The purification of one’s physical form is the single most significant activity upon which you may choose to focus your energies in the present period.

For within your cellular structure you carry eons of vibrational imprinting calculated to keep you rooted, energetically, to a realm that is fast becoming a vibrational relic.

In order to transcend that tethering, it is necessary to recognize that monumental changes are occurring within you and to allow those changes to occur unimpeded.

It is counterproductive to the objective of all you would hope to achieve from this point forth to inhibit in any way symptoms that may occur as a natural by-product of the process of purification.

The amplified energies, with which you are surrounded as a natural part of living and breathing, have a purging effect upon the human cellular structure.

There are aspects of your physical form that react to these stresses in ways that traditionally would have been classified as “illness.” Yet, to alleviate those signs of cellular cleansing would, in all likelihood, result in insidious deterioration of one’s physical well-being.

Maintaining oneself in physical and emotional balance is key to the longevity one would hope to achieve.

Benign physical symptoms should be recognized as the signs of cleansing that they truly are and should be allowed to run their course unimpeded, despite the minor discomforts that may be experienced. Inhibiting such symptoms will, in virtually all cases, produce repeated episodes of the body’s efforts to cleanse itself, with escalating degrees of discomfort.

The use of herbal medicines as practiced by certain indigenous cultures may have the effect of accelerating the cleansing process.

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The implementation of substances known to heighten the body’s natural inclination to eliminate impurities from its structure is encouraged.

Substances whose sole purpose is to mask symptoms and provide a false sense of well-being are counterproductive to the purification process and are therefore potentially dangerous.

One is cautioned against concluding that insignificant physical symptoms are a sign that something is wrong.

Quite the contrary.

It is likely that such symptoms indicate the physical body’s preparation for assimilating higher levels of energy and maintaining vibrant good health despite radically altered vibrational conditions.

Excerpt From the book “Oneness” through Rasha, ch. 15

by Mary Josephine Hession
Heart Light


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