For those who are really serious about cloaking on a new blueprint of multidimensional living, we have to go for it all the way and not confuse the signals we are projecting to the creation field. Remember, reality is a state of mind.

This shift requires a willingness to fine-tune your lifestyle so that you are consistently living your core truth and deepest values. The idea is to move your awareness into the field of resonance that matches up to your spiritual understandings.

The key to making this transition is to understand that everything is here and now; all dimensions are simultaneously present. It is your vibrational resonance that determines what dimension of consciousness you will reside.

1. Therefore, the first step is to keep moving closer to your desired resonance. Know what this means for you! Where do you desire to resonate at the highest level of life? What is your preferred vibration? By defining this and finding greater clarity will attract it  towards you.

If you are motivated through your inspiration and follow that in full dedication, you are guaranteed to be operating in the highest resonant frequency of your true self in the current moment of the alchemical now.

Keep moving towards your desired resonance by constantly and unwaveringly acting upon your highest feelings of inspiration. This is key for attracting the opportunities, the experiences and everything you need in the moment.
The manifesting doors will open so fast in response to your simply acting upon these feelings. This is because these inspired feelings come directly from your Divine Presence.

  1. Once you define your highest preferred resonance, see that this matches up to the signals you are giving to the universal creation field. Do your outer thoughts match up to your core internal truth? Remember, the universe also responds back with a physicalized reflection based upon what you have previously put out.

Take some time to contemplate and clarify what your ‘preferred reality’ actually is, where do you want to be? Match this preference by acting it out, step by step.

Before you know it, you will be fully immersed in a brand new dimensional timeline.

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Excerpt from the Rites of Passage 2019


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