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Everyone awakened and unawakened are each intentionally at a unique, individual stage of their own journey back to SELF REALISATION…that each are God in human form.

Key is to recognise your own unique journey, own unique syncronisties gifted again and again into your dream TO YOU, BY YOU, to assist your awakening, and your empowerment. The journey of Self Realisation is a STAGE at a time. As we dismantle, dissolve, the previous layer of our own perception we rise to another stage, and another energetic level of Hertz. YOU are the master of this life experience, you present everything to you, you dissolve your own distortions by the WILLINGNESS to search inside of yourself. By your own desire to know yourself more, be your true Self more. And this does involve a step by step dismantling of the ego mind that overan the human mind, perfectly, in order to have this experience we rise out of. Ego overrides, then quietens one step at a time. Love is chosen, and we dive between mind and heart, until…LOVE is chosen in ALL moments. Until LOVE becomes you in ALL moments. To be LOVE in ALL moments may seem at various awakening stages impossible. But it is the journey THROUGH the various stages that makes it INEVITABLE. Because LOVE, is the pure SOURCE energy of God, of certain EMBODIED Hertz, certain awareness stages, we become IT…we return to our BEING. In all our bodies, in accumulated balance of our energy.

The journey and stages we go through, are a series of balancings, of the energies of positive and negative charges. It starts to occur in our brain on our initial ‘awakening’, via electrical pulses, vibrations, which we can call LIGHT CODING and is felt increasingly as we go. The physical feelings grow, become stronger as we awaken more and more. This process is beyond the human lower mind ability to control, and yet it is via our human thoughts, words, actions, intentions, our absolute WILL (power), that actually works in a parallel to the INNER energetic processes occurring to our four bodies during each’s ascension stages.

For those that don’t understand the term Galactic Timeline, this is the overall spiral and movement of the created Cosmos, that Gaia, and we traverse. We move through this, the whole cosmos is susceptible to this overall timeline, and energies that present. In other words, we ALL traverse, in energetic motion, the Grand Design of the Source Creator. The Mayans understood, studied and documented their knowing of this motion and energetic influence; that we traverse a grander, bigger spiral, and there are many many smaller spirals within this BIGGER spiral. The Galactic Timeline is not associated with the distorted linear idea of ‘time’ known as the Gregorian Calendar, that unawakened humanity created and still uses today. All of creation, created by Original Source, traverses the greater Design, the Galactic Timeline, in a designed energetic motion. We together, as a collective, traverse our section of it, as we are ALL energetically influenced by our collective reference ‘point’, that is relative to where we are within the Galactic Timeline. Every single creation, physical, non physical, is influenced by it, responds to it, based on their frequency…their LIGHT reference point on the Galactic Timeline. The Galactic Timeline has nothing to do with ‘Galactic Beings’, or Star Nations, which we also are, YET, all Galactic beings, and star nations are ALSO moving with their own energetic REFERENCE POINT, within the Grand Spiral which in turn moves around a Grand Central Sun (Energetic Light node influence) that affects all energy.

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The Forerunners are those that experience (embody), pretty much in parallel to the presentation of Galactic Timeline, as the timeline presents to the Cosmos. In other words, they experience roughly (give or take approx 6 months) around the same time as ENERGY PRESENTS from the Galactic Timeline. Others follow suit, at their own pace, chosen by them, before this incarnation. All the energy we all embody accrues. Adding, heightening the Hertz, to the overall collective energy of humanity, Gaia, the Cosmos. By choosing to be one of the Forerunners, we have no reference point to turn to WITHIN the dream/illusion. No one to learn from. All the journey is UNDERSTOOD from our OWN internal experience, data, energy FIRST. The outer serves as confirmation of HIGHEST PATH or is a gift, a lesson to see through and rise from. And so if you are a Forerunner, it can feel isolating. Yet, for any to absolutely rely on their own Self, WITHIN, for their raise in frequency and consciousness, IS the most empowering thing ANYONE can do. In Service to the whole of God’s CREATION, Forerunners assist in many ways, quietly behind the scenes or in public. They embody first, and assist other people, animals, plants, elementals, Gaia, light grid systems, open portals and more etc. As others empower more and more, they to go into their Service to Serving the Whole, in they’re unique way they came to Serve. YOU decide your Service, no other. You ARE IT. Therefore, the term Forerunners, Wayshowers etc, is ONLY a temporary term, used during this MASS Ascension and era of great energetic change, where there is no greater than or lesser than any other form in creation.

