EiriniBy now, the influx of divine photons from the True Universe into the Earth’s field and into our bodies is continuous and in inconceivable quantities.
Divine photons carry multidimensional information,
in polymorphic patterns and combinations of sacred harmony.
They carry the information that awakens us from the great sleep and re-aligns us with True Life and Source from whence we came.
It is the information that awakens our True Identity,
it is the Love that unites us all!

The influx of these photons has been, is and will continue to be increasing and accelerating !!!
As the influx of information will increase,
at some point, it will reach zero time = infinity point.
At that moment the last alignment will take place and
we will become one with this flow of infinite information.
It will also be the moment when our DNA will be aligned with its divine nature giving us access to all levels of
our True Being.
It will be an expansion in our consciousness,
an explosion of perception beyond any
imagination, that will affect our physical body and all
its functions.
This is already happening gradually as we are preparing and receiving this information in our systems.
Many people, have not realised it yet and explain
the various events that are happening to them
with an old perception, without them knowing
the processes that take place on Earth.
This flow of light as it passes through our physical, mental and psychic cells, finds many resistances and distortions and this can bring many reactions of the body.
Symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, dizziness, mental confusion, amnesia, eye and ear pain, sadness, emptiness, etc., occur as the body and the entire nervous system try to process this light-information.
In some cases, however, more severe symptoms such as autoimmune diseases and serious illnesses occur as
the body attempts to clear up the centuries-old mental, spiritual and emotional imbalances and traumas that have been devalued and buried by the human.
The body is trying its best to find, clear these old programs and align itself with the light and love of the Source.
…..So this influx is truly pressing for everyone!
If the human has taken on his own self-knowledge and purification consciously, then things
are easier for the body, because then the body
does not have such a heavy task to accomplish.
But if the human refuses to take over, then unfortunately
the weight falls on the physical body and the symptoms
may increase.
We all knew the experience of this great change before
we incarnated and chose it.
This is an experience of love and healing and can be experienced positively if one abandons denial and
its resistances and accepts the Truth of the self and
of what is happening on the planet.
It is an experience of profound repentance and relinquishment of all old mindsets and liberation from binding programming.
It is our return to innocence.
It is what we as souls have always wanted and asked for,
so there is no reason to fear this change because it is only for our own good!
As we have said before, many will not remember
that this was something they had chosen and will stay in denial that will eventually lead them
leaving their body because they will not be able to
adapt to endure and be compatible with the new vibration of the planet.

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As the acceleration is taking place,
a 24-hour day is now being experienced like 12-hour day and we are headed very shortly to reach an 8-hour day.
And the sense of time will continue getting faster and faster.
This means that our cells will soon be under even greater pressure.
That’s why we need to purify,
align and synchronise with the flow of light in and out of us at regular base, every day, so that we can maintain balance.
We need to work with the energy of love and forgiveness daily, otherwise,
displeasure, confusion and
problems are a given.
The sooner one lets control, old perceptions and behaviours behind, the easier will lightly be adjusted to the new pulse of Earth and experience ecstasy!




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