Marta Sasai – Recently, I received a letter from my father who I haven’t talked to since 2015 or earlier. He and my ex-mom not only stole all my savings but he also believed in her lies and stopped talking to me 3 times already. The last time he did, I just didn’t bother to go through that pain again.

Even if people didn’t say they were sorry, I kept forgiving them and especially, the blood-related ones for believing that’s what ‘family do’. Because being benevolent, harmless and spiritual makes one the black sheep on that family I got tired of their attacks and chose to move on. I’ve enabled, supported, guided, healed, ‘removed’ their demonic entities (and they obviously would come back as the root cause of the link refused to be healed), pretended to be blind, tried to heal the relationship but after more than 3 decades, had to realize that we would always speak different languages as our frequencies are too different.

In the letter he used that manipulative kind of language, insinuating that I am unforgiving, that everyone does mistakes. They always did that, bending my reality and making me think I was the crazy one. They can hold on to grudges for decades but my unintentional mistakes I made as a teenager were always pointed out to me while their great evil deeds were brushed over. Looking back and out from that situation, I can see it was the typical abusive relationship. A good way to figure it out is if we don’t feel well around certain people. It means there is a vibrational mismatch.

People see others through the lens of what they are. I want every Living Being to just be left to live their lives as they will and respect everyone’s level of consciousness and don’t want to change them. Evolution can’t be forced but Lightworker Empaths can’t stay in the lower worlds enabling these spiritually lazy people either. They eat us alive down there. You lend your arm and they want your legs too.

My father would stop talking to me for years and then reach out in need while pretending nothing happened. While playing his game and not speaking up either, I sacrificed my self-worth and respect. That family made me feel more and more invisible over the years.

Nowadays, I fully validate who I AM and feel like the Sun, trying to shine and be my unique self.

On the other hand, I had to go through that to realize nothing and no one is worth sacrificing who My Soul came here to be. I would rather be all alone than go back to that terrified version of myself, the one that tried to make everyone happy and gave away my gifts, time and even money away. In fact, I had many lonely phases in life and they strengthened my connection with Source.

Even when I tried to make everyone happy, they still didn’t accept me. There was always something weird about me and things to criticize and point out.

I wasn’t going to talk about this as I am very calm and know the good that is coming for those who walked the Heart path, but I’ve been feeling this needs to be shared and Source ‘confirmed’ or nudged me to do so.

As soon as my husband brought the letter through the door, I felt an energetic gut punch and looking back, that’s when I got gaslighted a bit. When my father started avoiding talking to me much through webcams or phone, I knew he was going to cut me out again as he always did that. I promised myself that I was not going to pretend nothing happened that time.

When I opened the letter I went back on my promise to myself a little bit. I don’t remember ever going back on what I decide for myself but with my family things are funny. The blood, DNA and energetic connection are strong and they are the greatest test.

I felt a bit sorry for him, my eyes blurred and I started to second guess myself if I should maintain contact only with him. When you act out of alignment with your true self all of a sudden it usually means that you’ve been hit with some energetic attack or device.

Someone else’s will is being imposed upon yours so daily energetic clearing of self and house is still necessary, even at this late stage.

In this case, they were trying to hook on to me to continue to parasitize on my energy as they’ve done since I was conceived. No need to fear this at all, it’s like a physical person demanding something of you and you just ignore them. Nothing can stay in your energy fields or house without your conscious or subconscious consent.

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I say ‘they’ because I could track back the energy to my ex-mom’s complains. I don’t think he would have saught me out by himself. He has been fully assimilated and dominated by her years ago, her energy is more overpowering.

My husband and I had a huge test when we allowed them to live here out of the goodness of our hearts and it was a nightmare. It was 2009 when the split of timelines started for me and I’ve noticed that my ex-mom’s control over my father was almost absolute. People were choosing Love or fear back then collectively and still do. That’s when my separation from my biological family started. You may notice timeline bifurcations them by clashes of epic proportions, drama, shouting or you feel ill around people that you might have felt comfortable before. Unfortunately, when we are ignorant of this, there is a lot of attachment and suffering. Once you go through this enough you let go of the emotional charge and realize that it’s just a natural occurrence when you vibrate higher and have to leave people behind. It means you are going into a higher frequency.

I ‘felt’ or ‘saw’ (don’t know how to explain that I suddenly just Knew) her complaining and manipulating him until he wrote the letter. It was basically her behind it all. She has been my greatest one-sided enemy and who stole energy from me the most. She and her 3 to 5 entities she had with her most of the time are starving and desperate. I can feel it when these type of unwanted contacts occur.

