know, the let us fix “them” paradigm. Ascension, conversely, is about altering the inner landscape, the inner thoughtform, which then has the effect of altering one’s experience in the world and within the group. In the overemphasis of the thoughtform of harmony due to early incomplete ascensions, our ancestors began to concern themselves with others in a new manner. Self-consciousness was born in this, and all humans suddenly became aware of how they were or were not behaving in a manner that created harmony with all others. Humans began to strive to “make others” feel harmonious by altering their behavior rather than just “being” or “allowing” or “accepting”.


Additionally, humans suddenly began to retain another in harmony through altering the energy flow rather than simply allowing another to flow however they were so flowing. In so doing, the requirement to “heal another” or “fix another” was born. This is perhaps the original fall out of the “Garden of Eden” or a fall from a life of non-conditional acceptance of self and all others to a life of self-consciousness and shame for the human species.


The original alterations in human thoughtform from incomplete ascensions in the human dance were subtle, and the effects upon civilization were initially minor. However, over time and with continued ascensions, which were again incomplete, again emphasizing yet other thoughtforms, more and more codependent behavior became the norm in the human dance. This occurred over many thousands of years and thousands of ascensions.


Incomplete Ascensions Attracted the Annanuki to Earth


The distortion anchored in the incomplete ascensions attracted a distorted race of humans to Earth known as the Annanuki. For all experiences are a mirror of one’s thoughtform. The Annanuki did not honor life. The Annanuki perceived themselves as God Goddess and the red race as dispensable. Indeed, they annihilated the red race by the millions to gain dominion over Earth. The Annanuki did not honorEarth and raped her of her minerals. This eventually shattered the protective ice shields anchored by the red seeded race that was a device to support Earth’s future ascension.


In addition to this, the Annanuki altered the energetic dynamics of Earth to sustain their immortality without consideration to how this would affect Earth or our solar system. The Annanuki were self-centered, and is this not a mirror for the self-conscious thoughtform that the incomplete ascensions of the red race anchored upon Earth? The Annanuki came to Earth as a result and reflection of the distortion in thoughtform of the original seeded race in their incomplete ascensions.


Let us explain distortion and veils from the reference point of synthesis. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 1: Chapter 11 for more information.) Synthesis aligns the tones of creation into a rainbow of frequencies. The frequencies represent all thoughtform present in the consensus and that manifests life upon a particular dimension. Originally, the rainbow of tones upon Earth was even, each tone being represented in equal amounts, and therefore the rainbow appeared evenly dispersed and with all colors represented. This form of synthesis retained unity consciousness amongst all species upon Earth including the early human settlers.


Incomplete Ascensions Caused Distortions


Suddenly and through the incomplete ascensions of the red race, certain colors were emphasized more than any other. The emphasis upon certain colors and the non-emphasis upon yet others creates an unequal distribution of energy flow. In the unequal distribution of energy flow, veils are created that cause the energy to become foggy or hazy in nature rather than clear and pristine. As enough fog or haze is generated increasingly over time and through the manipulations and warfare of the Annanuki, soon the haze is so great that one cannot see the entire rainbow clearly. This causes tones of the rainbow to become penetrated by the haze and distort. It is in the distortion of the tones of creation that truthbecomes non-truth and distortion reigns.

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One can utilize another example of distortion with music. The tones of creation hold a particular chord of sound, and movement of the tones creates a form of music. Indeed, even now, one can hear the sound of the molecular rotation upon Earth, which can be heard as 18 symphonies that play continuously. In the early incomplete ascensions of the seeded red race, certain notes became subsequently overemphasized within the music and chords. Later, and due to much manipulation of Earth by the Annanuki, the tones and chords went sour, off key, dissonant, and the music behind the dance of tones slowed. The slow, dissonant and non-harmonious sound of the tones of creation is a form of non-truth. As the Annanukidevastated Earth in a nuclear holocaust, the tones went into non-truth.


Non-truth can be equated with belief systems. Belief systems are thoughts that reverberate back in the haze of distortion and then are perceived to be truth. The haze of distortion creates a mirror or screen upon which one will then project one’s own thoughts. If one believes this or that, the screen shall mirror what one believes back unto oneself rather than the truth of what underlies the belief. Then one shall manifest the belief rather than one’s truth.


