Asur’Ana – It is with great joy that the Great Central Sun and Mother Earth announces that the reign of the dark that has plagued Earth and your Cosmos has been completed upon and is coming to an end at last. The push to bring closure to the presence of those of great darkness in dominion over your Cosmos has been a long process and project indeed. It has also resulted in an intervention of the Source of All or Source of One whom exists beyond time and space and all Creations past, present and future emanate from.


We of the Great Central Sun with the assistance of Source of One along with the Dara Soul Group, which is another intervening force working in alliance with the Source of One has analyzed Earth’s long period of darkness. The analysis may surprise many humans whom read our review of the cause of such difficulties within your creation. Earth has always been a part of the Great Central Sun, but stepped outside of the boundaries of our conscious awareness, or in other terms, into our unconscious. (Please refer to Chapter 18 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1 for more information.) The reign of the dark began as Earth exited our energy flow about 16 million years ago. However, it was not until human forces incarnate gave form to a vessel that the dark could use, that the darkness present upon Earth became physical in the human dance.


With all creations, all occurrences occur in the nonphysical first and foremost, and then step into what is known as physicality. The separation between the nonphysical and physical is not known above dimensions 144 within the Great Central Sun. However, all creations below Dimension 144 know a separation between the nonphysical and physical realms. As Dimension 144 ascends “home”, their ascension shall bring an end to such separation in full for all souls and forms incarnate upon such a dimension. Such an ascension cannot occur without all dimensions beneath and supporting Dimension 144 likewise ascend.


The Great Central Sun is ending its experience of separation of soul and form. This is not a concept that exists within the Source of One or Source of All. No other creations outside of time and space separate soul and form. However, the distortion that your creation has fallen into is the result of experimenting with a blueprint that separated many things, form and soul, masculine and feminine, spirit and matter. It is in this experiment, of which was deemed a necessary experience that the many problems within your creation and many other parallel creations resulted.


The Separation of Spirit and Matter


The Great Central Sun, in its experimentation with separating spirit and matter into separate and distinct blueprints, underestimated that a part of the equation would become so lost that it would fail to hear or be able to interpret spirit or soul. It is as a result of this miscalculation, that form would become a separate life force in existence of its own free will and without the supervision of soul that the problems upon Earth and within the human dance are related.


Earth is not the only place nor dimension that has experienced this separate and distinct reality between physical and nonphysical, however, Earth stands as a most extreme example of separation. More extreme in reality than any other planet or star related to the Great Central Sun. Therefore, it is in the examination of why this came to be so, what was made manifest that caused the extreme separation between spirit and matter, that the Great Central Sun can better understand its own dilemma. For as Earth corrects her difficulties and ceases to have separation between spirit and form, so shall the Great Central Sun likewise resolve its related problems upon all dimensions therein.


The Nature of Incomplete Ascension


Long ago, Asur’Ana saw that if Earth failed to ascend, nothing above Dimension 25 would likewise ascend, and Dimensions 25 and under would split off and be left behind. She and her soul were accurate in this understanding, and it is for this reason that Earth’s ascension is pivotal to the ascension of the whole of the Great Central Sun.


Any time a portion of a creation splits off, such a phenomenon is known as an incomplete ascension. Incomplete ascension occurs as not all aspects of any creation ascend home. Incomplete ascension is the result of a multitude of patterns, one of which is not enough chi to bring forth a complete ascension. In the analysis of recent ascensions within the near past within the Great Central Sun, such ascensions were so incomplete that the planets and stars nearly combust.


Combustion occurs in ascension if there is not enough fuel to lift the planet or star into the next dimension, and instead of ascending, the planet or star breaks apart. Your scientists have called this phenomenon a supernova. In reality, such a phenomenon is a star failing at its ascension and combusting into a million bits and pieces with no life remaining in physicality thereafter.


There have been many combustions in the multitudes of attempts to ascend within the Great Central Sun over time. Within the past 8 trillion years, each successive combustion led to a drop in vibration or a drop in the threshold necessary to sustain life. Such a drop created dimensions previously not experienced within the Great Central Sun.


At one point, the Great Central Sun existed upon not any dimension below Dimension 25. As Dimension 25, which was originally a composite of 18 stars, attempted to ascend one after the other, 10 of the 18 ascensions failed or combusted. As each ascension failed and combusted, it scattered matter further and farther than was originally planned upon within the blueprint of your creation. It was in the combustion of these 10 stars that Earth, your solar system, and all solar systems that are 3rd, 5th, 12th and 18th dimensional in nature were created that are presently related to the Great Central Sun.


It is through Earth’s current ascension and the records obtained thus far that the Great Central Sun is now coming to understand the original cause of the original combustion of each of these 10 25th-dimensional stars. It is for this reason that corrections can now be brought forth to assure that combustion or incomplete ascension does not occur again within your creation. In so doing, all can return home again to the dimensions originated within the Great Central Sun, and then home to the ONE thereafter.


Even recent ascensions were far from complete from our current analysis, although they did not result in combustion. Sirius A and B barely made it in her ascension to the fifth dimension, and was only a hair away from combusting. So much of Sirius remained in the third dimension that that which was left behind consumed Earth. Earth absorbed that which was left behind as Earth had an ongoing relationship with Sirius that caused Earth to try and heal or fix the discord so that Sirius could ascend. In so doing, Earth absorbed more karma than Earth can now transmute in her own ascension in present time. Such karma is now in the process of being returned to Sirius, and Sirius must release such karma before going any further in its own evolution as a solar system. Sirius created a great incomplete ascension therein.


