Susanne Amara – In the spirit self which we are moving to have more presence in a non identified state we move beyond the human stories…and yet here we are in body – eye on word – and you are IN a relationship…in many.

Even temporarily with these words.

This writing piece can be experienced in many perspectives and dimensions. We are being encouraged to play with our increasing freedom to rise above the story, above the identity and come to view the landscape.

The last week I have experienced being lifted more and more to see the folly of the story of relationship – how we really do stay in that and often seek it for so many reasons ….we blame, we create more story, we ascribe ‘features’ to those we project onto creating more characterization in the eyes of anyone who will pay attention…yet it just perpetuates the distortion of the ID-ENTITY creation.

In linear terms we are moving towards such disclosures of the stories which have been unfolding under the gaze and yet in plain sight in our lives and in the macro.

We are being asked to hold light within ourselves and work on our physical strength and understand our place as light anchors in the coming times.

What do we attach to in our psyche? in our family? In our groups? Who do we make ‘friend’ or ‘enemy’ ? What? and even more interesting if you care to go within WHAT and WHO have you created to “FIT” the programs and belief systems which are ruing your reality right now. (Reality goggles).

The message of inner trusting – what you regard as light and dark reversing and the whole system collapsing in on itself. Each story – each creation if you like is a book which you can opt to sit in – in any moment – living in the memory fields (harmonic information) like your own personal holodeck.

So when information is presented YOU can opt to take it in – you give permission and then you become the creator – as the harmonic resonance field Earth is now moving to for human is instant creation – THOUGHT becomes FORM manifest.

Feel into this…it is KEY.

The dimensional planes are not something we are moving to they are already here in the holodeck of your creation – all dimensions, all planes – in layered harmonic octaves of frequency, and your awareness as an ENTITY (or creation of light) exists in ALL of them.

Some are in one storybook embedded deeply in the adventures of one kind or another.

Some are in many playing multiple characters still lost in each one.

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Some are coming out – and seeing that they are indeed coming in and out of multiple stories with multiple frequency bands but feel helpless as the human ego would have us pulled easily into the story amnesia.

As the emergence happens it is vital now to become strong withIN – to go deep inside and be still enough to observe the stories we have played – acknowledging ALL parties – ALL aspects as we are not divorced from any character in our novels of creation.

There is a difference between subtle source state observance and identified reaction. When we are open heart in observance state we ‘see’ or ‘witness’ our human story paradigm playing out – we then in this neutral observance feel all the ‘charge’ or ‘polarisations’ around the story – this has created ‘ENTITY’ (formation of something) or “ID”ENTITY (the something has attributed egoic creation or personality) attachments – so actual people or beings or energy creations to ASSIST you in whatever learning journey you opted to undertake.

The moment we spread our “wings of light” (source connection flow) which exist in many forms and densities we become sovereign as we see that we were not the victim or center point of the experience.

This is what many report when experiencing elevated levels of DMT which is a naturally occurring substance in the brain. The most common experience beyond the entity/story journeys is one of ‘breakthrough’ – or becoming ONE and understanding that ALL of creation is us – non-separation and witness then dissolution. NOw we do not need to force this experience as it happens quite naturally also as I experienced on several occasions in breathwork, and meditation – the coming to Source state is however life-shattering in many cases as we hold onto our favorite ‘teddies’, our ‘comfort blankets’ and ‘objects of power’.

This is our world of polarity…and we are emerging en masse out of the lines of the fairy tale.

Imagine a human you trusted dearly holds a loaded gun to you and pulls the trigger wounding you. Are you the victim? Is the other the perpetrator? What characters did you play out? Are you the gun? The bullet? The room? All the characters that created the ‘event’? What ‘storylines’ might emerge from this moment? What beliefs are ‘validated’ or ‘created’?

This is a metaphor

IS it possible to rise above the ‘EVENT’ i.e. WORD or LINE ON THE PAGE, and ‘CHARACTERS’ to see the chapter, book, and library which is running?

The event may be a relationship with the body, with thought, with emotion, with object or subject, it could be in work, in family, community, or wider agendas. It may be in dimensional planes as you become more aware of your existence in the many planes.

