Ann Albers – Hi Everyone,

October is busy so I’m writing and queuing up this newsletter a month in advance. By the time you get it, I’ll be getting reorganized after a beautiful family visit, several fall hikes, my class, and various other activities. I don’t know everything that will transpire in between the time I write this and the time you read it, but I do know we, on this list, are a shining force of love.

I appreciate you all. The earth appreciates you all. I feel her gratitude.

I don’t know as I write this four weeks in your past, whether or not a big volcano will have blown yet or not. My friend who died in August (Jim Law), came to my friend on earth and told her (Summer Bacon) that we needed to pray because we had four weeks to shift energies before there’s a big boom. That would be about now, as you read this. I hope we have succeeded! It is odd to straddle time like this.

No matter what, we are exactly where we need to be, given our intentions, our desires, and the growth we planned. I have intended to avoid natural disasters if possible, and to be involved in movements towards peace on earth. I find myself skirting storms often. I’ve been guided out of town before. When a big macro-burst nailed my home in Arizona years ago I was playing with dolphins in sunny California. I’ve made it a point not to have internal earthquakes, volcanoes, or other chaos, except in the privacy of my own room, where I quietly journal any chaotic feelings, and give them to the angels for recycling.

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We are a great force for change on this planet. We create a huge ripple effect with every loving choice. Happily, the negative energies are much weaker. One loving choice can neutralize the effect of thousands of negative ones. I find that a great comfort.

So, no matter what has occurred on earth by now, or where you are in your life, you can still choose peace, love, and kindness. Ultimately, life is an adventure of the soul, and the point of the journey is to master love, from the inside out in a space/time experience where it isn’t always easy. In so doing we begin to see Love in everyone and every situation.

Suddenly, in that reality, chaos appears to have more order than it otherwise would, and more often, peace ripples out into the world, calming the chaos.

Here are some pointers to embrace peace in your hearts…

1. Breathe

It is so simple, so obvious, so easy, and yet we don’t always stop to breathe slowly and deeply. We calm our biology when we breathe slowly in and more slowly out. We calm our minds, our feelings, and even our nervous system. We take in love, receive the energies of the angels, and fill our cells with light. We charge up, tune in and turn on… all with a simple breath. You can create peace anywhere, anytime, with anyone, just by breathing deeply.

2. Be present

Peace comes from being present. You can always handle what is in front of you right now. You will always have the grace and guidance you need. Chaos emerges when we start worrying about what might, could, or would happen. Take a breath. Look around. Feel your heart. There is peace right here and now, in that space. There is love. You have all the help and resources you need in this moment, for this moment,

3. Resist the addiction to drama

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Most of us have a strong, programmed pull towards drama! It is a high to the brain chemistry. It is a strong buzz. Yet it isn’t healthy, isn’t fun, and doesn’t create goodness for our future. The good news is that even when we are exposed to drama, we can remain impartial observers.

If you watch drama on the news, you can observe it while sending love rather than getting sucked into it. If you have drama in your family or workplace, you can breathe and be the calm center of the storm.

Observe, don’t absorb… and if you feel you have absorbed some chaotic energies try one of these tricks:

  • Hold a simple rock and intend to drain the static into the rock. Rocks use it to hold together. We need flow.
  • Hold a glass of water with a little salt in it and intend to drain the staticky chaotic energies. Dump the water down the drain.
  • Take a soak in a warm tub with 2 cups Epsom salts for ten minutes. Salt clears energy. The magnesium in the Epsom calms the nervous system.
  • Breathe, meditate, and focus on the light within.

Whether the earth is experiencing peace or chaos by the time you read this, you, me, and all who choose can remain in peace. How wonderful is that? There need be no disasters in your heart or mine, and therefore, not in our personal realities.

Love you all!


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