Earth also absorbed karma from the Arcturian ascension. About 600,000 years ago, Arcturian scientists sought a place to store a certain chemical compound known as sulfur dioxide within another solar system. There was too much of this compound in the Arcturian solar system, and it was understood that Arcturus could not ascend with its ongoing presence above a certain threshold. Earth became the chosen place to store this excess compound.


Arcturian scientists first perceived that Earth was too warm in temperature to be useful as storage for sulfur dioxide. For if the compound was infused into the warm atmosphere at Earth’s then current temperature, it would diffuse so rapidly that a toxic overload upon the entire solar system that Earth was a part of would be manifest. This would incur more karma for Arcturus preventing her ascension in full. So Arcturian scientists cooled Earth first by altering the orbit of another nearby planet blocking the sun for a one-year period from radiating upon Earth’s surface. In so doing, Earth fell into a major ice age. Then Arcturus infused Earth’s atmosphere with massive amounts of sulfur dioxide, which rapidly froze into glaciers upon Earth’s surface. It was estimated that as Earth warmed, the excess sulfur dioxide would gradually release and not cause harm to Earth’s kingdoms nor your solar system.


Inherent in the sulfur dioxide was warfare karma and fractured souls whom shattered during many wars between Arcturus and neighboring star systems. In so absorbing the chemical, Earth also absorbed the karma as all karma is held in the fracturing of the experience particularly in the experience of war. Arcturus likewise did not process all of its warfare karma in their own respective ascension as large numbers of such records were left upon Earth within the sulfur dioxide. In so doing, Arcturus like Sirius created an incomplete ascension.


Earth’s Choice


In ascension, whenever something is left behind in the dimension beneath, one has created an incomplete ascension. Earth in understanding this is not choosing to leave anything behind. She has already suffered the consequences of two other stars ascending and depositing their unwanted karma and darkness upon her. Earth inherently understands the pain that such a form of ascension causes, and is unwilling to create such pain again elsewhere in her own ascension. Therefore, Earth is choosing to be extremely diligent in uncovering all karmic records and releasing all karma inherent in her own 3rd dimensional dance of experience. She is also unwilling to retain the karma of any other place any longer as the karma of another can only be released by the planet or star at cause.


The question we of the Great Central Sun have pondered in reviewing Earth’s dilemma is why these three stars (Sirius A and B and Arcturus) required depositing any karma anywhere else, and why they could not transmute their own cause of their own creation in their own act of ascension? Not all of the records are in to allow the Great Central Sun to ascertain all of the details, but from what has already been assessed, it appears that both Arcturus and Sirius utilized two incompatible energy signatures in ascending. In the incompatibility of both electrical and magnetic signatures, there was an ongoing loss of chi, and therefore not enough chi available to transmute all karmic cause from their respective creational experience. In not being able to transmute the karma, some of the karma was left behind, and Earth absorbed most of such karma.


Transmuting karma requires fire. Fire requires chi. If there is not enough chi, then there is not enough fire. If there is not enough fire, not all karma will be burned off in ascension and portions of the karma will be displaced elsewhere. It is in the burning of the karma that all records are released and then can be understood in full. Therefore, one can state that neither Sirius or Arcturus learned fully about their own 3rd dimensional experience as not all records were burned and therefore released to be understood in their own ascensions.


It is in the act of not understanding one’s own creation that the same problems and patterns repeat again and again, and one could say that both Arcturus and Sirius have parallel problems in their respective civilizations to humanity upon Earth in present time as a result. For any released karma simply repeats itself incessantly.


Humans upon Earth often perceive other civilizations upon other dimensions as superior to what humanity has created upon Earth. We are here to state that in examination of current Sirian and Arcturian civilization that much of the same imbalances are present therein much as upon Earth.


This is so because the causes of the imbalances were never transmuted in their respective ascensions and therefore have continued to repeat into present time. We point this out so that each human can understand the inter-relatedness and interconnection of the whole. If a problem exists upon any dimension, so it exists upon all dimensions simultaneously, physical and nonphysical. This is simply the nature of holographic creations, and your creation is indeed holographic.


The Dismantling of Electrical Sacred Geometry


Earth in understanding that mixing electrical and magnetic signatures causes an incomplete ascension is choosing to release all discordant electrical energy flow at this time. Such discord which is known as sacred geometry and resembles what many humans known as a “Mer-Ka-Ba” is being dismantled rapidly all around Earth’s auric field at this time as a result. In a parallel manner, Earth’s Sun (your 5th dimensional solar sun), her Sun’s Sun (12th dimensional) and the cosmic level Sun (25th dimensional) are likewise choosing to relinquish all sacred geometry that is electrically based at this time. In so doing, the new energy flow coming forth in all auric fields, subtle bodies and grid work of Dimensions 3 through 25 is round and related to the Triple Sphere movement.


