Shanta Gabriel – Dear Ones,

Gently and with Love, Honor Yourself.

Honor the softness of your heart, honor your ability to love others and especially remember to love and honor yourself.

Remember to put time aside every day to honor your body/mind with deep breaths. Use your breath to stop your forward momentum several times each day, bringing new oxygen into your body. Feel the importance of slowing down before you feel stressed out and overwhelmed. Even though you may think there is not enough time to stop, taking two minutes to stop, breathe and reset your energy system will allow you feel more resourceful in your daily life.

Honor your physical body knowing the Light of the Divine is active within working through you. Your body is the vehicle you have been given in which to anchor your Divinity this lifetime. This physical being becomes your Temple of the most High when you honor it by giving your body all that it needs to thrive.

Honor your sensitive heart and the vulnerability you feel every day. You are refining your energy system with your spiritual practices and so you may feel even more raw and exposed.When you can honor the gentleness and compassion that you have inside, you can recognize your value to the world. Know that there is a powerful need for these qualities in the world that is starving for more compassion at this time.

With your spiritual practice you are building a stronger field of Light that allows you to hold greater frequencies within your energy system. This builds your shining shield of Light that can protect you from the inside out.

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Honor your mind and recognize its gifts so you can bring clear thinking, expanded perceptions and illuminate your thoughts with the power of Divine Light. This expansion allows you to work in the fields of Infinite Intelligence. As you keep an open mind you allow yourself to learn more about how to live in Harmony and Beauty. When you lighten your thoughts you are gifted with greater Equanimity and Balance in which to view the world around you.

And of course Honoring Yourself means to honor the spirit within you. You are a true spark of Divinity and this Flame burns in your heart when it is activated by your connection to your Highest Self. This Divine Aspect of your Soul shows you the way, so that you may also be a Way Shower to others. People need to be given a model to promote greater understanding of how to live a multi-dimensional life while in a physical body. Honoring yourself radiates this blessing into the world, and allows inner peace to soothe and be a calming presence in the midst of change.

Your unique Soul gifts are important to the world. They act as a missing piece of the puzzle that only you can fill. Sharing your gifts promotes wholeness in the world. If you don’t know what your Soul Gifts are, look at what you love to do most. Give that gift and you will fulfill an important requirement for your Soul.

And we say again, Gently and with Love, Honor Yourself and all shall be well. All is well and so it is.

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Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.


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    How arguments on the Trump Tower meeting have changed

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    In three supplementary cases, prospects named in various email chains confirmed that the messages were genuine. lobbyists.

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    Browder has refused to go into reverse, Pushing for copycat legislation the world over. And organizing a media and lobbying campaign to undercut his credibleness in Washington.

    When Swiss officials investigating Prevezon arrived in Moscow on September 2015 to interrogate Katsyv, for example, these folks were met not just by Veselnitskaya but by Lt. Col. each. V. Ranchenkov, A senior Interior Ministry official previously known for his role looking the Russian punk band Pussy Riot.

    Ranchenkov devoted a chunk of the interview to questions about the legality of Browder’s actions, in a transcript of the interrogation reviewed by email.

    The Russian Interior Ministry did not return sms messages seeking comment.

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    An april. “This is needed by tomorrow, She published a subordinate.

    Two weeks soon after, A finalized version of the same document was sent by a Russian diplomatic staffer to a Cypriot counterpart, The file Center’s files show.


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