Forerunners NOW (or will) experience a newly remembered, further embodiment stage. If not NOW, and in the coming weeks/months, in perfect alignment with the overall Galactic Timeline. They move/will move into the embodiment of God Consciousness. This ‘stage’, is our EARLY stage of this higher frequency layer unfolding a bit at a time. This Realisation State unfolds within. And with that REALISATION, the energy within you that you already know as God’s, and ALREADY CONSCIOUSLY interact with, you will REALISE FAR MORE. You will NATURALLY interact with that energy within you, knowing not only that it is God’s energy, but YOU ARE GOD’s ENERGY Self REALISED. You will naturally then begin to interact with that EMBODIMENT REALISATION and PHYSICAL ABILITY, in a KNOWING, as you interact with all things, inside and outside of your dream. It is an energy, experience within you, that is known and realised, activated to a higher ability to experience, allowing you to interact with all things, as that energy. God’s energy. I will write more in depth data or maybe do a Facebook Live, to explain more fully the experience and embodiment of God Energy Awareness or early stage God Consciousness. I’ll do this when I am able to and feels right to. It’s so, so simple to experience, yet to put this stage into human words will take many many words to explain what IS a natural progression for each of us to experience.

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I say this to assist your own journey to Self Realisation, because I am aware of so much within this reality that hinders an innocents progress:

It’s YOUR dream. No others. In other words, you have created your whole life experience, every person and interaction, every circumstance, in order to SEE through. No one can do this for you. As Creator, it is all your responsibility.
3D and parts of 4D seeks their guidance outside of itself. It’s lower energetic human self. That lower energetic human self is DISEMPOWERED when it replies on others in their dream. That, WAS OUR disempowerment and experience of disempowerment. That which we rise above, seeing we had it WITHIN US all along. Seeing that what we searched for, was US all along. We were searching for our Higher Energetic SELF, but began that search in forgetfulness, and thus looked outside of ourselves. We can only find that, and every answer we truly desire, IF we go within, and empower, grow, our own lower energetic self. So in turn, we become, our Higher energetic Self.

So to rely on another to empower you, give you advice, activate you, in YOUR SELF created dream, is you (lower self) disempowering you.
To give unsolicited advice to another, is also forgetfulness. For it keeps that person we give advice to, disempowered. This can be an innocent act of ignorance/forgetfulness, to try and assist another by giving them the answers answers they are seeking. But know also, it can be an ego mind seeking to retain power OVER another.

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Harmony, balance, love, peace, are all qualities, like lenses, that SEE EACH as their EQUAL. Where wisdom points another to find their own answers within them, for then, so they too will be empowered. And we do this, ultimately, because they ARE a part of US. They are already God, in forgetfulness, in a human form, wanting also, to remember. So to know, that all the human questions that come ONLY from the mind in forgetfulness, during our own awakening, are not always necessarily, answered by our Higher Self. Your Higher Self is steering your awakening, and some questions of the human mind are only, solely, mind distraction that take one down a rabbit whole, when the Higher Mind is wanting you to awaken MORE and KNOWS exactly how you will empower and become IT. Many mind questions, and forms of outer world enquiry (journeys) distract from an awakening stage. We awaken ONLY by dissolving the distorted patterns of human behaviour, that takes us then, more and more, step by step, into HEART. Into LOVE, the frequency of God’s energy. We master our mind, by becoming the observer of our own thoughts, words and actions. Then, making choice as to what to focus on.

To empower YOURSELF, seek not the advice of another who only knows from THEIR own awakening perspective, of their dream. Seek within, your own guidance, and as you practice removing yourself from any initial experience, observing your own emotion, and mental thoughts, and JUST simply, observe yourself, you will receive YOUR own greatest INNER wisdom, and THAT is tailor made for YOUR growth by Higher Self. As you practice this, you empower yourself, and your own ENERGY increases. And so, you leap another step along this infinite experience.

A gateway will open, as per the Galactic Timeline. Some will enter this Gateway instantly, and others will follow at their most perfect timing. Any Galactic Gateway that opens, stays open, to traverse through when a human frequency matches that particular Gateway frequency. It is the most significant Gateway yet, for our collective energetic raise. Yet that too, once entered, will allow another layer/level of energetic experience to then unfold, rather quickly for the individual. Just to say, the Gateway, whenever we each enter it, will be the greatest, and most significant energetic marker point, yet.

I hope some of this helps, regardless of our stages. And I love you all so deeply, as my very own aspect, knowing we are One.

With love sent, keep going…

Amanda Lorence
28 November 2019


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