If such electrical signatures were unsuited to ascension, how did planets such as Sirius and Arcturus come to rely upon such signatures in the first place? Well, the honest truth is that how such signatures came to be blended with magnetic signatures is still not completely understood in Arcturian or Sirian history. However, we would surmise that a parallel set of circumstances to that which Earth made manifest causing a mixture of the two signatures over time parallels what occurred upon both Sirius and Arcturus in the past. Why are such records not available? It appears that the karma left behind upon Earth contains such records and were never analyzed and processed in the respective ascension of Sirius and Arcturus.

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Which brings us to our next point. When karma is left or unprocessed, it creates a broken record in which the exact same circumstances shall manifest yet once again. Earth ended up blending magnetic and electrical signatures as a result of the displaced karma of Arcturus and Sirius upon her. It is for this reason that the analysis of Earth’s circumstance shall shed light upon what must have occurred upon Sirius and Arcturus before they ascended. Furthermore, the very karmic records for such an occurrence are now being returned to Sirius and Arcturus, and they are in the process of analyzing for themselves what they failed to release and analyze during their own ascensions so very long ago.


The Stand of the Great Central Sun


We of the Great Central Sun are not in judgment of Sirius, Arcturus or Earth for that matter. We are however taking the stand that an incomplete ascension does not serve, and that we will only support the complete gathering of all records of cause from all ascending planets and stars at this time. We are in a sense forcing our will over those stars that may prefer an incomplete ascension over a complete one, as we see that anything less than a complete ascension could lead to another drop in vibration so low that our creation would split into two. In so doing, only one half of our creation would ascend home over time.


Any creation that splits in two will ultimately force the souls at cause to have to return and resurrect the creation left behind. We are already in observation of Athena in her attempt to resurrect what she left behind in an incomplete ascension long ago in a parallel time space quadrant to the Great Central Sun. It is far more difficult to return once one has ascended home and requires that much more chi or energy to collect up that which has been left behind after the fact. It is for this reason that the Great Central Sun chooses not to leave anything behind, and not to repeat what Athena has made manifest in her own creational experience. One may say from this that we are learning from the experiences of another.


We have stated in earlier transmissions that we will not absorb non-resonant energy signatures with the magnetic flow of the Great Central Sun. We are choosing not to do so as we have already absorbed non-resonant flow in the ascension of Sirius and Arcturus, and this has created a distortion within all dimensions of the Great Central Sun. All dimensions are holographic. One dimension cannot ascend into greater distortion without causing all dimensions to go into parallel distortion. The incomplete ascensions of Sirius and Arcturus caused greater distortion, which has caused the Great Central Sun to go into a parallel distortion that was not prevalent prior to their ascensions.


Earth is pivotal to the movement out of distortion for all dimensions within the Great Central Sun. Why is this so? Earth is map making a path from electrical and magnetic energy flow to solely magnetic energy flow one phase at a time. The same map drawn here can be applied to Sirius and Arcturus allowing both to detoxify their electrical energy patterns over time. Such patterns also can be applied to all distorted energy flow within the Great Central Sun. In so doing, the Great Central Sun shall begin its journey home, and one that shall not leave any part of our creation behind.


The Birth of the Era of Darkness Upon Earth


In the examination of the karmic records of Earth as released in her current phase of ascension, the era of the dark began long ago, 24 million years ago in fact. Humanity did not arrive upon Earth until 23.8 million years later. However, humanity fell into the same distorted dance as Earth herself following the seeding of the human red race.


24 million years ago, Earth began to receive the cast-off angels from another section of the Great Central Sun that ascended at that time. These angels were not “doing their job” properly upon their dimensions of origin. Indeed, we now understand that these angels were “serpents” in angels clothing, and were not angels at all in relation to the original casting of your creation. These serpent angels were destructive in nature, as this is the purpose of serpents. Serpents hold the space between or the density that allows form to exist. Dragons hold the remembrance of God Goddess that incarnates into form. Angels transcribe the dance of genetic materials, which include serpents holding the density or matter. Angels construct the energy flow comprising the subtle bodies, chakra system, and etheric grid work and create the space in which dragon or angel soul and form can merge.


Angels that are not dragon in nature but serpent would act in the purpose that all serpents hold, which is to separate and divide. Holding the space requires an ability to separate and divide. So naturally such serpent angels began to separate and divide the genetic materials and energy flow in the creations that they existed within. (Please see Chapter 10 “The Dance of Light and Dark” for more information.) Instead of the cause of the incompetence of such angels coming to be understood, such ascending stars pushed such angels out of their creation altogether. In so doing, such angels fell and fell down the dimensions looking for a home, and were embraced by Earth.


Such serpent angels knew nothing but separating and dividing, which is also known as shattering. As the dragon angels of Earth embraced the serpent angels from the upper dimensions, they were shattered beyond recognition and turned into gofers or slaves of the serpent angels. All information was stripped from the angels holding Earth in this dance, and Earth declined and declined in vibration. This occurred 8 million years before Earth exited the Great Central Sun in full and 23.8 million years before the arrival of humankind.


Again, because the records were never uncovered from the ascensions of those dimensions that cast their incompetent angels out, what had transpired was not understood in full. One can see that this too created an incomplete ascension in which a portion of such ascending dimensions were left behind and fell to Earth. One would see in this why Earth would absorb the incomplete ascensions of Sirius and Arcturus again in her future as the pattern was set in motion long ago. Earth repeated the pattern yet again, as such is the nature of unprocessed karma and records, it repeats incessantly until it is released and understood in full and a new dance made manifest in its place.


