December Solstice Timeline Frequency Shift


Romeo Baron – The Timeline Frequency Shift of December Solstice is when a yearly critical mass of Source energy opens a pathway through the new Planetary Density Shield, and the vibration accretion level rises within the Collective Consciousness Grid. It is a yearly threshold point when the collective field anchors a higher energy of Source to embody a new Next-Level of higher cosmic, divine soul/monad integration frequencies re-connecting us more with the Eternal Love, Living-Light of the ONE and only conscious Source Mind of Creation. We all hold an expression of our Solar consciousness ray memory within this Cosmic Christ Intelligence-Unity field.

The Higher Energetic Timeline Frequency Shift that will be occurring around the December Solstice of 2019, will mark the point of a great, significant year of radical change in 2020(and beyond) into Union and Wholeness Living-Light expressions within the Collective Human Consciousness.

Between December 12th and 27th many ascended Source beings will be entering into a higher level of energy within their new Light body structure activation and Higher Mind embodiment Transformation. These Higher Frequency, personal Life Shifts within the human consciousness is what creates the larger Shifts within the Planetary Holographic Reality Playing Field.

Ascension Symptoms that may cycle during this Timeline Frequency Shift:

Pressure or soreness around the head.

“Head rush” cool or hot flashes sensation around the crown.


Blurred Vision.

Increase ringing or frequency static noise in the ears.

Purging of emotions.


Amplified Sensory perceptions.

A desire to be in solitude, not around people.

Most Higher Frequency Shift Symptoms will subside following the December Solstice timeline frequency shift. Each person experiences HFSS uniquely within their own body template level of activations. Some symptoms may continue during the Next-Level Soul/Monad integration cycle from January thru May. Therefore, the organic process of the Activation cycle begins in June thru December. Allow yourself ample time to relax, rest, and simply BE. Make sure to drink plenty of water as it assists the body to rise to a higher vibrational frequency. Supply the body with clean, real, living foods that hold plenty of life force energy.

The rapid changes we are experiencing continuously individually and collectively are the result of the Planetary Conscious Body ascending eternally Now with and through the Higher energy infusions coming from the Galactic Sun-Star Mind of Source. The monthly and yearly “Energy Wave” infusions will continue to increase in strength. Every year we will receive Higher infusions of Source energy for the complete restoration of the collective Cosmic Christ Intelligence Unification, as we move into the healed, balanced expression of the “new Earth-TaRA” Higher Reality Field.

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Those of us that have been consciously on our personal Christ ascension journey for many years are part of the “first wave” and will most likely ascend ahead of the world hologram before our mother Planet separates from the old fragmented Density shield(where the pieces expressing as Mercury and Venus were held originally as a planetary hologram prior to the fall of energy) to complete her Ascension. The ascended Source Beings of the “second wave” will be reinforcing the new Energy foundation structures brought forth to the surface grids by the “first wave ascended Source Beings. When the third and last “ascension wave” occurs on the world hologram, the remaining ascended Source Beings will experience what many term as the “Mass Ascension”, meaning, it is when the entire planet moves forward completely into the next Harmonic Universe or Planetary Density Shield 2, of the TaRA Region. The Starseed children that have birthed into this ascension system since December 12, 2013, are completely new, unified Solar Body consciousness beings that are fully connected to the Eternal Life Unity Grid of the organic base 12 system, and they are the “third wave” along with the new souls that will continue to birth into this ascension system who carry more Pure Source Light energy to usher the final Universal Spiritual Ascension Cycle completion.

When is the 3rd wave likely to occur? We are moving through 1st wave activation now. The 2nd wave activation will commence after the year 2040. The 3rd and final planetary ascension wave will commence after the year 2060. Nobody will be left behind when this Ascension cycle completes.
Our current light body resides in the lower energy of Density 1-dimensional frequency bands 1, 2 & 3, which is keyed at the 3-point accretion level of Source energy. Once the body reaches this level of accretion rate limit, the Soul matrix will then have to drop the physical body and will decide to move into either the TaRA region high energy of Density 2-dimensional frequency bands 4, 5 & 6, which is keyed at the 6-point accretion level of Source energy or move into the AaRA region higher energy of Density 3-dimensional frequency bands 7, 8 & 9, which is keyed at the 9-point accretion level of Source energy or the Soul may even decide to move out of this Star system. Eventually, very much of the current population will merge back into the TaRA region. A lot of people that have passed on since 2013 have merged back into Oneness with Source or are now experiencing heaven consciousness in the TaRA region. We are transfiguring into the new Hologram that will eventually become One within the TaRA region, which is collectively known as the “new Earth.” We are currently experiencing two reality fields of two different densities. The fragmented density shield of what is collectively known as the old 3D is what we are releasing or separating from now, with the “new Earth” hologram we are transfiguring into in order to completely merge back into Oneness with TaRa on a global scale. When this takes place, the entire population will shift into this Higher Reality Field with their light body as a Mass Ascension. The fragmented density of the old 3D which we are separating from will look like what Mars currently is expressing in appearance through the collective human consciousness perception after this Ascension Cycle completes.

