Lisa Transcendence Brown – Aloha beautiful Soul-Star-Light Family,

Our Sacred Passageway now fully underway… so very much available for integrating, processing and activating/applying by each.

I spent the entire morning (again) decoding and transcribing the immense data streams and Light Intelligence/Quantum Information as it became available, yet putting all of this into form (formatting) is a much bigger task, as it means taking all of the codes, geometrics, mechanics and data (Quantum Language Skills) and restructuring it in a way that’s cohesive/transmittable/receivable with ease. (I have volumes and volumes of data to put together and share as we go).

For now, I’m sharing these captures with a few notes on each. This is a beyond important passageway…


TODAY….. in amongst everything else … expanded information on our Planet’s evolution as Comic Earth and how it correlates to solar activity, cosmic activity, photon belt, our atmosphere, our physical LightBodies/DNA and templates for more NEW Earth realities…..

Here’s a small overview of what this 11/11 – 1/11 Passageway leads us into:

• UNLOCKING sleeping/dormant Earth Star & Soul Star Codes (for these to constantly MERGE into one). It’s technically a Trinity Merge: Soul-Star-Earth Codes

• An immense Cosmic Restoration Process

• Upgrading each’s “Processor” rates (required whole body and immense down time/away time-space/silence/BE time-space to honor the body template to complete each in conjunction (Unison) with Gaia and Cosmically too.

• “New” versions of Galactic/Cosmic “history” (previously forgotten) coming forth through each’s own REMEMBRANCE and Sacred/Divine/Pure Heart Connection …. (these present as current versions of “nows” instead of “past” or “future” as there is no separation of time references when all occurs simultaneously…….

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• “NEW” Knowledge/Quantum Technology to be applied through natural/organic existence

• Cosmic Light Codes that awaken where all was “Seeded”/StarSeeds within Gaia and each’s physical body as well……. This linearly “goes back” to “billions of years ago” where we “seeded” our planet for “these times” now….

• (There’s tons of info on the planet and our bodies, yet this is going to take so much more, so just be sure to honor you/what you need and embrace/honor from your highest place your/our all new realities always preparing to come forth (as each completes the integration process and the codes “lock-in) for each to restructure, realign, build, create, unite, share…. more.

* Mercury’s transit was super important for this… as this additionally provided/opened up Quantum access/capabilities and “new hows” for each to unlock where all is held deep within. 

With love ♦ Keep shining sweet Star-Light-BEings! ☼



  1. 426969 961460I see your point, and I totally appreciate your article. For what its worth I will tell all my friends about it, quite resourceful. Later. 718851


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