In the case of the seeded red race and their early ascensions, the haze caused them to perceive all thoughtform as having been transcended when indeed they had not been, and they could not see the truth of the matter underlying their own projection. Ascension after ascension occurred and civilization changed. The Priests and Priestesses continued to look for the underlying cause of the changes in civilization, but could not perceive them due to the increasing veils. As a result, nothing was done and the mirror of their own distorted thoughtform manifested in the form of the Annanuki.


In the case of the Annanuki, the discord between their radioactive forms and the magnetic energyprevalent upon Earth caused a separation between the inner and outer worlds, a separation between spirit and matter. It was from the separation of spirit and matter that any human would desire to conquer another, destroy another, or pillage Earth. It is also from such a distortion that a human would desire to live forever, for one goes into forgetfulness that there is life beyond death. It is also from such a separation that one human would annihilate a group of others or their own family member, or Earth.


Insanity Karma


In Earth’s recent analysis of the Annanuki reign, it has been determined that two family members went insane. The insanity was the result of extending a human life span much longer than it should have ever lived. Indeed, two family members within the Annanuki heritage known as Innana and Merduk extended their lives 18,000 years when the human form was designed only to live 2,000. Such an extension was certain to bring a breakdown of the biology in due course.


The breakdown of the forms led to paranoid thoughts internal to the Annanuki. Such thoughts were sent into the veils of illusion that had become thick due to their own manipulations of Earth, so thick that such thoughts were perceived to be the truth. It was out of such paranoid beliefs that the war broke out amongst them for dominion over Earth. The war lasted over 1,000 years culminating in the sacrifice of Earth in a nuclear holocaust.


Do we not see this form of drama and insane karma playing out in the recent history of Earth? Is this not a repeat of insane behavior of the Annanuki on the part of US governance to have dropped nuclear bombs upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki when the Japanese had already surrendered? Is not the violence prevalent in human form today a form of insanity also? Such examples include the nameless number of students at schools in recent years that have gunned down another student or teacher. Or in the employee who is so disgruntled and paranoid that they gun down their employer. Or in the child who is so angry at home that they gun down and kill their own parents. Is this not a reflection of the same distortion that the Annanukiwent into beloved? In each case, such humans are projecting their thoughts into the illusion, receiving them back and believing them to be true, so true in fact that they are willing to take violent action to prove it!


Why is this happening now, one may wonder? Why all of the violence in the human dance? Those whom are failing to ascend are failing to move up in vibration with Earth. In failing to move up in vibration with Earth, the discord increases surrounding their field. This increases the veils of illusion such that the beliefs that they hold become their truth, just as the veils of illusion surrounding the Annanuki reflected back their own thoughts which then became their truth. In believing such paranoid thoughts to be true, such humans then manifests a crime of murder in the insanity of the paranoia.


Fantasies Are Intentions


All thoughts manifest. If one holds on to a thought of violence, one shall experience violence. If one holds on to the thought of death, one shall manifest their death. If one holds on to the thought of separation, one shall manifest a divorce, separation or loss of job, and so on. At another time, one could fantasize about killing the boss, or killing the friend or teacher, or killing the parent, and not manifest it in physicality, at least not in the current lifetime. However, such fantasies would manifest in a future ancestor’s life experience as a result of the fantasy nonetheless.


Many humans may not realize that their fantasies are intentions and that if they are focused upon, they are sent to the solar sun to be made manifest upon Earth at another time. This is how such seeming victimization and catastrophes manifest even in present time. Any catastrophe was a thought that one’s ancestor held or fantasized about in an earlier incarnation, and to enough of a degree that the thought became an intention sent to the sun for manifestation upon Earth, and one is simply reaping the effect of their cause in present time. It is for this reason that there are no real victims; one is simply living the result of their ancestry’s thoughtform, fantasies or cause.


Now, in this time of great transition, the time delay no longer holds between fantasizing or intentions and one’s physical manifestations. One can no longer fantasize about something without manifesting it in this lifetime. Those that entertain themselves with violent fantasies shall experience the violence occurring in the physical. There is no longer a delay present, and this is the result of the corrections within time as anchored upon Earth.