A few years ago she did something unthinkable that really hurt me and I’ve found that to cut ourselves from the lower dimensions means to not have any e-mail, phone or even thought connection with these descending people at all, that we can’t even check what they are doing online. Cutting cords means much more than what is usually talked about, I’ve learned the hard way.

I don’t know when I’ll finish editing (I have to do it so many times as English is not my language) but I wrote about separation dreams I had. My ex-mom wanted to talk to me but only my father had the phone and wouldn’t give it to her. He wanted to contact me in the physical reality but I said it wouldn’t be possible. He clearly understood but then, during the important Lion’s Gate, he goes and writes me a letter. It’s no coincidence at all.

I’ll post the blog when I finish it or feel it’s time to post. I usually wait for signs.

This is bigger than my relatives and their ancestral entity attachments, this is the dark trying to hook on to us. I’ve seen other signs too like a minor online attack that didn’t hurt me at all but I saw the attempt to derail me from my Heart-path. It happened all my life and it didn’t work then and it definitely won’t work now at this late stage.

Yeshua went through this too, all Lightworkers, Heart-based and Spiritual people do.

If we emotionally charge what these sick and unevolved individuals do, then their attacks will affect us. Neutrality is so key. Feel your feelings, detach and heal and nothing will stick. Do the inner work and you’ll be shining brightly like a beacon and really help all Living Beings and Gaia that way.

My narcissistic ex-mom and psychopathic ex-brother are firmly out of my life forever, even in the afterlife, but if he wasn’t so weak and my ex-mom didn’t invent lies about me, my father and I would have gotten along well.

I suddenly couldn’t remember anything bad that happened or my resolution once I opened the letter and saw his handwriting. It was like I was taken back in time and only the relationship I had with him until I was 17 remained.

I spent that day a little dazed, although I can’t go unconscious anymore. The next day I heard about the Amazon fires and laid down into a 3-hour meditation/relaxation to ‘see’ what was happening and become one with Source. I wanted to see if there was anything I needed to do as these things are usually purgings of ancient energy, especially fires and earthquakes. This has been a dark place, a very bad neighborhood in the Universe. It needs to be cleared. Things can’t and won’t go on like this. Our healed and neutral perspectives will accelerate things, that’s why we need healed individuals, being a beacon and meditating from their houses. We connected with each other that way.


On ‘Her/His/It’s way out’, I ‘heard’ Source say ‘Something nasty came with that letter.’

I laughed and felt that All That Is felt the humor in this too. I should know by now how the dark works but it’s been a while since I had to deal with them constantly since I cut my ex-mom out of my life. She had many entities with her and it taught me a lot about how they work and it strengthened me to withstand them.

I burned the letter.

Noticed how they emotionally, physically and financially attacked me from conception until I was 29. Then they moved across the ocean (through Divine Intervention) and continued through devices like phone and webcam. As I cut these means they started to starve and a few years later, they sent me something physical I would touch.

The dark should know by now that I’ll expose whatever they do and their means, it won’t work and I can see it all clearly. There won’t be any opening up of letters, boxes or anything anymore. In my pure Heart, I can never imagine how low they can still go. At this stage, they can only try things once.

And any entities or energies below Love that approach me are immediately arrested and taken back to Source so, whoever wants to send anything will lose energy and be weakened by it. Before healing and calming down, I used to be a Lightwarrior and had more of an Indigo aura – which is Crystal now – so I know how to maintain my field and clear things.

It was the ‘thing’ in the letter that made me feel sorry for him as I’ve been more discerning when someone tries to project that they are a victim to me. I haven’t been jumping in to rescue any sovereign HUman for some time now, another thing that I was feeling out of character. I’ve been more neutral and calm but clearly, there are layers to be cleared still, otherwise, I wouldn’t have ‘fallen’ in my vibration.

This year is full of old teachings. We are receiving quick little tests to close all cycles, finally. I am so done with old Earth, it’s consciousness and the people who want to remain there. I do Love All but to Love is also to allow them to be. It’s their choice to remain in fear, attack others and steal energy from other HUmans and Animals. We are free and each person can heal themselves.

Lightworkers only came here to Light up A Way by opening a path but we forgot ourselves in so much pain and tried to rescue and save. We can only INspire others so they remember the way Home.

