Judith Kusel – The cosmic forces are pouring in the higher frequency energy activations to a much higher degree.
We need to move into the 5th and higher dimensional state at an increased rate now, as the planetary frequency is rapidly rising, as she is now pulled into the gravitational (for want of better word) energy fields of the galactic upgrades happening to the Milky Way Galaxy. We are part of this galaxy, and when she is upgraded, we are. This whole solar system is currently going through the same intense upgrading as we are.

The whole Creation, is one of constant reinvention and upgrading. It is death and rebirth. The old is reborn into a much higher creation. This goes on ad infinitum, as new stars are born every single second Omni Versally.
Many people will just find themselves at sea now, especially those who have not woken up as yet. They will feel the energy changes at subconscious levels, and then will not understand what is happening. Most will go into a fear mode, which shuts them down even more.

It is for the ones who are reading this, and who are aware of what is going on, to now step ever higher into the leadership roles. We need to become like beacons of Light, showing the others the way through this immense shift and leading by example.

Note, that family and friends will not always understand, as you will have the whole spectrum of humanity represented within such. That is ok. You cannot piggy back anyone into the higher dimensional state. You can only show the way, and they have free will and choice, whether they wish to wake up or not.
You only need to take responsibility for you own awakening and constant working on further enlightenment from deep within. 

Many of us, played out this role, in past lives, and most recent one being Atlantis. Many of us led the survivors into new life elsewhere as the immense catastrophes happened. We are in the forefront again now. If you are one of them, you will remember.

This is not to say that Atlantis will repeat itself. NO! It just means that we now have the chance to shift through the immense earth changes, into a much higher state of Being, by being READY for such changes and doing the inner work, so that we can lay the foundation for the New Golden Age. 

That Golden Age is already happening, right here and right now, under our feet.
Our job is to find the deepest balance within ourselves and allow ourselves to be activated more and truly walk our talk!
Judith Kusel 


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