Ariette Love – Lightworkers and Loveservers, We NEED each other during these chaotic times, where fear and confusion is being felt by many, which can lead to stress and panic. Let’s call in the Benevolent Powers that support the High Frequencies of Love and Light using this Affirmation, Meditation. Do this as often as you so wish! Thank you for listening and uplifting this Reality to 5D frequencies where Love, Light, Wisdom and Truth are prevalent. SUBSCRIBE to this channel ‘ HeartSoulutions Ariette Love’ (… ) to support me to keep sharing these Free gifts, click the BELL to be notified when new videos are being released and feel free to SHARE in your (social media) communities. BE healthy, BE Wise, BE Heartful, BE safe. with Love, Ariëtte for more services: More services, online courses, sessions, gatherings, lectures, visit Newsletter: https://heartsoulutions.us7.list-mana

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