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Please, it is important here to just take what resonates and discard if it doesn’t. The following was shown and/or spoken to me last night (12 August 2019). I emphasise, I do not know the timeframe it relates to, just that it is certain. I don’t know any more than I share here. So please just discard if it does not resonate with you. Thank you:



Followed by:

Shown a large Sunflower (symbol of our Sun). The large petals were moving around very strongly (symbolic of strong gaseous activity around our Sun). Sight went to middle of Sunflower, the seed area. Twice, so one after the other, a bright White light emitted/shot out of the seed head. Twice, so two emissions one immediately after the other (symbolic of two Waves of energy to be emitted from our Sun). I do not think these emissions were typical visual Solar flares. I felt they were two INCOMING WAVES of energy. A few weeks ago, when I posted the large Sunflower on FB, I knew I was being shown for far more higher reason. But didn’t know what at the time. I feel this is the link now. I don’t know timeframe. Just that it was very clear. Certain in my own perceptional reality and path.

Earthquake, to be in the Pacific Ocean. Will effect west coast of the north of South America, and the southern part of North America. I was shown Pacific Ocean location.

The most significant part of all the above share, IS, the RE-BIRTH and RE-SET.

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Timeframe unknown.

Certain human beings across and around the planet will NOW be experiencing both physically and energetically, that they are NOW energetically and consciously aware they are linking to other unknown humans on the planet. This has been written about before now. But NOW, it is actually being experienced by certain human beings. They are physically feeling an arc of energy being emitted from their bodies, that links to another unknown human being/s. It has begun, in real time.

This is something people have written about before now. A human light grid. So it fair to say this information has been read about, and maybe believed in as a truth before NOW. But to emphasise there is a huge difference, between reading it, hearing it, believing in it, in the past, and this ACTUAL TIMEFRAME NOW where certain human beings are actually EXPERIENCING it and DOING IT, consciously. They will experience this ONLY from within themselves; a very personal and physical experience they have, that creates within them, their KNOWING and very conscious experience of linking up. This COLLECTIVE stage of LINKING via LIGHT ARCS and each’s CONSCIOUS ability to NOW feel it and do it, is not achieved out of body, but IN BODY with that accrued energetic ability. It’s pre-designed, and will unfold more and more for these people, yet ONLY FROM WITHIN THEMSELVES. It’s totally directed to unfold from within you. Not from any person directing you from the outside (from people within your dream). The energy, ability and the KNOWING resides solely WITHIN you.

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As I say, discard any of this that doesn’t not resonate. I’m just passing on the data that for me, is clear and strong. Each to their own perception, I so honour 🙏

Do I feel the 2 Sun emissions shown are linked to the NOW ability of certain humans to consciously link energetical LIGHT ARCS human to human, across Gaia? Yes, we are preparing…practising energetically; it’s designed, and what we can here to do. At precise and perfect timing.

Amazing times for ALL.

One Love
Amanda Lorence
13 August 2019


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