The Battle of Light and Dark Angels


As of late, Earth has resurrected the dragon angels once present upon her 24 million years ago. A battle raged between the old angels and the reigning angels of the dark or serpent angels for over a 21-days period and culminated in a cease-fire instigated by the Source of All. Source of All perceived that the angels of the dark were not playing by the rules of karmic completion, and in so doing, (s)he intervened. The angels of the light of so very long ago won their battle in so doing. It is the win of this battle in particular that signifies the end of the reign of the dark upon Earth.


This shift came hand in hand with Earth pushing her initiatory status beyond 3,000 in recent weeks. Global ascension is complex, but let us suffice to say that Earth is reconstructing herself in relation to lost genetic material that was separated from the physical in her many declines in vibration over time. In so doing, Earth has transited another major initiation in her global ascension, and her auric field has pushed the boundaries of your 25th dimensional Cosmos.


Global ascension and human ascension parallel, and as one comes to understand what transcending 3,000 segments of DNA means in the human dance, one can also apply such a shift upon a global scale. In human ascension, 3000 DNA segments allows one to transcend the personality, which is comprised of many fractured souls that have learned to dance together over time. In transcending personality, a “whole and complete” soul can dance with the human field, which leads to a new and revitalized sense of feeling whole and complete within. In a parallel sense, Earth has pieced together the original angels and souls that fractured in the dance of the serpent angels 24 million years ago in her history. This allows Earth to have a newfound sense of internal wholeness, unity and joy as a consensus reality.


Such changes are not to be underestimated. All species are healing the karma from 24 million years ago. For humans, and those whales and dolphins whom only made their presence known upon Earth in the past 200,000 years, Earth’s transcendence triggers parallel karma therein to be cleared. It is this karmathat we wish to examine next that is related to the dance of the dark in human relations.


Sirius Seedings of Red Slave Race and Red Spiritual Elite


In a parallel manner to the nonphysical realms that surround Earth, humanity shortly after their seeding fell into a parallel dance. In so doing, the serpent angels in dominion over Earth took over the seeded red race’s field. In so doing, the genetic material for the seeded red race began to be separated and divided rather than held in the wholeness of their original blueprint.


The Sirian seeding of the human species upon Earth is now understood to have had two separate and distinct genetic structures. There were indeed seven tribes seeded, however, the seeded red race were cloned in a laboratory for the purposes of providing a workforce for the mining of gold for the Pleiadians. This was deemed fair compensation for a karmic debt Sirius held towards the Pleiades. The settlement of this debt allowed Sirius to ascend about 120,000 years ago. The slave race contained 60% of the genetics of an average Sirian and was docile in nature.


Along with the slaves, the Sirians also seeded Earth with a spiritually elite group of humans whom were to devise a method to ascend their lesser counterparts and support Earth in her choice to ascend 200,000 years into the future. This small group of spiritual elite had a head triple the size of the cloned red slave race, and abilities that were equivalent to a full set of Sirian genetics.


In the beginning, the serpent angels could not penetrate the thoughtform of the spiritual elite. However, over time and in the increasing distortion of the remainder of the red race, the thoughtform altered enough to allow such a dance to begin. As the serpent angels took over a spiritual elite’s field, soon portions of the genetic encoding went missing leading to the earliest distortion of their form and field.


There were so few of these elite beings that they interbred over time, and as in all interbreeding, a distortion occurred. It is this distortion that is now understood to have caused the first incomplete ascensions of the seeded red race close to 192,000 years ago. An incomplete ascension leaves a portion of one’s karma and related thoughtform behind. As the karma and thoughtform went unprocessed, the spiritual elite and seeded red slave race fell further and further into distortion. The distortion became great enough to attract a family of Pleiadians that were distorted themselves, as distortion attracts like distortion.


Although there was a debt owed to the Pleiades, any group of Pleiadians could have come to Earth for the purposes of mining Earth in order to settle the debt, but could have been benevolent. In the benevolence, such Pleiadians could have taken what they needed without stripping Earth bare of the essential minerals and resources to sustain her vibration and ice shields. Such benevolence would have left Earth better prepared to ascend at your current juncture of history.


Instead, the Annanuki came to Earth and had little care about Earth, only concern about their personal profit. As such, the Annanuki strip-mined Earth to a point that she fell in vibration and the ice shields constructed in preparation for her ascension by Sirius collapsed becoming your oceans. What caused this particular group of Pleiadians to be so distorted? So uncaring? So self-consumed? The Annanukithemselves appear distorted due to an interbreeding within their own family lineage with another strain of genetic material that was electrical in nature and from Alpha Centauri. In so doing, the Annanuki family had become over time half-electrical and half-magnetic in nature.


It is interesting to note that the jurisdiction of the Pleiades sent the Annanuki to Earth as a manner of removing them from the Pleiades. Indeed, the discord of the Annanuki was creating difficulties in the Pleiadian energy flow, and so in order to remove the cause of the discord, the Pleiadian Hierarchies gave the Annanuki a little project far away from home. However, this in the long run did not resolve their problem, as the Pleiades inherits all karma incurred upon Earth by their relations nonetheless. Such karma only is destined to repeat itself, and indeed the Pleiades much like the Annanuki have also become half-electrical and half-magnetic in recent centuries.


