Natoya Hall – As we move out of the energies of August we stand at the frontier of new High Vibrational Frequencies that are going to propel us DEEPER. I know, how deep can we possibly go, right? We are touching upon a time like no other and the “deepness” of where this shift takes us is only just beginning.

August brought in the “no bullshit”, tell it like it is energies. It was about brutal honesty with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in our lives that kept us stuck in a perpetual loop of sameness to appease their comfort in a 3D world. Us, Lightworkers cannot work in that reality anymore; if you’re not with me, we need to figure out how our opposing energies are going to work together or separate until we align again. Keep in your heart that if something or someone very close to you has left your life that your Higher Selves put that in play to heal something deep within your subconsciousness that has followed you for lifetimes. EVERYBODY is playing a part in dismantling our “Inner Systems” or programmings; don’t take anything personally. If it’s not aligning, it is being dismantled. This is the way you think, do and act.

We are living completely new realities and existing in many dimensions. This will do many things; we are now aligning with our higher brain, the heart of Mother/Father God, the ALL-knowing consciousness. When we are connected to this ALL-NESS we start to remember who the fuck we are and start ACTING accordingly. You may be remembering your lifetimes as healers, shamans, warriors, working with your totem pets such as the dragons, the Eagle, Lions that assist you in and out of dimensions easily. You are going to see all the myriads of races, cultures, beings who’ve ever been because THOSE aspects are going to start to CLICK back into WHO you are coming online as NOW. You have MANY talents, magic and POWER that you have brought down here but because you couldn’t access those higher ways of being before (It just wasn’t the time or place); you thought you were mere humans. You are kings, Queens, Elementals, Healers, Shapeshifters, Grid Keepers; you name it if you are here on the battlefield of Light Consciousness YOU are the best of the BEST from your Star Race. THAT channel of consciousness is now being RE-OPENED within you. Those dormant codes that our Galactic family have instilled within our DNA for this moment in Earth’s Evolution are now coming online within your body.

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The brain is starting to morph. The Andromeda’s are assisting with this while the Acturians are assisting us with our new emotional bodies. Our hearts and brains are accessing higher knowledge and wisdom from our Akashic Records and Earth’s Akashic Records. Don’t despair about the Amazon, our ancient family, the trees aren’t oblivious to what is happening, YOU are the ones that hold the Akashic Record of Mother Tara and she would not just burn our ancients without flaring that wisdom open within you and urging you to heal the trauma and grief that our Incarnations and karmic life have done to us. NOTHING is at is seems. We are currently living in beautiful chaos.

Our 3D body is morphing into light and this will continue intensely for the next few months. Wherever you hold the most pain, trauma, fear, worry from your past and current life is the part of the body that you are healing intensely right now. If you are a Divine Male in this life that could mean you are re-arranging the power dynamics and that deals with the stomach, the organs, adrenals etc. For the Divine Females the Womb, Heart, Brain etc. For those of you that are Gender non-conforming you may bring in the new paradigm of Love, Oneness and Compassion; the Nervous System, Immune System and Heart etc. This is not exclusive to one or the other; we are ALL doing the work.

The body is going through a major purging phase these next few months so assist the body in all ways. If you are a woman you may be peeing a lot, UTI”s, discharge, cycle changes, as you are clearing deep templates and structures within yourself and the Collective. Your role may be changing in your life and you are getting pushed to start that business or that lifestyle to share your mastery with the World. For the males, major ego clearings as you align with the Divine heart, how you act, show up in the world is changing as these old programmings leave your cellular consciousness. (When I speak of Divine Female/Males please know that we ALL embody these aspects within us). Headaches, Immune system may be a bit low as we are purging, Heart Chakra is clearing and the lungs are clearing old grief. The stomach is connecting to your Higher aspects and clearing old programmings, the Heart is connecting back to Mama Gaia and our Akashic Records. The Third Eye and Crown are merging with higher wisdom and consciousness and the “God Heart/Consciousness”. We are going through a lot. They are no words in the English language to accurately describe what we are doing right now; EVERYTHING as changed and NOTHING is the same.

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Let’s get it done Starseeds!

So much Love and Respect


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