It is for this reason that ascending humans must be careful of what they allow themselves to think, and utilize their thoughts to clear their internal belief systems and inner landscape rather than indulging in fantasies. In clearing the belief systems, one shall manifest their own ascension in lieu of an accident, drama or death. It is also for this reason that we guide each to refrain from forms of entertainment such as movies, plays or books, particularly those of violent themes. One only sets themselves up to experience the violence in the physical in this lifetime with such forms of entertainment. For the sun knows not that one is watching a movie, watching a play or reading a book, and interprets the fantasy as one’s intentionfor their life experience. Much of the violence in the population today is the result of the ongoing focus upon such forms of violent entertainment in the decades past.


One may wonder why the Annanuki ended up creating such violence, such bloodshed, such travesty? What forms of entertainment were they focused upon? Did they not entertain themselves much as humans today, with violent movies and fantasies? Did they not indulge the slave populace in parallel forms of fantasy and entertainment, including technology much like radio and television? Did this not ultimately create their own annihilation along with annihilating Earth? What is occurring today is only a repeat of yesterday.


Karma and Thoughtforms


The red race did not preoccupy themselves with such forms of entertainment. They were tribal and peaceful in nature. How did they come to be slaughtered then by the Annanuki?  There was unprocessed karma in the ascension of Sirius, and such karma involved mass annihilation. The red race took upon themselves the displaced karma from the Sirian race for mass annihilation, and as such thoughtform hit the human dance, the red race created their own experience of mass annihilation in the Annanukidominion over Earth.


The manipulations of karma are complex. They have occurred between civilizations and between planets and stars within our creation. The human race has taken upon themselves violent karma from many races, including the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Pleiadians, the Greys and the Reptilians. It is for this reason that human history has been so violent. Most of the karma for such violence never originated upon Earth.


How do karma and thoughtform relate? Karma holds a particular thoughtform charged in the emotional memory of a particular trauma. If karma is added to a field, so is its related thoughtform. As karma was added to the red seeded race for annihilation, the thoughtform of annihilation and bloodshed became their thoughtform. From such a thoughtform, they then manifested the related travesty of the Annanukidominion of Earth along with their own blood shed.


Return Karma to Sources of Origin


Why would the seeded red race take on karma from Sirius? This shall go back to codependent patterns. The red race had become increasingly codependent in their ongoing incomplete ascensions. In a state of codependence, one seeks to heal another, or to fix another. Sirius was having problems with her ascension, as were Sirian humans, and the red seeded race on mass having gone into a codependent state of being chose to heal Sirius by taking upon themselves the karma that Sirian humans were unable to process in their own ascension. We recognize that these are complex concepts, but our point here is to show how thoughtform creates one’s reality, and how no one other than oneself is responsible for one’s creations. There are no victims; even the seeded red race is not a victim to what occurred in their history.

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In ascension, one not only releases codependent thoughtform but returns karma that is not inherently one’s creation within the span of time experienced by one’s ancestry upon Earth. As such, one shall return any karma held in one’s vessel from such sources of origin in the act of ascension. This shall bring an end to the annihilation of the red people and Earth as all karma is released in full and returned to the other humans or species at cause. However, for all violence to cease altogether, all belief systems or thoughtforms of violence must be released in full upon Earth.


Truth versus Belief Systems


What are belief systems? It is as a thought is projected into thick veils of illusion, then reverberated back, and then perceived as truth that belief systems are formed. All belief systems are a result of the distortion of the tones of creation upon Earth. In Earth’s ascension, the tones are being clarified, a little at a time, so that eventually there shall be no distortion, no haze remaining upon Earth. As this occurs, all belief systems shall cease to be and truth shall reign again upon Earth.


Now here we would like to distinguish between belief systems and truth in the human dance. Truth can be likened to a pure tone or vibration. In human behavior, truth believes not this or that, but rather simply is or exists. Truth seeks only to express itself, without judgement, without comparison, without requiring acceptance, and without requiring acknowledgement. Truth is simply expressed for the joy that the truthbrings to the one whom expresses it. One can liken this to an artist whom paints purely for the joy of painting, without concern about whether or not anyone else likes the painting, or wishes to purchase it.


Belief systems wish the exact opposite. Belief systems wish to be expressed and accepted, i.e., “This IS THE TRUTH and all must accept it so!” Beliefs wish to be compared, i.e., “My belief is superior to your belief!” Beliefs wish to be acknowledged, i.e., “Look at me! I hold a belief that is superior! I am more beautiful than any other! I am more gifted than any other! I am more popular than any other!” One can liken this to a famous artist whom believes his or her art better than others, and paints in order to retain his or her fame and status rather than for the pure joy of the experience.