Karma is holographic. Karma travels down the genetic lineages to all that share such lineages. The belief that one can send a relation even if that relation is one that is discordant someplace else and be “rid of” them and no longer at their effect in any manner is a grand lie. Human genetics are holographic, and all karma incurred transfers to future generations.


The Great Central Sun deems many of the current problems in the Pleiadian human civilization related to the unknown occurrences upon Earth by a small number of their relations known as the Annanuki. As these records are shared, there is an opportunity for the Pleiades to come to understand what was incurred and choose to release and forgive it. In so doing, all may transcend. The Great Central Sun is making all records from Earth available to all creations that are affected therein for such a purpose.

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Altering Earth’s Energy Flow


As the Annanuki came to Earth, it was acknowledged that Earth was solely magnetic and that their particular genetics required electrical energy movement to sustain their health and well-being. The Annanuki had not the technology to alter Earth’s energy flow, and imported scientists from Orion whom in exchange for certain resources agreed to assist. These scientists arrived upon Earth around 152,000 years ago, and over a 100-year period, altered Earth’s energy flow from magnetic only to electromagnetic in nature.


The moment electricity was introduced, the magnetic flow of the seeded red slave race and the red spiritual elite began to fracture. Some of the most informed masters of the red spiritual elite died within 14 days after the electrical energy was introduced to Earth’s flow, and with them so did all of the knowledge and understanding that they had attained over time and through mastery likewise died with them. Recent records reveal that over 190 of such masters died in less than 14 days after the Orion scientists launched the electrical sacred geometry upon Earth.


When the physical representation of mastery ceases, mastery becomes distorted. As mastery becomes distorted in any creation, everything is affected and everything likewise becomes distorted. For it is through mastery that distortion has an opportunity to be purified. If mastery becomes distorted, then nothing becomes purified and everything moves further and further into distortion over time. It is now understood that in the disappearance of such masters, Earth and humanity fell into a trap that they could not dig themselves out of bringing forth the following 152,000 years of travesty through ever-increasing distortion. For the very means of purifying the distortion had been lost through death of the great spiritual masters of the human species.


The Annanuki never obtained Earth’s permission to alter her energy flow. Nor did the Orion scientists or the Annanuki consult with the red spiritual elite as to how the change in energy flow might affect both the red spiritual elite and Earth. However, the karma from Arcturus buried in Earth’s glaciers attracted a parallel experience over time. For in such records is the information on how Arcturus likewise became part magnetic and part electrical about 720,000 years prior in a parallel human manipulation. This karmasimply repeated itself upon Earth.


Why would the Annanuki or Orion scientists not consult upon the spiritual elite of Earth and the seeded red race? Here you will see parallel distortion in your current human civilization. Unlike the Sirian race that had learned to defer all scientific manipulations for spiritual assessment of great masters in governance of Sirius, the Pleiades had moved into a thoughtform in which scientific knowledge was superior to spiritualknowledge. In so doing, spirituality was not deemed to contain knowledge of as great an import to science, and out of their own arrogance, the Annanuki and Orion scientists failed to confer with the red spiritual elite of Earth. In so doing, the Annanuki set themselves up for a fall along with all species upon Earth.


Astrological Influences and Electrical Flow


The Orion scientists altered the energy flow of not only Earth but your entire solar system. Again, there were no agreements with your solar system to allow for such a manipulation, however the karma held upon Earth from Arcturus simply repeated itself nonetheless. It is now understood by the Great Central Sun that the solar system of Arcturus must have fallen prey to parallel human manipulations as Earth. This now places the karma for such manipulations not only upon the shoulders of Orion humans at cause, but also Arcturus herself. For Arcturus has been deemed the original cause given that she displaced her karma upon Earth in an incomplete ascension.


Orion also now inherits the karmic cause of manipulating Earth and your solar system into a non-resonant energy flow. Such karma is great indeed, and the human lineages responsible bear the weight of this karma as they are currently incarnate in Orion. Again, just because the original humans at cause have come and gone, it doesn’t mean that the karma incurred simply vanishes. Instead the current present day ancestors of related human lineages in Orion inherit the karma never addressed at the time that the scientists were present upon Earth. Such karma also is great indeed and may call both Orion and Arcturus to assist Earth in her ascension in compensation.


The introduction of electrical flow upon Earth polarized the original magnetic flow causing polarity-basedthoughtform to emerge thereafter. In so doing, unity amongst all incarnate species upon Earth was lost. Many humans are familiar with current astrological systems in your solar system. The original astrology governing the seeded red race was magnetic only and unitybased. Such magnetic energy was rotational in nature and moved around the planets and sun in a cyclic fashion. This rotational energy movement allowed the thoughtform held by each planet to be unity-based. Unity-based relations was sustained upon Earth through the unity-based thoughtform held by the planets in your solar system.


As a new energy movement was introduced which was indeed electrical, the magnetic flow was cut up and shattered by the sharp edges and straight lines of electrical impulses. This polarized the thoughtform into two categories, one that was weighted greater than the other, and others less than the other, and the unity which is the point between was lost in full. This weighting of thoughtform is known as polarity and creates a thoughtform based upon opposites. It is opposition-based thoughtform that causes conflict. The astrological influences left in motion after the Orion scientists launched the solar electrical flow became confrontational in nature thereafter.


