Tiara Kumara – For those of us on the path of ascension into the new Divine-Human blueprint, we are making the transition into a new playing field that is sustained by multidimensional intelligence.

This shift is all about opening into the higher mind and allowing that higher mind to be the dominant influence in our lives.

This accomplishment is symbolic to “getting all the way across the bridge”. We discover a whole new version of reality and one that operates from a completely different set of principles.

Multidimensional mastery is the key to be able to traverse the bridge; going back and forth at will. You can then regard yourself as a “true bridger” and one who has been able to get completely over to the other side.

This is pivotal because, as true bridgers, we can greatly assist the ascension of humanity, and with substantial effectiveness.

With so many of us doing this at the same time, we unveil as a collective Avatar of self-realization.

Avatar Consciousness is a word synonymous with Divine-Human. It is used to describe the stage in which we master the distorted human belief system. We then advance into a multidimensional consciousness template.

This Rite of Passage initiates the foundational understanding to your transition into multidimensional intelligence and the rising abilities that are born from this resonance.

Your multidimensional awareness and its related abilities will actually be a primary focus of development all throughout next year (2020) as we delve more deeply in our collective mission of unified service.

It is this Rite that plants the seeds in your awareness and activates the momentum for your unfolding life experience.


Humanity, as a whole, is quickly evolving through a gradual rising of its collective vibrational frequency while keeping in pace with Earth’s ascending pulse. This naturally moves everyone into a multidimensional interface.

Eventually, every single person on the planet will have the ability to perceive from and experience a multitude of vibrational frequencies beyond the physical dimension alone.

We know that this is true because we, ourselves, are experiencing dramatic shifts in our own consciousness and outer life reflections. It seems like the more we place our attention upon our evolutionary advancement, the faster it expands our perceptual capabilities.

In Multidimensional Consciousness…

We live from the knowledge of our interconnectivity.

Everything is regarded as equal, because all is one and the same.
We understand that our beautiful human self is perfect and whole as a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosmic whole.

In Multidimensional Consciousness…

We can perceive beyond the form and what the human senses are reading to the brain.

Cognition comes from expanded sense perception and through a more finely tuned sensory faculty of a much higher vibration.

We are attuned with and receiving from not one, but many, aspects of our existence and from many dimensions of awareness.


In Multidimensional Consciousness…

We are not controlled by time; instead, we are empowered through a simultaneous existence.

We know that our self as the past, the present and the future all exist right now.

Transcending our perceptions about time invariably results in experiences of connectedness, oneness and expanded opportunities.



The big question is, how is multidimensional intelligence developed and how do we embody it so that it brings great benefit to our life?

This Rite of Passage gifts you with some key understandings that, once grasped, will quickly anchor and ground your multidimensional human into place.

This is super important, because, more of us are needed to channel in greater transformational energy to assist humanity’s transition.


This Rite comes with Discourse Teachings, the Activation Transmission,
Audio Meditation and optional Rhythmic Entrainment.


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