Angelina Stojic – This information is about natural sunlight and how the process of allowing it to enter our system through our eyes can have profound changes to our system.

The words “Transduction of Light” was given to me a few months ago. When I say given to me, I mean that I receive information to share.  In essence I am a channel.  How it works is that I am usually given words, phrases or concepts that I must research and share with you.  This information has been the most profound so far.  Whether you believe it or not is not of my concern. We are evolving at a phenomenal speed and information is coming through various avenues for our expansion.  This information is for all those seeking expansion.  If you have connected with this content then it is you that this is for.I create

The Transduction of Light is the transference of SUNLIGHT energy through the eyes into the body to CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE within our entire being or energy system.

Our energy systems include :

Physical /Chemical



Etheric /Energetic and all atomic, subatomic, etheric particles.

I am going to outline a little about how this process works keeping it as simple as possible.  This is for the scientific mind and for those who wish to understand the process of this information. By no means am I a scientist but am led to explain some of the process of light entering the body via the eyes for my own understanding and for yours.

Our beautiful natural ever evolving, revolving shining sun emits sunlight into our atmosphere providing us with natural light rays.  Not only does the sun help us with Vitamin A & D, but also helps lower cholesterol, helps with depression, skin disorders and build our immune system to name a few.  The purpose of this information is to start using the sunlight in a new way, a way we have been told NOT to work with the sun, for positive and life changing effects.

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As the sun rays hit our eye through the retina, it hits a light receptor called Rhodopsin. Simply Rhodopsin converts light to a protein via the retina.  Simply the retina is part of our central nervous system.  It is a crucial conduit between the eye and the brain and the neural impulses that regulate our mind and body.   I liken the retina to the nucleus a cell.  Although it is not in the centre of our system, it is a portal of change.  It affects the brain, a major organ and therefore the CBS (Cerebral Spinal Fluid) which influences our light codes, DNA or blueprint. Cerebrospinal fluid

Within the retina there are specialized cells called photoreceptor cells.  These are the cells that actually convert the light signals into electrical signals that stimulate the biological process.  This process is called phototransduction.

I know this is all sounding pretty full on at the moment.  If you are not of scientific, biological or even interested in the process you may skip ahead to the paragraph that starts with TRANSDUCING LIGHT FOR HEALTH.  For the rest of you I will continue with the process a little more.

I need to mention here that Rhodopsin, the element we spoke of earlier, once it absorbs a photon of light it split into 2 parts, called retinols (preformed Vitamin A) and Opsins.

Opsins are groups of light-sensitive proteins. Opsins have a significant job involved in vision and converting of a photon of light to an electromagnetic signal, one of the first steps in transduction.  The electromagnetic signals within and externally have great effect on our health and us as a whole system.

Retinoids or Retinol is a “preformed” Vitamin A (PRE-FORMED) therefore much instruction is transported in this transition.

Vitamin A helps our body system with normal vision, immune system, heart, lungs, kidneys and cell recognition.  It is also a powerful antioxidant that acts as a hormone affecting the expression of genes, therefore influencing the phenotype in our systems.  Phenotype just means the set of characteristics created through the interaction of our DNA/RNA or genotype with the environment.  So simply, Vitamin A can be a very influencing source of our DNA transcription.

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Rhodopsin is also a GCPR. (G-protein Coupled Receptors). They are one of the largest and diverse protein family in the human or mammalian genome (DNA make-up). GCPR are cell surface receptors and play a critical role in cell signaling.  The cell surface is one of the most prominent and intelligent elements within our body system. These cell surface receptors act as an “inbox” for messages for our system.  The inbox of all messages received.   GPCR also activates the G Protein. The G Protein is a molecular structure inside the cell that is switched on which is intracellular signalling triggered from outside the cell by the GPCR. Simply a G Protein is involved with signal transduction.

Proteins are the greatest building blocks for our cellular life.  They are the key to health, to dis-ease, to strength and to weakness.GPCRS


The reason I have set this all out for you to read is to give you some idea of the intricate processes that occur within our physical system via our eyes with one-act of light entering into our systems. It truly is incredible.

The other reason, and the one I am vitally passionate about, is the transcription of our DNA, lightcodes or blueprints and how they can be influenced very simply with our own tools.  You see all these elements that are held within the last few paragraphs do not tell you that within each of these processes and signals, much more is taking place.  The signals that are entering the body, example sunlight, has profound affect on our energy system health.  Physical, mental, emotional, etheric all-inclusive.

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It is important for me to share with you that to utilise the light of our sun will have great and profound effects on your body. To transduce light from the sun via the eyes into ones system will stimulate much health, wellness and healing, even clearing disease. Yes we are told NOT to look up into the sun.  Why?  You tell me…

The process I have been shown, to share with you is very simple, quick and easy.  It is a process that will assist you with much expansion at this time on our planet.  To look into the sun for a few seconds each day, to breathe in the rays will allow your systems to return to a natural state of being.  Our bodies want to sit in homeostasis, balance, wellness. One of the ways we can achieve this is to connect with our ever-present sun source.

Our ancients would honour and worship our sun.  Why?  For all the reasons I have pointed out.  When we honour our sun source, we honour our own light within and commence the transformation and return to a balance.

Simple Step by Step

  7. RELAX

I have included a link for you on YOUTUBE if you wish to follow instruction.  It literally takes a few minutes that you can do each day.


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