If one lives in an environment, one is subject to the push and pull of such an environment. The confrontational nature of the push and pull of opposition eventually pit the Annanuki against themselves. It also pits the seeded red race against themselves and ultimately against the Annanuki. This culminated in warfare between the Annanuki, and uprisings amongst the red race that culminated in a nuclear annihilation of Earth.


Immortality versus Ascension


The push and pull of energy flow also caused the Annanuki to desire immortality rather than transcendence through ascension. Transcendence is a unity-based thoughtform that is for the purpose of mastery. Immortality is a polarity-based thoughtform that is for the purposes of defeating death through life extension. Mastery through transcendence does lead to defeating death, however, it is accomplished through exiting the physical plane by mastering physical law rather than extending the physical life span without end. We see that the desire of the Annanuki to extend their lives forever as an example of the distortion of the purposes of mastery.


If one is to be immortal, then the requirement for a joyful preoccupation becomes the main focus. As the Annanuki shifted the concept of mastery to immortality in their own thoughtform, the pre-occupation with physical plane comforts became the goal. It is from such a goal that one would strip a planet or star of so many resources, for the purpose of mastery has been lost. If the purpose of mastery is immortality, then what use is the necessary minerals or ice shields to sustain Earth’s vibration for her future ascension? From the perspective of the Great Central Sun, the purpose of Earth shifted from ascension to preservation or immortality in the global thoughtform; immortality superceded the thoughtform of mastery.


Breeding of Slave Races


One may wonder why the Sirian race chose to breed a slave race for the Pleiadians to use to strip Earth of resources to settle a Sirian-Pleiadian karmic debt? The Great Central Sun sees many infractions of creational law here. First of all, it is not the purpose of Earth to be used by two other creations to settle a debt that did not involve Earth in the first place. Yet Earth fell into this role. Why? From our analysis, Earth has often settled the disputes of others, and in being the go-between, often ended up sacrificing herself in the bargain. Indeed, Earth’s nature has been the peacemaker. So Earth agreed to allow herself to be used to settle a debt between the Pleiades and Sirius so that Sirius could ascend, although perhaps without recognizing all consequences that would come forth therein.


So, the first set of less than whole humans were imported to Earth along with a spiritual elite to govern them by Sirius. They were imported to Earth to be used by the Pleiadians to mine Earth, and so they were devised to be docile. Here we see an implicit codependent relationship inherent in the original seeding of the red race. For in ascension each human must pull his or her own weight. How can a less than aware human ascend himself or herself? The seeded slave red race had only 60% of the genetics necessary for ascension.


Those lineages to Sirius used for the cloning inherit the karma from this experience. One cannot create something from one’s own genetic material without taking responsibility for the creation, and if responsibility for one’s creation is not taken, one simply lives to experience their own like-creation in the future. What does this mean? This means that Sirian humans will either come to understand and forgivewhat they have done or live to experience a fall in genetic material as they have created a less than whole human clone and seeded it upon Earth. Here we see creational law in action. One cannot create something without experiencing it oneself. If one creates a slave with less genetic materials, one’s own future ancestry shall experience becoming a slave with less genetic material oneself. This is cause and effect in action.


Codependence in Original Seeded Race


What of the spiritual elite seeded upon Earth? Such humans were expected to take care of the masses of red slaves whom were less than aware. Again, we see a codependent structure from the beginning of the red seeding upon Earth. One must presume that Sirius herself functions in such a manner, or else those that perpetrated such an action would have seen the illusion behind it and chosen not to partake in such a dance in the first place.


Any human expected to care-take another group of humans is in distortion. This type of distortion has been called the “guru phenomenon”. The gurus in present day upon Earth unconsciously agree to take care of his or her following, and in so doing, the following gives the guru their spiritual knowledge. The guru takes the spiritual knowledge, but it is not his or her own truth, and therefore does not serve in the dance of mastery. For mastery requires that one follow one’s truth, and in so doing, one learns to rely only upon one’s own knowledge. The guru relying upon the followings’ knowledge loses his or her truth and cannot master. The following in giving their knowledge to the guru also loses his or her truth and cannot master. The end result is a trap in which mastery ceases.


This indeed is what has occurred upon Earth, the cessation of mastery. However, the original cause is in the original seeding of the red race. For inherent in the structure of the red seeded civilization was the guru-disciple, spiritual elite-slave relationship. One could assess that such a structure was seeded to fail in relation to mastery or ascension, and indeed it did. For the records show that the spiritual elite experimented and attempted to ascend a small group of those with red slave genetics. These were the first incomplete ascensions within the red race per Earth’s records. Such slaves created an incomplete ascension as not all of the genetics were properly embodied by those with 40% less material at the start of the ascension.


Incomplete ascension alters the thoughtform of the whole. For any thoughtform that is left not transmuted and not transcended in the act of ascension becomes exaggerated in the thoughtform of the whole. As the red slaves ascended, the missing genetics created missing links in the thoughtform that went non-transmuted and left behind exaggerating such thoughtforms for all species upon Earth.


