There are many of us who now embody the new consciousness and operate from greatly expanded receptivity. ​​This accomplishment is due to the fact that the self is cleared and mastered, primarily from emotional triggers and egoic mind attachment to the dualistic world.​​

Not everyone, though, has crossed the bridge into the new consciousness. Within the collective field of those “on the path” are many people who continue to struggle with an inability to let go. Core fear patterning still persists, which creates great resistance to the swift and catalytic changes that are taking place. ​​

This primarily stems from the strength of the controlling ego and its conditioned dependence upon material reality. This especially relates to the attachment to personal beliefs and the habit of formulating opinion through linear perception. ​​

This is creating a sense of squeeze, or energetic contraction because, more than ever, the ego feels the expansion. It tenaciously, and very tightly, wants to hold on to what is known, and by remaining status quo. ​

​This means that the ego has set up a strong fortress around its personality to help safeguard its identity. This has only created a more confusing feedback loop upon a locked up wheel of self-absorption.​​

It is imperative that you tame the ego’s need to be self-absorbed. Once you are able to completely be free from this grip, you open yourself up to be absorbed by your greater light.

​The real wake up call here is that these self-absorbing attachments of the ego, together with its fear and resistance to change, persist in a perception field that is collapsing. Actually, it has already collapsed! ​​

The field of duality perception no longer has foundational support. Therefore, any resistance, any fear, any inability to change… this incongruent energy is returned back to the projector in a pretty big wave. ​

Consequently, those of us who remain in fear and resistance during these times of the great quickening are only opening up to greater levels of suffering.

There are many people on the spiritual path who are held back because of their patterns of self-absorption and all that goes with it. This includes the need for acknowledgement, the emotional glamour, the masks of the ego, and the list is long.​​

It might be easy to “think” that one is advancing into greatly expanded states of consciousness. Oh, that ego sure is manipulative! We are finding many people, though, who claim to be on the spiritual path yet are without stable grounding and authentic “presence” in the human expression. ​​

We simply cannot raise the vibration or experience true ascending consciousness when we still function from personality distortion.

By remaining attached to the emotional experience of human life, we experience great and continuous blockage in the lower chakras. This is creating a lot of interference in the energy body during a greatly accelerated time of light influx. It is going “against the grain” so to speak. ​​

In this resistance to fully let go, coupled with the collapse of the old consciousness grid, many in our spiritual family are opening into much challenge and confusion. ​​

We only have to look at what is reflecting on the outer world stage. The sheer confusion from attachment to identities and supposed roles is truly turning society on its head.​​

This has triggered major upheaval in the mass consciousness. We clearly see this outplaying in the media, politics, protests, corporations, and wild controversy in racial and ethnic divide, religion, gender and really, the whole gamut called mainstream life.

The severe case of “mistaken identity” is very much in our face every single day. This only affirms that this is a very timely topic to address within ourselves.​​

Again, previous gridding, which supported our dualistic mindset has collapsed. Old paradigm rules no longer apply. It’s time to jump ship.​​

The key to assimilating and aligning with the new energy is to step completely out of the mind and become simply an observer to how the new energies are moving us. ​​

In this letting go, a whole new world emerges…​​


Excerpt from the Rites of Passage

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