How did belief systems form? As one’s ancestry experienced certain experiences, such experiences created karma. Karma is any emotionally traumatic experience that is recorded in time. The emotionally traumatic experience contains a particular vibration behind it. Belief systems are indeed vibrational, however, they are not pure tones that are harmonious and beautiful to listen to, but tones that are discordant and sour if you wish. Let us give you an example of this in more experiential terms.


Our ancient ancestors knew a 2,000 years life span that was disease free. Death could also be transcended through the choice to ascend. Due to the annihilation of the Annanuki, many of our ancestors are suddenly shot dead or blown up at very early ages in some cases. Whole towns and tribes are wiped out as bombs are dropped from craft shattering everything for miles. Suddenly, the belief system of death becomes anchored in the human experience upon Earth. Subsequent ancestors now cease to live so long and begin to die at much earlier ages. Tribes begin to fight with one another, and do the unthinkable, kill one another over territorial disputes. All of this is the reflection of the belief systems of death and dominion through annihilation that has become a part of the human dance.


Suddenly there is a nuclear holocaust. The nuclear energy distorts the genetic encoding, and kills humans by the billions, and destroys all life upon Earth. Some become diseased and die in short to long timeframes and a very painful death. The belief system in disease now becomes anchored in the human dance. Those that survive go into caves, and have to consume flesh to subsist as most vegetation has died. Suddenly the belief system of ingesting flesh, killing of our animal brothers and sisters to survive, becomes anchored in the human dance.


Children in future generations are born diseased and deformed. Deformity, disease and a shortened life span become the accepted norm, the accepted belief system. Eating of flesh also becomes the norm, and hunting does not cease as future generations can subsist from the plant kingdom again. These are the belief systems indeed that the human species has been living with for 120,000 years. Such belief systems are locked into the karmic history of humankind, and as the karmic history is released, a new era can be born that does not contain such beliefs. As the thoughtform of the human species is purified of all belief systems, humanity as a whole shall return to the dance of unityoneness, and experience again an ageless and disease free existence.


To transcend belief systems inherent in one’s genetics, one must be willing to examine the karma of one’s ancestry. Everyone’s ancestry is different. Each shall hold a variation of beliefs related to the personal experiences and traumas of one’s own ancestors. As layer after layer of karmic cause of any belief system is released in full, one leaves such belief system behind forevermore. Each species is likewise releasing all such beliefs that have created parallel distortions in their genetic structures. In due course, they too shall leave aging, disease, decay and a loss of consciousness behind.


Distortion of Perceiving God Outside Oneself


Namaste translates into many things. One translation is “The God Goddess in me honors the God Goddess in you”. In such a statement, one recognizes the equality in all life forms, that God Goddess is present in all things. Distorted belief systems cause upon the other hand the wish for one to be perceived as God Goddess or better than and others as less than or less than God Goddess. This perhaps underlies the greatest lie and distortion in belief systems upon Earth, that some are God-like and Goddess-like while others are not.


It is out of perceiving nature as less than God Goddess that nature has been compromised in the human dance. It is out of perceiving one another as less than God Goddess that humans compromise one another and fail to honor. As all thoughtforms and belief systems at cause of perceiving anyone or anything as less than God Goddess are transcended in full, one returns to the state of unity that one’s red ancestors once existed in so very long ago and before the distortion took hold.


It was perhaps in one of the last ascensions upon Earth, in a human known as Buddha, that the concept of man as God was anchored to such a degree that humanity at large began to seek a “savior” en masse. Buddha, being the last ascension, was subject to the greatest of veils, and created the greatest incomplete ascension. Buddha and all perceived masters since his incarnation have been viewed as “God” causing God to suddenly become something outside of oneself rather than an internal state of being.


It was from the mass desire to create a savior that the lifetime of Jesus came forth. It is human nature to worship, and the worship of those such as Buddha or the life of Christ has been so great that the internal awakening has been shattered almost beyond repair. For large numbers of humans are awaiting “God” or “Christ” to descend to save them and carry them home rather than choosing to ascend and begin their own internal transcendence.