Let us give an example here for better understanding. Let us say that this first group of red slaves ascended and left 3 thoughtforms not fully transmuted. Let us say that the thoughtform of harmonyhonor and peace were never fully transmuted in the act of transcendence in ascension by this group of slaves. In ascension, one transmutes the thoughtform that is third dimensional in nature and embraces a fifth dimensional thoughtform in its place. The lack of a complete transcendence of any thoughtform in the third dimension also creates a lack of a full embrace of the fifth dimensional counterpart thoughtform in ascension. The result is a distortion both in the third and the fifth dimension upon completion of such an incomplete ascension.


In the above example and upon Earth, suddenly harmonyhonor and peace become the focus of all species to the extreme of all other thoughtform. This causes an imbalance that leads to disunity and further distortion amongst all humans and all species upon Earth. However, in the fifth dimension, the thoughtform of harmony, honor and peace are defused instead. In the fifth dimension and as a result of such an incomplete ascension, there is a lack of the thoughtform of harmony, honor and peace in the de-accentuation. As a result, distortion also occurs in the fifth dimension as not enough attention is paid to maintaining harmony, honor and peace.

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Balance of thoughtforms is the foundation of unity-based relations. Unity-based relations are a necessity to ascend, for it is in the harmony of unity that chi can be expanded and expanded and expanded yet again to bring forth a movement to the next dimension in the physical. As unity is lost, then mastery through ascension is also lost, as the discord prevents the expansion to whatever degree that the discord is present. It is in the discord created through such incomplete red slave ascensions that the discordant Annanuki were then attracted to Earth. And this led to the next phase of devastation for Earth.


One can see in this that the seeded red race created their own demise. However, the demise was the result of the thoughtform inherent in the original seeding, in which humans of lesser abilities and genetic material were expected to ascend under the guidance of humans with greater abilities and genetic material. One would see this as being perhaps the first and most important lesson surrounding human scientific experimentation and cloning. One cannot create a lesser human without sacrificing mastery and ascension. This perhaps is the main lesson for the seeded red race and their Sirian counterparts in this experience.


The Annanuki Slave Race


The Annanuki fell into a distortion of desiring immortality over mastery. From the desire for immortality, the Annanuki first chose to alter the energetic biosphere of Earth to be more conducive of their goal. From the desire for immortality, physical plane comforts become all consuming. In the all-consuming desire for pleasure inherent in a wealthy physical life without strife, the Annanuki chose to breed a subservient slave race. The Annanuki found the seeded red slave race unwilling to serve them in the manner that they wished, nor were they willing to bear the harsh conditions of the mines that would sustain the Annanuki’s wealth. The seeded red race was cloned with enough remembrance of the truth to fail to wish to be used in such a manner.


The success of the altered energy flow caused the Annanuki to request that the Orion scientists also incubate a new slave race and one that would be obedient and docile enough to work in the mines, grow the food, and serve the Annanuki in all ways possible. The group of six scientists that had altered the biosphere of Earth to an electromagnetic energy flow agreed, and remained another 100 years to create the second human slave race upon Earth.


This slave race was predominantly electrical in nature and with even less genetic material than the seeded red slave race. All told, the Orion scientists utilized a blend of DNA from the Annanuki themselves but stripped it down to less than 1/10th of their original inheritance. This second slave race was therefore far less aware than the red slave race seeded by the Sirians.


The second slave race was held in docility by 18 main thoughtforms discussed in the last chapter. These 18 thoughtforms were held together by the electrical sacred geometry set in motion upon Earth and your solar system by the Orion scientists.


The slaves were programmed to be owned by the gods in physical form whom were the Annanuki. The Annanuki could utilize their own electrical flow to control the slave populace. Indeed they did, at least for a time. What do we mean by this? Over time, the slave populace grew and grew and grew. As the slave populace grew, so did their thoughtform. Over time, the thoughtform of the Annanuki became less powerful than the thoughtform of the millions of slaves that they held dominion over. Soon, the Annanukithemselves were pulled under the influence of the very thoughtform they had created to hold the slaves under their control. In so doing, they were pulled into the dance of polarity, which resulted in a battle for dominion amongst two family members.


Here again one can see a creational law in effect. One cannot create something without experiencing it. The Annanuki created a slave race and then experienced their own slave thoughtform first hand as the slave thoughtform exceeded their own thoughtform in power. Over time, the slave thoughtform shattered the Annanuki’s field causing them to begin to age and decay. It was in the aging that the Annanuki began to go insane and war upon one another. For the Annanuki, the quest for immortality was sabotaged by the discordant energy flow of the growing slave populace.


Life, Death, Reincarnation and Immortality


The Annanuki created a slave race that aged and died. Up until this juncture upon Earth, red race slave humans knew a lengthy life span (2,000 years) that held the opportunity of ascension at the end. The opportunity to ascend allowed the experience of death to be transcended if one so chose this outcome for one’s life path. In so being, the thoughtform of birth, death and rebirth, aging and illness was not a part of Earth’s reality. In the creation of the Annanuki slave race, which aged and died, the thoughtform of aging, death and reincarnation was anchored upon Earth. In the beginning, such thoughtform was limited, as the slave populace was small. As the slave populace grew and grew in size, such thoughtform became global.