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On December 1st, 2019, the Intruder Resistance Group started their daily chem-spray campaign and completely covered the skies with chemtrails to counteract the cosmic divine energies and frequencies throughout many regions of the world hologram. These chemtrails are designed to neutralize the plasma light-ascension energies. They know about the high plasma wave infusions set to permeate the surface planetary grid fields by mid-December.

The Intruder Resistance Group are stuck in their delusional distorted state of mind. They will never accept that Unity consciousness cannot be controlled nor suppressed now.

We have this planetary Shift locked, and sealed, as Source would have it be for all of us. Nothing can override the Divine Plan.

Let us collectively declare December 12th as a world holiday celebrated and recognized for:

🎊“The Consciousness Freedom Day”🎊

The Plasma Light that is being anchored in the body is made of the complete Highest energy of Source. And this is what activates our Sacred (higher) Heart Crystal,💎.

The Sacred Heart Crystal sits at the center of the chest in the thymus area above the two Heart chakras. When it activates this opens the complete divine Blueprint spiritual connection with one’s Eternal Higher God-Self, which holds the conscious memory of the Cosmos. The 1st Heart(4th chakra) is originally positioned on the left side of the chest light body for the Mother Aqua Ray energy. The 2nd Heart(5th chakra) is originally positioned on the right side of the chest light body for the Father Emerald Ray energy. This configuration sustains the natural Polarity Balance between the 1st Heart and 2nd Heart, which allows for the emotional, or hormonal, energetic responses to flow in a trinitized form, opening the triangular Diamond Portal of Platinum White Ray, pure Source connection to the 3rd eye(6th chakra) and co-resonance balanced Harmonics with the Sacred Heart Crystal(Heart Brain).

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Plasma is what builds the Light body template that allows us to function totally in our multidimensionality and project our consciousness intergalactically. In our natural form, we are Starlights, and Stars are made of plasma as a thought-form extension of the mind of Source. Therefore, embodying our Plasma Light Galactic Body is the key to spiritual freedom, which enables us to ascend to higher states of Consciousness.

This is a gradual process of integration, clearing the Whole-Body Template through the infusions of Source Energy, and by demonstrating unconditional love and forgiveness which enables one to raise their accretion vibrational rate of energy. So that one can expand and restore more of the lost energy of Source that opens the Sacred Heart Crystal and reconnects all of the 12D bodies and Galactic memory.

The true “5D Ascension New Earth Reality Field” correlates to the Planetary Vertical Pillar Re-alignment process and reconnection back into the Open Source System-Cosmic Divine Trinity of Dimensions 10, 11 & 12(Mother/Father/Christ.) The focus is on anchoring the Cosmic Trinity-Source Code re-encryption frequencies for the rehabilitation and reconnection of the Planetary Crystalline Grids upon the Earth System, the restoration of the Holographic organic Living-Light Template Soul-Monad-Avatar Identities and building the Eternal Bio-Plasma Crystal Body of Galactic Eternal Consciousness for the complete Planetary Shift, the complete Unveiling of the Higher Reality Field and Disclosure Event.

The ultimate goal within this Ascension system of the “new Earth” Holographic Reality Field is to restore the embodiment-energetic balance of Pure Source Love in every person, for every moment of every day of every year, as the ONE true Source-God would have it be for all of us to experience such Eternal Love Consciousness. This Love is what heals everything, and it will return us to our natural, harmonious, full energy expression state of Oneness.

It is time to remember the Universal Truth and come together as a Unified Whole in creating the Global Conscious Awareness of who we are: Sovereign, Divine Source Embodied Consciousness Beings, and Eternally Free.

For the elevation of Unity Consciousness and for the Benevolence of Humanity and the entire Planet, my Eternal Love, Living White Light of Source energy beams out to you within the trinity waveforms, in all directions.

Always remember that you are a Radiant 🌟Starlight, shining ever so brightly, illuminating the entire planet. I Love you all. Eternal Love and Divine Source Harmonious Blessings. So be it and So it is. 💗🌈🌏💫🙏

~Romeo Baron |@sacredromeo

Rainbow-Sun Crystal Matrix Emissary


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