Nature Honors and Forgives Humankind


Nature chose not to enter the dance of non-unity. Perhaps if any one of their species likewise created an incomplete ascension, they too would have fallen out of unity. However, upon a planet of polarity, one part of the whole shall exit the kingdom of heaven while others shall remain therein. Despite its decline in genetic material, nature experiences not disunity amongst its kingdoms. Humankind was the one that chose to leave “heaven” and enter the dance of disunity, discord, pain, anger and fear. No one did this to humankind; humankind did this to him or herself in his or her own illusion. No one can ascend humankind out of such illusion; each must choose to come to understand how one’s own ancestry created the illusion, and remove each belief system therein, one layer at a time.


Nature would like to extend unto humankind the full meaning of Namaste. Nature honors the truth of the human species and why the human species came to Earth. Nature honors the human species as God Goddess in form. Nature invites the human species to ascend. Nature invites the human species to examine their karmic cause in the history of this reality. Nature invites the human species to forgive the cause of the many falls in consciousness and thoughtform that have plagued Earth through the human dance. As the human species forgives themselves in full, the circle of forgiveness can be complete and Earth may ascend.


In their understanding of the human cause in the consensus reality known as Earth, all species of the nature kingdoms have come to forgive humankind. However, it is not enough for nature to forgive humankind. Now it is up to each ascending member of the human species to forgive their own species, and ultimately forgive themselves and their own ancestors for their own cause.



The Human Genetic Pool


In the human dance, there are 144,000 lineages of genetic material that creates the overall human expression. The seven tribes of the original seeded Red Race contributed 48,000 of these lineages to the genetic pool. The other 96,000 lineages were generated and added to the genetic pool through the creation of two sets of slave races by the Annanuki.


One set of slave race was for the purposes of mining and was extremely docile in nature, and the second was created for the purpose of warfare. As the Annanuki began to war upon one another, a slave race bred specifically for war emerged. Whereas the docile slave utilized to mine gold had 5,024 segments of DNA, the slave bred for war had 1,024 segments of DNA. This slave bred for warfare was viscous, abusive, would fight to the death, but was also obedient enough to perform the commands of the general.


Each ascending human chooses at birth a set of 144 lineages. All lineages will be a composite of genetic material that created the body at birth, and that one shall draw upon in order to ascend. There shall be lineages that dead end at 1,024 segments of DNA, and others that dead end at 5,024 segments of DNA, both of which are related to the two slave races created by the Annanuki. Yet other lineages will be related to the Annanuki themselves along with one or more of the original seven tribes of the seeded red race. The composite of 144 lineages is known as one’s Tapestry of Ancestry.


There are also lineages in some humans from the Grey and Reptilian Race, or Andromedan Race. These are extra lineages above and beyond the 144,000 that comprise humankind, and were entered in the breeding between humans and such species. All told, there are another 1,300 lineages related to such species from the interbreeding, however such species did not originate upon Earth, nor have ever lived upon Earth. They, therefore, are not considered a part of Earth’s true history.


For those ascending whom discover such lineages related to the Greys, Reptilians or Andromedans, such lineages and all related karma are removed in full from the tapestry of ancestry and all related genetic material detoxified over time from the form. Humans cannot take responsibility for Grey, Reptilian or Andromedan karma inherent in such lineages, as such species never lived upon Earth, and therefore did not contribute to this consensus reality known as Earth. When a planet or species ascends, they are only held responsible for the karma incurred in their own history as a consensus. It is for this reason that such genetic materials and lineages are removed in full in the act of ascension. It is also through such lineages that the violent karma from such species has been added to the human species. This too is removed as the lineages are removed.


Magnetic Crystalline Cellular Structure


It is the genetic structure from the original seeded red race that one pulls forward in order to ascend, for it is only these lineages that contain the genetic blueprint for a magnetic only crystalline cellular structure. This is the structure required to be in harmony with the Great Central Sun and to ascend to the next dimension of thoughtform. Therefore, we guide each ascending human to intend to draw their ascension blueprint only from his or her red lineages.


Any ascending human shall clear all karma inherent in the cellular structure and tapestry of ancestry. Those lineages that are related to the warfare slaves shall contain karma for warfare, violence and abuse. As all karma held within all such tapestries is cleared in full, warfare and harmfulness of any kind, including abuse or accidents shall cease in the initiate’s life expression. Docility and poverty karma are contained within the lineages related to the slaves used for mining by the Annanuki. As all such karma is released in full, poverty, subservience, subordination, shame or lack shall cease in the initiate’s life expression.