In response to such a global thoughtform, soon all other kingdoms began to age and die more rapidly. The cycles of life even for the plant kingdom changed causing plants to be born, age and die far more rapidly. So, it also occurred for each species in the animal kingdom. Suddenly horses, giraffes, elephants, eagles, tigers, lions and bears began to age and die in much shorter time periods whereas a much longer life-span was the norm up until this shift.


The longer life span was fed by a vast supply of oxygen that fed the crystalline diaphragm of such species in such a manner that they could sustain an embodiment for 800 years or longer. The act of birth was a much rarer experience as such, as the cycles were longer and based upon the need of holding the energyupon the land. Herds that exist for 800 years require only one birth every decade by a certain number of females, not one birth per year by every fertile female form.


What shortened the life span of all species? The growing slave populace consumed more and more oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere over time than the plant kingdoms could manufacture in counterbalance. Over time, less and less oxygen was available to sustain the life of all kingdoms. This occurred over a 32,000-year period from 120,000 to 152,000 years ago during which the average life span of the animal kingdomdeclined by more than half. The numbers of newborns likewise increased proportionately in response to the increased numbers of deaths of any given species.


The lack of oxygen hit an all time low as the two nuclear bombs were dropped in the war between the Annanuki. These bombs killed 80% of the vegetation upon Earth, which caused the oxygen to drop by another 80% therein. In so doing, the animal kingdoms went from being able to subsist from the air to requiring the consumption of one another in order to live. The life span of each kingdom fell and fell over time thereafter until it plummeted into enslavement to an ongoing birth, death and rebirth cycle.


The nature kingdoms upon Earth understand their own part of the dance today. Each sees how they gave the power of their thoughtform to the seeded red human race that came to Earth with such great knowledge. In giving their power to the human species, such power was eventually misused in a manner that caused a catastrophe for Earth. Each species is therefore taking back all power given to humankind over time in their choice to ascend. Each kingdom is also reaching a place in which they will no longer allow humankind to determine their future.


The End of the Reign of the Dark


The Great Central Sun is happy to announce that the reign of the dark has officially ceased within your cosmos and upon Earth. Such a shift has not been without difficulties. However, the further the karmic agreements are uncovered, recomposed and then understood, the patterns that have resulted from such karma can then be altered and changed to suit the ascension of the whole. We honor those brave few in human form whom have pushed through their initiations as of late to make available the karma inherent in the human dance upon Earth. Without such revelations, the ascension of your cosmos would fail.


It is understood that many in human form view the dark as light and the light as dark. In reality, there has been so much darkness in your cosmos that you have only known the dark. Dark is not wrong, and so we wish that no human reading this material go into judgment. Dark is lost, and in the loss of self and of knowledge, one becomes pushed into patterning that does not serve the whole of creation. Much like a machine that has been programmed to do only one pattern or one job, the fracturing of spirit causes spirit to only be capable of one pattern. The fracturing of spirit also appears to create a circumstance in which spirit cannot evolve.


The serpent angels that held dominion over Earth are now being exported to the dimensions and creation where they originated. This allows such beings to fulfill upon their original role and purpose, which is to hold the space between. The stars from which such serpents were cast out must reabsorb such beings and come to understand the mistake in their own ascension. The lesson in this dance is that nothing should be cast out in ascension. All must be transmuted, and in the transmutation, understood. If one casts out that which is never understood, one only allows the same pattern to repeat elsewhere, and this incurs karma.


The dimensions that cast the angels out should have assured that such angels were sent “home” to the Great Central Sun of the creation next door from which they originated. This would have allowed the pattern to be reviewed and therefore cease altogether. In not taking responsibility for returning the angels to where they originated, such angels fell to Earth causing Earth to fall under their dominion. As a result, stars upon dimensions 18, 25, 36 and 72 each have karma with Earth. Such dimensions shall pay back such karma in chi that shall continue to support Earth’s ascension in the centuries ahead.


Each star upon each dimension must take responsibility for its own creation. Each star upon each dimension must take responsibility for its own mistakes or seeming miscalculations. As long as each star upon each dimension fulfills upon this goal, ascension of the whole is assured. As long as any star upon any dimension fails to take responsibility for its own manifestations, the ascension of the whole ceases. This is the lesson that the Great Central Sun is coming to understand at this time.


One may transcribe this to the human dance and the dance of ascension upon Earth. Each human and each species upon Earth must take responsibility for their own manifestations and karma. If each human and each species fails to take responsibility for the karma incurred in the dance of life upon Earth, ascension of the whole ceases. This is the lesson of Earth also at this time.


There are those humans taking responsibility for the dance of life of all humans in the history of Earth. Our channel is an example of such. Those that are taking responsibility and choosing to ascend are fulfilling upon their role as a species in a consensus known as Earth. In so doing, the ascension of the whole of Earth becomes possible.


The Great Central Sun congratulates those in human form whom successfully released the karma for the human species as of late allowing Earth to take her next initiation in her global ascension. Without you, the complete ascension of the Great Central Sun would also not be possible. May you continue to fulfill upon your agreements! We thank and honor you deeply!



This book is lovingly dedicated to those Courageous Souls who choose to walk the Path of Ascension within this lifetime on Earth. May you bring the Love of God Goddess/All That Is with you in every step of your walk.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 2. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.


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