Clearing Reversal Influences Meditation Activation Transmission


Romeo Baron – Within the Living-Light of Source, we Anchor and Seal our Highest Timeline, as Divine Order of Cosmic Sovereign Law is being restored in the name of Self-Sovereignty herein stated and commanded into Divine Presence NOW.

Reversal Influences are a series of artificial lower dense energies of parasitic false webbing distorted information that are used in our planetary holographic template to seize our genetic blueprint by intruder resistance forces. We will be clearing these lower form energies within this Unity Group Empowered session.

Reversal influences must be cleared from human Consciousness in order to reconnect to the ascending highest potential of the 12D Diamond Sun template Spiritual Lightbody.

We must identify with what is hidden and bring forth awareness in order to heal it. It is our inner connection intention with Source Love that truly helps to reset or restore balance between us. Connect inside with no intermediary and know you are the Revelation of Source-God Returned to help restore energetic balance. All Change begins Within.

Allow the Coded Expressions to imprint your Divine DNA template. Allow the spiritual integrity of the Unity Source Code to resonate with your Heart.

In alignment with our Beloved Inner Spirit-Higher Self and our Guardian Universal Families… We call upon all those in service to each one of us individually and collectively aligned within the Unified Field of Eternal Truth and Eternal Oneness, to join us in the highest capacity of spiritual support and sacred service in achieving our complete spiritual freedom of self-sovereign divine expressions as Source Eternal Flame Beings.

We are now ready to begin this meditation transmission of our inner Divine Presence, which is for our Sovereign Empowerment and Spiritual Protection.

Declare your Divine Will Intention-Alignment from your Heart to serve Love-Unity and Oneness. You may say:

In Divine Presence and dedicated to the Eternal Divine One, I endeavor to be the Knower and Way Shower of Source-God, the Organic Living-Light Code, and thereby a carrier of Source Love.

My Intention is Realignment through the Universal Cosmic Trinity and into the Core of the One, Eternal 1st Creation, Reunification of the Solar Cosmic Christ, as the true Energetic Quantum Reality, resurrected completely and totally as directed in action by the Universal Divine Plan.

Now from within the center of your brain, intend-align to project with your inner vision, to activate your 12-Dimensional Divine Light Shield, the Zero Point-Eye of Source Field. Focusing your inner vision, streaming through the Diamond Platinum 12D Ray White Light. Clear your connection from six inches above the Crown to six inches below the feet, ground down and feed through your Central Vertical Spiritual Pillar of your Christ energy receivers and transmitters- project with your inner vision the Krystal Eternal Spiraling White Light moving through your chakra points of inner Stargates 12, 9, 6, 3  and activate your Christ within and Unity with the Cosmic Divine Trinity, as this allows for a crystal clear communication link with Source, the Organic Living-Light Code and the Eternal Force Protection of all that is, to fully align and seal your auric field from any intrusion or manipulation. Feel yourself sustained and nourished in this White Light Source 12D Shield. Bringing everything into integration and unification, all levels communicating, all circuitry pathways fully connected and open and focusing on your 12-Dimensional Divine Light Shield seeing yourself fully supported, protected and connected in your Zero Point- Eye of Source Field. This is the frequency of your original Divine Blueprint Crystal Body.

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Our intention, action, and mission are to fully align and be purified as the clear spiritual light vessel of eternal love living-light and power in the world.

As a Group Unity Field, we now set the Divine Will Intention-alignment fully of reharmonizing our Mind-Body-Spirit system.

Beloved Inner Spirit-Higher Self,

Together we command our space in the state of Harmonious Sacred Vibration entirely through the SpaceTime Matrix and Energy Matrix in the Sovereign Freedom, dedicated to Unity and Oneness.

We reclaim the Sacred Spiritual Union of our inner male and inner female Subharmonic-Sound Tones as One Living-Light Code. We choose our Mind-Body-Spirit system to be made manifest in our highest expression of the Absolute Divine Wholeness within the Eternal Source Light.

Restore the sound tonal waves to build the complete Sub-Harmonic consciousness Ray Patterns of my Higher God-Spirit Diamond Sun Spiritual Body in all four planetary density shields. Return balanced energy flow, which is the highest expression for my consciousness being at this time, as Source would have it be. Remove any and all out of balanced vibrations or lower form energies, to free my multidimensional spiritual identities. Cleanse purify, reset All that is me-Incarnate, Soul, Oversoul, and Christ template to expand on the path, the way of pure Source-God consciousness.

Through the organic living-light and power, we bring our courage to the forefront to identify all inorganic reversal influences that have been collected into our cellular memory that generate energetic blockages, triggers, through mind control programming or any environmental circumstances that we may find ourselves.

Beloved Inner Spirit-Higher Self,

We wish to break the bondage of all reversal influences, which inflict negative ego delusions over the whole-body template.

Clear all targeting levels of vampiric energy harnesses, siphon devices, as necessary to eliminate all reversal influences of deceiving and interfering Entity Archetypes, Impostor Spirits, cast out of my mind-body-spirit template. Clear astral manipulation of my Bodies. Clear all layers of Astral Body trauma.

