Grace – The topic of this post has been on my mind for a long time now. I first wrote about it about a year ago, and since then, it has never really left my thought-pool. I wanted to address it again some weeks ago, but kept putting it off. Time now for me to transfer it from thought into my blog. Yes, the topic may very likely cause some level of mental unrest but as always, please only read on if you feel guided to do so. This is especially since it’s not really talked about much, and the little that’s been publicly said/debated is contentious in nature. This is also rather challenging for me to write about because of the strongly-entrenched and deeply-rooted belief systems that we in the awakened community still have that no longer serve our onward Ascension process.

Since I had written some “background” about it before, I won’t go there again, I’ll just provide the link to the post “Bi-Wave & Tri-Wave” and continue from there, sort of like a sequel:

I would also like to add some relevant and brilliant information from Brenda Julian Williams about this same topic, again as background:

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So, why am I bringing this up again?

As mentioned before, when I check in on the codes being transmitted via our Sun, the geometry I see is nothing like the Flower of Life. I have neither the expertise nor the flair to reproduce what I see, but the image above is a close resemblance. The very loud and clear message I get each time I see these codes is….New Codes of Creation. I still see the “scaffolding” geometry (here) as well, so the initial stages of construction is still in earnest progress.

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Life here on Earth, and therefore the path of Humanity, has been to seek externally ~ seek “truth”, “oneself”, “enlightenment”….the quest is always external, outside of the Self. Even a “holy pilgrimage” takes one on a journey “out there”, in search of some elusive god that is seen as separate, individual and external.

This is the nature of the Creation Codes for our existence. Like the Bi-Wave principle of the Fibonacci series, the “progression” (evolution) of the numbers stray further and further outwards, losing connection with the Source (Zero Point) which birthed the series, and only taking into consideration the latest two numbers. (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21…..)

In contrast with the Tri-Wave principle of the Krystal Spiral, the number iteration returns to Source in order to generate the next sequence. The entire series depends on its Source / Zero Poiunt to “create” the next number, adding up all the numbers before it. (0, 1, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64….)

The Krystal Spiral sequence grows much faster compared with that of the Fibonacci Series, even though it has to always return to Source for the next creation.

Still the Same “Clay”

I totally understand how this Tri-Wave principle can be considered blasphemy in the Awakened community. It’s akin to challenging the very nature of Creation itself! Even all of Nature expresses this Bi-Wave principle clearly and evidently ~ how can we even entertain the mere hint that this isn’t “right”?

But that’s the whole point, really. As I had suggested (and as Brenda stressed) via our earlier writings, Creation was/is based on the Bi-Wave principle, but now we have to evolve out of this structure by employing the New Codes of Creation, based on the Tri-Wave principle. As creator beings, Humanity has for eons of time created for the false gods a world based on distorted and perverted codes that had kept Creation locked down in an anti-Life, entropic structure, disconnected from our True Source. All our false belief systems so cleverly programmed and presented to us as “choices” from which we can choose ~ all based on distorted creation codes that lead to decay and death in some form or other. As a simple example (I’m sticking to “safe” examples because I don’t want to rock the boat more than it’s already wobbling now) ~ take Music. What genre do we like? Think Rap is “infected”? Then choose Classical! But guess what ~ all music is based on the 440 hz that gets the frequencies just out of tune enough to not allow our cells to vibrate optimally.

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The “products” look different to cater for different mind-sets, but they are still made from the same clay.

New Everything, & New Parents!

In my recent post, Change in Harmonic Key, I had mentioned that I believe our Planet now has a now Music of the Sphere, and that those individuals who received relevant parts of the New Blueprint (obviously there will not be one single individual getting the entire download, each will get the part that’s relevant to them) will begin to wayshow us in building our New Reality. They will certainly not be doing that based on the Bi-Wave principle.

And really, if we come to think of it ~ we are birthing an entirely new Root Race! This new Root Race has been given many names ~ Homo Luminous, Homo Divinicus, Trivian, Homo Spiritus, Human Angel, Celestial Human…. It’s a brand new Root Race, not even a sub-race of the Aryan Race.

So we’re not just looking at a Cosmic cosmetic makeover, but something else entirely. They say that true change comes from within…..well, we are changing from our very DNA itself! That’s the most “within” that we can get. Our own biological operating system isn’t just getting an upgrade ~ it’s completely different, from carbon-based to silicon/crystalline!

We’re also getting our real Parents back! What does that mean but again, entirely New Codes. We’re not getting another set of “upgraded” demented pirates masquerading as gods, we’re getting the Real Deal this time. Totally different, thank you very much.

Return to Zero-Point

In emulating the Krystal Spiral series, we return to Zero-Point and re-establish our connection to Source, to determine our future. That way, we can never get lost and our codes will not degrade over time. No matter how much we progress outwards, we will always be connected  with Source. We will always get to go Home.

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Namaste & Many Blessings!


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