We can’t take these distortions with us into the higher dimensions. They were being resolved quickly in 2018 and in 2019, they are cleared at Light speed.

If we healed enough and live in Divine Neutrality, the lack of emotional charge does not create drama, resentment or the need to defend ourselves so, the low-frequency person is left fighting or baiting the higher-frequency person by themselves. The lower timelines are also incredibly weakened with no energy left. I received an online attack and these type of people would be fueled by the opportunity and would not let me go. This time, this young woman suddenly just dropped and cut her self out. I’ve been the one who had to cut the drama, then the cords and move on. When ‘reading’ the situation, I’ve found she was the one who got extremely drained and couldn’t continue with while I only got hit in the Heart but moved on quickly. It was a great lesson for me to not help anyone when something feels wrong, even if they ask. The Heart-based finally have hold of their own energy and the stirring of this ship while the dark is starving. It’s been decreed by Source.

When I truly have to help, there are signs that Source shows me. I just have to watch calmly and be sure when I am being called into Service.

We need to be mindful of these little energy siphoning traps because most people wanting help don’t really want to evolve which takes responsibility and awareness, they just want relief. Others only want an Empath so they can dump their emotional garbage on them and move on. Recognize what they are doing and care for yourself first always. Humanity has been deceived and been taught to act in parasitic ways.

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Our tolerance for lower energies and behaviors diminishes as we raise our vibrations. The dark tried to make us think that the more Loving and higher in consciousness one is, the more they will tolerate and sacrifice to enslave Empaths as food and energy sources. It is quite the opposite. A High-Frequency HUman Loves Herself and won’t tolerate being attacked, criticized or guilty tripped. Turning the other cheek for us to be slapped again is another misinformation. Yeshua didn’t say or mean it that way. There are many quotes that actually didn’t come from him. Alex Collier talked about this.

Every HUman is responsible for their own evolution. What a Starseed’s family try to do is to try to grab a free ride on Ascension without doing any work or they are put in place to hold us down, just like Empath handlers.

This is the second time my level of discernment needs to go up another level this year and when something repeats I know what the Universe is trying to say. When we ignore these signs, life crisis occurs.

It’s better to not let yourself be dragged down at this crucial moment of the ‘End times’. I see many baiting those in a higher frequency and unfortunately, many are taking it and falling down into fear or paying attention to drama. There are addictive energies (distortion or implant) that we lived with it inside of our bodies for many Earth lifetimes. Use what the dark try to do to learn and pull yourself up. They absolutely have no control over you, that’s why they are magicians. They only create the illusion and we have the choice to believe in it or not.

Going within and occupying the Heart completely, healing any distortions left and being in service (not sacrifice) is what will ‘save’ our Soul.

We just need to stay calm and in a high vibration, dealing only with what we feel like it.

Feeling is such an important compass on this journey, that’s why HUmanity has been traumatized throughout generations. Do not worry about helping others if you are dealing with too much. Healing yourself and being a Beacon of Love and Light is more than enough. That is a service too. When you heal enough, energy will flow again and you’ll feel peaceful most of your day. That’s when you see if you want to go on with your Divine Mission and be of Service.

Always heal yourself first. When we try to help from our wounded state, we only project that out and it creates ripples across the planet and universe.

Shielding my house with perpetual Source Light coming in also helps to block lower entities, devices and energies wanting to enter. Shadowy vortexes in front of the entrance, doorway and garage also arrest and take back to Source everything that is below Love as I commanded it to do so. It can be done in any house. I was originally inspired by Lisa Renée’s and started my portal to Source from there.

Making declarations for our lives, person and the world out loud also helps. That’s one of the original work of real Priestesses and Priests, not siphoning energy from the followers.

It’s important to only follow our Hearts at this time. We all have a unique path and were not born to follow anybody. It only diminishes our Light.

If they are open-minded and Heart-based, the people who are still in contact with us, especially living in the same house can be pulled up by Lightworkers. We shouldn’t lecture or try to change them though, all paths must be respected. That’s the main reason why as a Lightworker, I ended up married to someone who is not spiritual. I help him in certain areas while he is good with the things of this world.

We recently found my husband will have to go through surgery, so it has been one thing or another since the true end of the Universal/Maya year in July. It has been challenging and painful sometimes.

I am not the only one going through this. We are being tested too so we can be firm in our 5D consciousness as we move on. It is always a state of being first, then the outside world changes.

It will all be well. You are so, SO Loved and never, EVER alone!

Trust it, feel it and you will see it.




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