Romeo Baron – The purpose of this guided meditation is to assist in Emotional Body Healing and thereby open the inner Christ channels of Light within our self and strengthen our inner connection with Source.

Source Energy is Harmonic Sound and Light Fields unified into Oneness. In our natural state we hold the Subharmonic Sound Vibration Tones as Source Conscious Energy.

As we heal and clear our energetic Body and align with Source, we ignite the fire of our Spiritual Eternal Self. And as we expand further and deeper into the Crystal Core of our Eternal Self, we become the flame of Source.

When we are experiencing major imbalances in our life experience it is the result of imbalanced thoughts held within us running at a critical mass of energy and they will continue to run until our consciousness expands to a higher level of energy than the energy of the imbalanced thoughts.

When we are dealing with extreme emotions that seem to keep our body tied up in knots and perhaps encased within fear, it is because a critical mass of imbalanced thoughts are controlling the functions of our physical body.

This meditation is a simple process for breathing expanded awareness of Pure White Light of Source Energy into the physical body to assist with Emotional Body healing. This can also be used to release anything from your personal hologram to allow it to come into alignment with your Eternal Self.



We are now ready to begin:

Imagine a bright Diamond-Platinum White Ray sphere of energy about 6 inches above your head.

Inhale and breathe in the white Ray sphere of energy.

Exhale and send the Energy all the way down through the center of your body to the zero 12-point field about 6 inches below your feet.

As the white Ray sphere travels down the center of your body it creates a Pillar of Source energy. This is your vertical channel connection to your higher spiritual intelligence.

Once the white Ray sphere hits the zero 12-point field, Inhale and pull the bright white Ray sphere back up to the 12th chakra point about 6 inches above your head.

Rest and in allowing a nice deep breath and exhale from your Zero Point/Heart Center.

You have activated your Vertical Channel transmitter and receiver. You have also activated your 12D Divine Light Shield, which allows you to develop a clear communication link to Source Consciousness.


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Now place whatever issue you desire to be healed into the Spark of White Light within your 6th chakra/ 3rd eye. It may be an image or a word to describe the thought pattern, it may simply be an emotional feeling. What you use to represent the issue is always a personal choice. The thought intention sets the pattern for the issue at hand.

Inhale, then exhale the Loaded White Spark up through your central vertical channel and into the Diamond-Platinum White Light of pure Source consciousness energy. You may desire to say in your mind, “beloved Eternal God-Spirit, through Love and Forgiveness we heal this and restore inner balance.”

Exhale the issue for desired healing into the White Light and feel it release from your awareness. It is now one with Source to be transmuted into pure essence.

Inhale the White Light down through your central vertical channel and allow it to fill and overflow your physical body. The Pure White Light will fill in the areas that you cleared from, like a gentle wind moving through your physical body.

Rest and breathe with ease.


By working daily to focus within and fill your physical body with the pure White Light of Source energy, you can assist yourself to get stronger and heal much faster by purging the imbalanced thought patterns from your mind/body system and expanding your consciousness to a higher point of energy than the lower thought forms that are creating the imbalanced experiences within your life.

It may require several days of intense focus and consistently stepping into your Sacred space to breathe and “seed new thoughts within your body” before you experience the “clearing” of the imbalanced energies from your body. Once you have experienced this, it becomes much easier to know what to instantly do anytime you encounter the challenges the earth life experience can create.

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We seal and end this session into the Pure Source Eternal Light of Divine Wholeness and Union, Divine Love and Power, in the Divine Natural Order and Harmony.  With deep Love and Gratitude, thank you.



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