Terminate and remove brain overlay membranes, of any thought form-mind control implants. We command any spirit or entity attachment, which has been interfering, and now needs to leave our energy field.

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Clear and terminate all negative rituals, spells, curses, hexes, symbols, holographic inserts, and karmic energetic pain traps. Clear all psychic attack with any frequency of any negative interference or enslavement, manipulation. Clear all negative cords in all forms and combinations and their residue and remains from the whole-body template, from the central nervous system template, from the blueprint structures through all timelines permanently and completely, now.

Beloved Inner Spirit-Higher Self,

Clear and release all false belief systems and programs from the mind-body-spirit template. Clear chemical, synthetic pollutants or poisons contributing to dis-ease.

Clear all addictive behavior patterns that contain programs of Impostor False Light structures of the negative ego-self. We go to the core fears and anxiety which feed these addiction programs. Sweep through cleanse purify and transmute of all fear-based and anxiety programs. Transmute in the body any negative emotion, negative experiences, debt issues, and any identity reversed perceptions, imprints. Clear it all away by the Diamond Krystalline White Light, of truth, healing, and purification.

Clear negative energy distortions in our bone and skeletal matrix. Clear any holographic false memory control inserts upon my skeletal or bone matrix. Clear all entity attachments to my skeletal or bone matrix permanently and completely, now.

Beloved Inner Spirit-Higher Self in witness whereof,

As the Living-Light of the One true Source that I AM be it known, I cancel all contracts and agreements I have made with any entity, guide, or being, in any reality that are not now a conduit to the Divine directive of Pure Source Light Consciousness. I declare and command the cancellation of contracts irrevocable and permanent in all timelines and parallel realities, now.

Beloved Inner Spirit-Higher Self,

Clear and remove all psychological defenses, psychological programs, which are placed in the collective human brain. We ask that our brain and neurological system, as well as cognitive upgrades, be accessed and given for everyone’s attunement to the inner God-Self, to bring the hemispheres in union and the brain in union, with all aspects of the spiritual light pathways. Fully reclaimed in the Unified Conscious Mind, Liberated and Free.

We clear all Collective Mind/Body reversal influences of karmic blockages within ancestral family lines and genetic lineages throughout the Blueprint Planetary Mind/Body. Cleanse purify the Collective Consciousness memory record, in all genetic layers, ancestral layers throughout all timelines.

Remove all false light inserts shadow bodies and their parasitic cording attached from any person, place or thing in all timelines and parallel realities. Replace with the Organic Living-Light of Krystalline Wholeness integration, permanently and completely, now.

Through the Universal Law of Unified One, we clear all reversal influences of artificial programming within the Planetary Shield, to fully align collectively with the original 12 Tree Eternal Life Unity Grid Template of Open Source Harmonics. In doing so we allow ourselves to feel our Eternal Love and our Source Light for all Planetary Life. May all disharmony be replaced with ease and grace from our Eternal Source Blessings.

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Beloved Inner Spirit-Higher Self,

We resolve and resign any and all involvement from the false control matrix game fully and completely.

We are free from entanglement, attachment or traps now and forever.

We reclaim our Eternal Higher God-Spirit Diamond Sun Spiritual Body as the one true Divine Source would have it be.

Within our Divine Intent-Alignment we hereby dissolve all out of balanced reverse codings.

We command this in the Cosmic Sovereign Right and freedom for all Life Forms, through all timelines and system density layers as emissaries of the Unified One Eternal Source Light.

Now take some nice deep breaths, relaxing your entire body.

As you ignite and resurrect that passion and inspiration of the Source within, every cell and layer of your being and body, anchor your command and say these words:

I Am Source Embodied Unified Consciousness, within my highest divine Self-Sovereign God Power, I Am Eternally Free.

Let it resound within you as you release yourselves from bondage and break the chains of the artificial time matrix and clear away all that is not Pure Source Light Consciousness.

The promised return and reclamation of the inner Angel manifestation, the free-Spirit multidimensional creative Unified Starseeds, the children of the Sun, from the Cosmic Rainbow Heart of Source. You are the Eternal Sacred Heart Flames to activate the Sovereign Divine Power upon this realm and in all Universes. May the perfection of the Eternal Living-Light flow into all embodied Hearts, so that the real Source of all Spiritual Love may take hold inside All Bodies on all levels to activate each being into their Sacred Heart Eternal Higher God-Spirit within the Divine Grace of Source. May the Cosmic Divine Trinity be unified in ALL Life Forms through the emanation of pure Solar White Light to ignite the Plasmic Sun Conscious Mind, for the emergence of the Collective Christ Consciousness Ascension Reality Field in the Resurrection to Eternal Life through the Universal Law of Unified One.

We now seal and end this session into the Eternal Source Light Unified within Divine Wholeness. To all those serving within the Unified Field of Divine Love, Divine Truth, and Divine Wisdom, I extended my deepest unconditional love and gratitude. Thank you.

My pure Source Light and Eternal Love is with you in all ways.

~Romeo Baron |@sacredromeo

Blue Rainbow-Sun Crystal Matrix Emissary

May you expand to your Highest divine potential. I welcome your support within Love-Unity. Thank you for your blessed exchange. Namaste 🙏💙🦋🌈🌏


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