As evolving avatars, we are on a dedicated path of self mastery. Mastering the self means to overcome all human conditioning and limiting thought that binds us to a reality of separation.

It also means to transcend the life that lives solely through the identity of the personality.

The personality is defined as our physical body, the feeling body, the mind and spiritual body, all four of these vehicles functioning together in this physical world.

In our mastery of the personality, which really is the ego driven self, we are learning how to place our focus on the absolute truth of our existence.

Our authentic self is an eternal and limitless creator being, one with Source, as Source. We refer to our truer identity as Divine Presence.

As we advance into a new matrix of conscious living, we can safely leave behind all of those masked facades that have served us well, however, now express as a great distortion in our field.

We are in a time of great transparency… of highest integrity, impeccability and absolute honesty. These attributes are of the crystalline resonance, and the new grids of consciousness that are assisting to advance all humanity into the field of Divine Presence.

When we are living from unified awareness, everything in our reality is regarded as a part of us. We carry inclusive identity. We unequivocally know that we carry the flame of divinity and naturally represent the pure, wholesome essence that unifies all living things.

To make this transition into a new matrix of energy, we are letting go of emotional glamour. We are releasing the need to confirm our identity and forward movements through anything external. We are letting go of everything that feeds the attachment to the small self-identity. This includes any attachment to self adoration.

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We are letting go of the external distractions that directs us away from the truth of our Greater Self. This Greater Self is the purity of our Divine Presence, which is here and now, within us, and all around us. It is an inclusive identity that encompasses all life everywhere, sustaining and fulfilling our every need.

By initiating a deeper dissolution of our human personality and its habits of self-identification, our Greater Self can unveil in much greater expression and influence.

Excerpt from the Rites of Passage 2019

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