Karma for illusion, dominion, usury, ownership, and possession is contained in those lineages related to the Annanuki. As such karma is released in full, the initiate returns to a state of unity and honor for all of life upon Earth. As lineages are completed upon, with all karma released, they are sealed and cease to have an effect upon one’s life expression.


Releasing Karma for Incomplete Ascensions


The karma for the red race surrounds incomplete ascension. This karma is perhaps more complex than the other forms of karma, however, as it is released in full, one moves fully out of the illusion and into a new thoughtform altogether. This new thoughtform can be likened to the thoughtform of the Great Central Sun, which perceives all things from the perspective of the ONE.


Our translator has uncovered over 20 incomplete ascensions in her ancestry. She has examined each one, both consciously and in dreamtime, to come to understand the distorted thoughtform of the human species that she and her ancestry is at cause of. In so doing, the thoughtform and beliefs registered upon Earth due to her ancestry’s incomplete ascensions have been released in full both from her field and from Earth.


Overall, there were over 1,800 incomplete ascensions from 34,000 to 192,000 years ago. Ascending humans are collaborating together in dreamtime to release all karma for incomplete ascensions by 2021. This is a tough task, however, one that is a reflection of their level of mastery. The further one masters, the more that one is expected to do on behalf of Earth along with one’s species to assure ascension of the whole.


Ascension brings forth a fully conscious state. Such a state is similar to the state of being experienced by the original seeded red race before any distortion took hold. Full consciousness brings forth the true meaning of Namaste as a living breathing truth in the human experience. For in a state of full consciousness, one can begin to live the original truth inherent for the human species, which was to ascend and assist Earth in her ascension. This was the only purpose that the original seeded race came to Earth to fulfill upon, and it is the only true purpose for the human species upon Earth. When one’s true purpose is anchored, one becomes their living truth. As truth is expressed in human form, it facilitates the truth of the whole of Earth to likewise be expressed, which is likewise to ascend.


Dance of the ONE


Merging with the thoughtform of the ONE is a requirement before soul infusion and momentum towards the next dimension can begin in any form, whether it be human or another species. Buffalo and all species upon Earth, including others that are fully conscious such as the Dolphin and Whale kingdoms, are embracing the thoughtform of the ONE at this time in preparation for soul infusion to begin in the near future.


It is out of the perspective of the ONE that the term “Namaste” has the greatest meaning. For in the ONE, Namaste translates into the knowing that each species is a part of the ONE, and the ONE contains all truththroughout time, space and form, past, present and future. There is no limitation in the ONE, only truth, only knowing, only experience, only growth, expansion, evolution and ascension. Each species has their part in the unfolding dance of truth.


Buffalo invite their human brothers and sisters to enter the dance of the ONE again. They know from their own experience both inside and outside of the human expression how difficult the journey to full consciousness is. Buffalo stand at our side in full support of our choice to ascend. They offer neutral guidance that holds the simple truth and understanding of the unity paradigm in which they exist. May we each succeed at our goals united as ONE and ascend this consensus known as Earth. May we cause this to be so, Ho!


This is the last piece that Buffalo shall ever channel to their beloved human brothers and sisters. They have said all that they have to say about the human condition from their point of reference and understanding. Each species has a different point of reference. Asur’Ana shall act as channel or translator, and this too is one of her agreements with all other species, to allow all other species to speak their truth so that humankind may bring such truth to consciousness.


Buffalo has offered many insights into the human dance in the materials they have shared. It is their greatest hope that such insights shall inspire their human brothers and sisters to awaken and ascend. Their insights have contained a review of the human karma as it has come to be understood through human ascensions. It is only as the karma is understood that it can be forgiven. So it is for every species, so it also is for every ascending human. May you come to understand the dance of your ancestors, and forgive it in full. May you transcend and ascend into the dance of unity with all species. May you enter the Kingdom of Heaven and live as ONE again.


We close this final piece with another Lemurian saying, a saying of our ancient ancestors:


Ah lani lano ama oo. Ogo ono ala la.


We are the truth and the light. Let the light shine bright for all to see!


May each species upon Earth become the light and living truth inherent in their original blueprint!



This book is lovingly dedicated to those Courageous Souls who choose to walk the Path of Ascension within this lifetime on Earth. May you bring the Love of God Goddess/All That Is with you in every step of your walk.



Cosmic © 2018, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth



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