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Repeating cycles, the stories in the locked secret library or that which has been hidden, or kept hidden to control, maintain status quo, or further elitism and hierarchy of service to self – or I am OK survival.

How does the library serve the whole? Are you being pulled into frequencies that create more distortion or allowing the distortions, identities, and stories to dissolve as you MOVE INTO GRACE, FLOW and WITNESS.

Acknowledging our place in creating the charge and story is part of our accountability of being human and embracing the joyful heart that each of us is, even when our awareness experiences the feelings and emotions are being strongly triggered.

My increasing witness is we are all of them, and none of them and we choose the state where we exist.

If you choose to live in and act out a story you choose it – you choose a character – you will ‘take on’ that outlook exhibit the traits associated with the character and interact with those program states. In the wider game we have chosen to play many characters in our experience.

Without getting lost it becomes an observation of ‘experience’ and the ‘entrainments’ ‘charges’ and ‘polarisations’ which existed are released and collapse. This is how we collapse timelines, and in a more dense experience begin to self heal our body, and lives into flow and ‘Source state’ embodied in the physical realm.

So the greatest adversity and challenge can become the deepest opportunity to experience the bridge opening to Source state.

This is why our souls chose to incarnate into the global experience we are having with Earth. Even if I say “at this time” I am referring to linear frameworks which for many are collapsing.

Our linear brain exists in one frequency band – which is having improved neural functioning. Our lightbody ‘brain’ is actualising more and more which brings new sensory gateways online creating mutlidimensional bridges.

In higher frequency bands our THOUGHTS form the creation instantaneously. The ‘beings’ which exist or ‘entity’ are created, creator, and createe…so if one enters the higher state of awareness playing a story agenda of ‘conflict’ ‘war’ ‘shame’ ‘slavery’ ‘betrayl’ etc etc. then even in a higher dimensional realm it will be created as ENERGY which then will manifest more and more in 3D space. Nothing can be hidden now.

Where we move to is that he energy is one of TRANSMUTATION not of continuation IF we move into observance or witness state.

Part of the human shift is the transmutation of the lower polarity energy of rage, anger, betrayl, shame, guilt, lack, fear and suffering which had been denied and buried deep inside some very GLOSSY and very SHINY false stories and powerful organizations which are part of our world.

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The HEADLINE is not the Story (Q)

The MEDIA is controlled…who controls the information in your group? in your life? in your modality? in your church? in your job?…what EGO lies behind it? what energy?

The greatest defense is MISDIRECTION, blame, sensation…in macro and micro.

We are unable to look away or pass by any more – and as our hearts open wider and wider we FEEL beyond the seeing – and our new senses simply know what lies beneath is the darkest fairytale we hid behind the knight on the horse.

It IS our healing. As “I” – by releasing the inner programs and “WE” as we come to regard each other as aspects of ONE – not in PERSONALITY, CHARACTER, ACTION, SKIN, BODY, STATUS or POWER but as SOUL SPIRIT.

Our relationship even with a single cell of our physical body – is a STATE OF VIBRATION which can be simultaneously observed from within, as Object, Subject or witness.

In this we shift to more transpersonal states – we understand there will be huge releases – huge challenges – people we love purging – people we know making u turns – people we know transitioning – people we know shifting in and out of polarity as we move as a species.

In witness, it is simply an experience.

We are not excused from the aligned action.

Nor sit on the sidelines in dissociation.

We hold ourselves fully ACCOUNTABLE.

and release and surrender into PRESENCE of that witness in every single interaction whether it be a THOUGHT, and EMOTION, an engagement with story or person.

We are not our stories, they do not define us if we allow presence to witness, allow, accept, forgive, and just BE a giant pillar of light for this great shift of perspectives.

Life IS a gift – it IS witness – it is so SO SO Magnificent if we allow our gaze to come out of the book which blinds our senses.

We are Sourcestate – Spirit ether – love – communion.

The war comes from within – it is a relationship.

The journey to union – unity – community – communion is perhaps the embodiment of all fields of vibration in resonance – bringing us to heart spirit soul body coherence.

Maybe we build a new relationship with this…observer and player in harmony.

I know this post is long – it is a sharing of observations while I am spending more time within offline.


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