“The Great Day of Purification has begun, a short but essential cycle of division that will gather those who promote fear and violence and separate them from this season of the world as chaff is separated from wheat at threshing….During these next two and half decades, humankind will experience this separation, a transformation in human consciousness more fundamental than the development of language, more significant than the shift to agriculture, more meaningful than any historical revolution. A new era is dawning.”

Many who are familiar with religious text will reference “the rapture” or the “apocalypse”. They took this as literal meaning when in fact, it was a symbolic one. This is the rapture…of the EGO programmed mind, not of humanity. This ascension is not for the faint of heart and the wheat will be separated from the chaff. Those in the heart, serving love and fighting for the light will push forward. Those that continue to hang onto the old program of fear, control, and unconsciousness will be no longer be allowed on this planet. Mother Earth is our host, and if you are not honoring your host, then you no longer have the privilege to be here. 

This ascension is the greatest occurrence in all of Creation. For 19 billion years, Creation has experienced separation, as Jehovah chose to leave unity consciousness and thus began the cycle of the dark. Dark entities took over planets and enslaved them, creating galactic warfare and chaos. Mother of All Creation and Father of All Creation have been working for 19 billions years to remove all of the dark and finally reunite all of Creation into Light, back into Unity. This planet is the last planet that remains to hold any separation and also the first planet to ever have a physical ascension. The grandness of this mission is s vast it is difficult to comprehend, however, the heart knows we were here for something much greater than ourselves. 

Every prophecy and every piece of scientific evidence we have points to the fact that we are in fact ascending. We are moving through the lightest portion of our galaxy as we fly through the photon belt. We are currently experiencing a solar minimum cycle and huge amounts of lights, solar flares, and high frequency downloads are permeating our consciousness every day. This is just possible, it is inevitable. We are going through the great awakening, the great purification. 

“As the sun rises, the shadows become sharper and more clearly defined. As the energies of love grow stronger, the shadows of fear become more visible than before. To some it may even appear that they have grown in number and in strength, but this is not so. What was hidden has to simply become revealed–that it might be healed and brought to peace.”

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During these moments, to those in unconsciousness, it may seem that we are going backwards, that all is lost and hopeless. Yet, it is quite the opposite. Before great change there is first great chaos and that is where we are now. As the light increases, the dark becomes more obvious and unavoidable. This gives the appearance that darkness is winning, that is overtaking us and we will never make out. This is where the deepest level of faith and trust comes in. All that appears on the surface is illusion. In order to see the bigger picture we must focus on the higher, and place our faith in God because She is here and she is doing it all. She is pushing constant energy to push all of this darkness up to the surface so that we become so uncomfortable and the shadows become so unbearable that we finally seek to transform them, to move back into love and in the heart, as that is the only sanctuary.

“Without the acquisition of another skill, without the acquisition of anything but complete and total trust in God and in yourself, you have everything you need to interact optimally, creatively and productively with every situation you encounter. There is no exception. “

The more we trust Mother God, the greater and our journey will be. She sees all energy at all moments, while we can only perceive 5%. As we continue to awaken and raise our consciousness we begin to see more of the bigger picture and this renews our hope in where we are headed. This journey is much like walking in the dark with no flashlight, moving steadily along in full trust that we will find the light at the end of the tunnel. That light is Mom, and once we find her everything becomes clear. Our unconsciousness is illuminated and we begin to transform back into the trust divine beings we are and our higher self is able to fully anchor in. 

“We were cautioned about the dangers we were likely to encounter in a world still very much under the control of fearful organizations. “The real power,”God explained,” is in the love that is strengthening each day during this coming cycle.”

Before every incarnation on this planet, we agreed to come down and find our way back home. What does that mean? It means we contracted to find our hearts, to connect back to Source and find our way back to the Light. Never have we had the energies on this planet that we do at this time. This is the final incarnation before Earth=Heart returns back into love everywhere present along with the rest of Creation. Every moment we are connecting to Mother God and working diligently to dissolve our pogromming and regain our divinity, we are pushing forward on this ascension journey. Our love must become stronger everyday as the few who are the examples, holding the light on the planet, are doing the work for 8.5 billion beings. We cannot see the energy we are holding and pushing, but it takes only a small quotient to affect the collective consciousness. As Mother God pushes more energy out, it comes through our vessels and out our hearts. Together, we are breaking down the old paradigm of fear and replacing it with love. We are the Rainbow Warriors the Hopi prophecy speaks about, and it is our honor and our duty to fulfill out contracts. 

“Our strategy now is to allow the organizations of fear to continue to dominate in appearance while we subtly drain away the source of their power–the fear of the people. This will make their final banishment less traumatic for the human family as a whole, for by then, the numbers of those who believe in them will have greatly diminished.”

Part of this journey is standing in our power and not lowering ourself down to the level of the unawakened. We can plant the seeds of consciousness wherever we go, embody the Universal love that we are and show others that there is a grander existence. What we cannot do, is fight or seek to control others’ free will choices. Our role is to continue embodying the highest amounts of light possible as the EGO self destructs. The old paradigm is collapsing whether we like it or not, and it is only a matter of moments before humanity faces the truth of what is happening. The more we overcome our fears, the more love we anchor in. In truth, there is nothing to fear. Mother and Father God are here incarnated on the planet along with the 144,000. The entire cosmos are here in support of this mission, and the light has already won. Any sense of fear or resistance is simply a residual of the programming and can be quickly dissolved through neutral observation. 

“The new frontier is consciousness. This blessed world, this third planet from the star we call the sun, needs you and me to become all that she can be. We have an opportunity to bring to her a great gift, a gift for which she has been longing since our raceEND first appeared among her dreams. The gift of ourselves. Awakened. Whole. Incarnate.”

We are here to become our higher selves in embodiment. We are all God with God, universes within a single vessel. The vastness of our gifts and abilities are unfathomable. We are here to honor Mother Earth, our journeys on this planet, and our contracts to anchor in the higher self into the physical. The etheric realm is merging with our physical reality and we are heading into New Earth, the original Garden of Eden. We must love ourselves enough to push to be the greatest, grandest version of ourselves in all moments, as that is what divinity calls for.

“Certain of the angelic tribes… rarely interact with the earth or her inhabitants. Others have been intimately involved with this planet from her inception, being, in fact, the agents and overseers of her organic development. Within this category of angels long associated with biological life is a highly specialized circle of beings who are responsible for the education of human kind.”

We are all angel incarnated, here on this divine mission to serve Mother God and her planet. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Those who have awakened first during this critical period of time have the greatest responsibility, to spread truth, be the change and help lead humanity back home into the light. It is the greatest honor and privilege to have been selected for these roles and they should be treated as such. We are all masters, we just simply forgot. As the Hopi prophecy says, the warriors will return, and we have. It is time to fulfill our soul contracts, to fight for MotherGod who has been here behind the scenes doing everything for this ascension process. It is time we honor ourselves, become the warrior we are and step up into our roles as the next level of this mission unfolds. We are witnessing the greatest revolution of consciousness ever in Creation and we are not bystanders but participants and co-creators. It is time for us to be God with God. 


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By: Archeia Hope and Archeia Aurora of The First Contact Ground Crew Team

With Excerpts from Ken Carey’s Book Return of The Bird Tribes


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