Avatāra Ānanda – I always felt dissonance with most of what was presented in the spiritual communities. I have been called a hermit, told that I needed to socialize and have fun and not go so deep within, that I was processing too much etc etc etc.

I KNEW deep within to just follow my own inner guidance. Never been to a festival, have not participated in rituals, have not resonated with any of the moon stuff and did not do any moon related rituals. I’ve done my work on my own till I was ready to face clear mirrors and open up to open interaction. Now it’s all making sense, I did get to the bottom of what I was decoding.

Years of solitude … now it all makes sense. I was guided all along and no one understood me. There are very few in the community that I connected to later on and I now have amazing friends and a community of all of you who are walking with me through all this insanity we are facing in this world.

I am sharing this so that you all know to trust your inner being, to trust your purity and your soul truth when you feel it. If something does not feel right, chances are it is not organic. If you don’t feel like belonging somewhere or being a part of the community, follow your intuition.

Think for yourself. I have never proclaimed myself to be a guru or any of that. I never proclaimed to have the ultimate truth, I have always been honest with all of you that I am decoding this whole insanity and I’m sharing with you what I discover so we can pull through together, as a team. I have never bought into all of the spiritual Glamour and have always known that something was very off, It did not feel right to me and when I was around many spiritual communities I was nauseous and irritable, could feel the false light and I could feel that I simply did not have the level of discernment at the time that I do now to deal with any of it.

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So if something does not resonate with you and you find yourself wanting to believe something but it still does not feel right deep within, trust your own inner guidance and realize your own power, don’t give your power away to any books or any gurus, entities, deities and so called ascended masters that are being channeled which are mostly AI clones and programs on the astral designed to trick Lightworkers. 

Most spiritual teachings are infected. Use your inner guidance to discern. Remember, the easiest way to control the mind is by satisfying it’s delusions and telling it sparkly stories of how it can gain everything it wants and end up in some pleasurable paradise reality. I refer to this as the “glitz and glam pop spirituality”. Although the Bible is severely distorted, it still mentions that the false prophets will tell the ears what they want to hear and they will follow them. Be honest with yourself, always. You are powerful, only you can self source your soul truth, true guides will always guide you to yourself. Trust not the self proclaimed Gurus, Goddesses, Kings and Queens for it is all but a cosplay show of decorated egos, true living light isn’t boastful nor is it loud, it does not scream of itself “I am a goddess queen or a god king, look at me, praise me” … it simply is … humbly walking the path of grace, compassion and genuine care. Anything very popular isn’t likely to be pure for most seek the fuel for delusions. Give not your power away to deities, entities and demigods … seek true god within, for you are the extension of god and through your sacred heart you shall realize your true be-ing

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All of the conflict and issues between polarities, relationship issues, lies, half truths, betrayal, gaslighting, manipulation, abandonment, rejection, tricks, competition, needs for validation, needs to be right, revenge and whatever else insanity that’s going around … all these constructs are CONTROL mechanisms. You are in a fragmented matrix controlled by astral virtual realities, psychopathic leaders and influencers , ancient dogmas, ancient trauma etc etc etc … snap out of trance by recognizing how it is induced, it pulls consciousness into itself by using hooks that latch onto the emotional/mental/spirit bodies. So if someone lied to you, betrayed you, created all sorts of sick scenarios, used mind control tactics, cheated, mistreated, stole, manipulated and whatever else … you are dealing with infected consciousness, you are dealing with those who are implanted with artificial intelligence technology and are mind controlled into hideous behaviors, living light has been siphoned from them, they have been stripped of integrity and dressed in shackles of slavery. No coherent being lies or creates distorted relating dynamics, no coherent being plays with dark forces, no coherent being takes on the insanity of the wicked world. Don’t go into playgrounds after the infected ones by aligning with that consciousness and bandwidths on which it operates, it is a recipe for disaster. All we can be is love and have faith in the restoration of balance and liberty on our planet and beyond.

All of us on this mission are bringing through the code to the best of our capacity and are constantly revealing more traps and more deceit, we are constantly anchoring more light through it all and it is not a glamorous process whatsoever. let’s also not blame each other or judge each other for not being fully integrated in certain areas, we are decoding eons of deception and manipulation, let’s be gentle with each other and respectful, respect each other’s personal space and processes. 

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On that note, we have an amazing team present here, very pure souls that have come to assist humanity, let’s support one another, if needed, sometimes we have to pull back and allow each other space to deal with own integration, but please no arguing or entering into power plays, no finger pointing.

Many lightworkers get derailed off the path with a bunch of nonsense, and sometimes people get stuck in false ascension traps. Instead of pointing fingers, let’s hold space to the best of our capacity and simply do our work to anchor in more living light so that it becomes available to others.

Many of us are dismantling a lot of artificial structures therefore are liberating stuck consciousness out of there. Respect the work that we do, there is nothing easy or glitzy about any of this. Of course there are moments of divine flow and ease, but most of us do go through a lot of intense rights of passage. Of course all there is is love and light of awareness, however, most do not remember what it even means and so these principles can be exploited by deceit. We got this team!


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