Deva Nea – An Intent A multi-dimensional vortex

The Power of Intent at the Level of the One

We are each one of the pillars of the anchoring of creative power
We are all the creative power

By being embodied in the frequency 3 Gaia, we are a verticality
A verticality of connection

We are a multi-dimensional vortex
A Creator Transmitter Transmitter who manifests at every moment of his life

Our chakras are the alignment of this vertical axis opening the door to the infinite possibilities

Everything is a movement of Creation at every moment

By uniting our intentions in the same axis, we create together a powerful multi-dimensional vortex uniting the Source to matter.

The impulse of the Heart on the scale of the One all together unfolds the field of all possibilities in matter

The Source Codes of Photonic Light are currently powerful manifestation codes in matter
Your vibrations manifest themselves in matter in record time

The time on Gaia is linear

Every Friday I open for 1 hour the Reliance Vortex to OneLight’s quantum space
Quantum cocoon of love at the heart of which you can welcome a multidimensional treatment

The Amazon Heart of our Mother Earth is burning

I’ve decided to open a second multi-dimensional vortex for her
For our Earth Mother of love who carries and supports us every day of linear time on earth


This multi-dimensional vortex is permanently open on our linear time
You simply have to express your intention to connect to it to send Peace, Love, Harmony, Balance to Gaia to its elementals, to each of its 4 elements

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As soon as you connect through your heart to Vortex 144 GAIA ONE you will feel the Stellar Energies of the Allied Force Animals

They will come to you to welcome your intention of love and amplify it to fuse it to the Gaia ascensional crystal Grid.

Because we are ONE
Because without it we would not exist in human form
Because without it, without its Balance in matter, our potential for the future simply no longer exists

Connect to this Video Synergy
Gratitude of love to each of you for your connections, your sharing of this post

Let us amplify the Process of its Ascension, therefore of ours, by sharing diffusion

From Sacred Heart to Sacred Heart

Translated with
Vortex 144 GAIA ONE Soin de Lumière multi dimensionnel pour GAIA
Méditation collective/ Soin de Lumière multi dimensionnel pour GAIA Création du Vortex 144 GAIA ONE ouvert de façon permanente auquel vous pouvez vous relier…


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