Joanna Ross – Dear blessed ones,
What joyful perfection are you knowing, and allowing of yourself to be the foundation of a new reality experience and how this can be a musing that can alter and release the surrender of all worry, fear, and dysfunction within.
In the art of subtle Universal Co-Creation, every judgment, belief, and attitude co-creates your reality in relationship with all else.
This means, that the subtle worries we have as parents, the beliefs we have taken on from the collective about roles, attitudes, journeys of others, all else, even what you bring from other lifetimes and realms affects how you in turn co-create now. We are also threading with the negativities from our planet, all the fear being purged now, at all levels, that if not aware, are meant to clear and transmute through our higher vibrational heart space knowing and is a path that allows us to fully own mastery, inner power to step up and be the pillars of light that we are to create new energies for our grids and planet and collective to a 5D.
Ex; if you have a worry about a child, their path, or their choices this worry and energy co-creates with their entanglement with you and their feelings, attitudes, and beliefs about themselves; imprinting if you will and entangling of ‘worry case scenario’ which serves only the fear in which it was born in. So that if you are allowing for your own perfection, the beauty and grace of who you are, to come forth truthfully and in full honouring of your souls song, then too shall this be the vibration you offer all others, without the squashing of your Divine inner truth and light. This is why authenticity and self-love, through self-care is so very key to our Divine human evolution as we all become more awake and aware of how all vibrations that we hold affect the all and how we expand ALL THAT IS, in our desire to live fully in communion and love with and as spirit will heal and transcend all ills at every level.
So, allow for each morning, each moment to see, know, and believe the GOD, the Source in ALL before you. Infinite, loving, Divinely guided, masters, and loved in every way. The children, the people, the energies before us are Universal and our family from across all nations, all realms, all planets, we are the ambassadors of this infinite joy and how may we see, know, treat, honour, and bless all in this way. See the best, seek the best, know the love, know the absolute PERFECTION of all within the ALL. We are each the pearls that through time, through transmutation, become the sheen and light that we have always been, and strung across Creation to continue new beginnings and new explorations.
Your God foundation and honouring of this open portal in all dealings, in all communications allows for the perfection of Source, the perfection of the Mothers plan to be offered vibrationally and with the highest Divine potential and bring forth Heaven upon earth. In all interactions, in all self-reflection moments, are you offering an old attitude or paradigm of belief, or can you open your heart fully and feel into and sense into your loving perfection? This is the glow, the shine, the sheen that is felt, known, and sensed for a new foundation of unconditional love and reality reflection.
In these powerful energies of our planet, our dream work, our own shadow work, our own inner self-care, we are shown that in all moments, we can call forth even our darkest most separative attitude or belief can be healed through the tonic of love. I had a dream of an experience of me entering into a 3rd world home to offer a healing, and immediately my attitudes, and other timelines energies came forth to be healed and transmuted. In my own now earthly travels, I have been to many locations that are not the level and standard of living that most are blessed with, and in this felt I had been balanced in my energy on this; and although this may be for the most part true, my dream showed me a deeper Oneness and release can be offered.
This dream offered me a multi-dimensional perspective upon how, in our socio-economic deconstruction, we blatantly see how the status, beliefs, and attitudes affect how we judge, separate, and lower the standards of community, and Oneness and we are each here to honour and ‘let go’ for higher and more truthful radiations of love that create the pillars of all new foundations of Oneness that will not falter and crumble. For all that we create dear ones, that we are given, is to be built from a foundation of pure love. Love of self, love of the Source and light within, the light that is eternal and Universal and omni-present, that is the alchemy to know and see, build, co-create in this knowing with all others. This dear ones, will not falter and allow for eternal co-creative Christic evolution, and always in alignment with the honouring of all life and all beings.
We are the gate keepers of all that is created, and is the portal of our hearts and inner knowing of perfection that this is truly birthed. Within the gateway of our soul, our hearts, our higher selves guide us to offer our very best version in pure love; to that level we offer the best potential for all others to know this of themselves. This is the rippling perfection, the jewel, the pearl that is the thread of Creation weaving a new evolutionary potential of ALL THAT IS.
Allow yourself to expand your love perfection portal; each person, even yourself, within the mirror, know of your perfection, your Divine presence to change the world and offer those before you with perfection of Source to remember within themselves. Seek the golden light of God in all words, in all entanglements, and in all before you. Offer your golden vibration of the Mother, the Father, and set the foundation that in this entanglement is a golden road of joy, love, unconditional acceptance, and knowing that we are truly all ONE.
This will shift the outcome, open flow, and know that the highest and best will always arise if you set the intention to perfection in Source and love; however a path unveils is what each soul is meant to take and honour.
Empower, inspire, and encourage perfection.
Open, flowing, allowing, honouring, and always within the knowing that you, we, us, are all unconditionally loved. We have no way of knowing the beauty and true empowerment of another and when, what they need, and what their soul desires to unleash and unveil their inner Source Oneness, and that our openness and acceptance can allow for their greatness to come forth in the most unique and creative way, not in the way we think it should. Living as sacred Source is the letting go of the ego mind games and control we thought we had to manage at every level and living purely and Divinely from our hearts in higher knowing that we are all perfection and Divinely loving children of Source. Infinite, eternal, and Divinely creative in light and how may we inspire and empower this of ourselves and all others?
You are the perfection that is the foundation of all future earths. Allow your light to shine and know this of all others.
Join us for classes, webinars and sound healing, sacred sounds for healing our families, healing our planet, and healing the inner child of the co-creation of Heaven upon Earth.
Blessings and sacred light and Joy,
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