Romeo Baron – The purpose of this transmission is to help free ourselves from the bondage of the cosmic viruses, also known as spirits of servitude. So that we may regain our true freedom and sovereignty in the Living-Light Power of Source-God.

The Earth is a fragmented planetary system infested with different large groups of fallen Consciousness that became airborne Cosmic Viruses. We are remembering that the fragmented fallen consciousness that became viruses are units of disharmonic sound radiation particles. There are viruses that infiltrate the auric body and hijack the mind that causes emotional instability, mental insanity, illness, and suffering in the human living consciousness. These are the controllers that exist as part of the “Mind Control Negative Alien Agenda” that manipulate and mutate the thought patterns and the nervous system through parasitic implant-embedded reverse coded commands in human DNA and in the subconscious mind. They are battling for their survival because they don’t know any better. They no longer know Source-God, they only know they need energy to survive. So, they rob energy by feeding off the lower vibrational coded thought patterns in sentient life forms hosting them and alter the DNA coding. Throughout the ages, they were collectively known as lower spirits, negative entities/demons. Humans are controlled via their thoughts, and the fear-based coded thoughts the demonic entities and lower spirits create. They feel shielded in darkness, but they fear Source Light because the energy can “kill” them. Therefore, they do not want to be brought into the Light. The fear of “dying,” that humans hold, is the fear of the viruses. Viruses cannot remain alive within the levels of higher Source energy because it is too powerful for them.

The cosmic viruses have created this faulty planetary system, by controlling the body and thoughts of humans through the subconscious mind for millions of years. The controlling power elite are simply the human puppets whose thoughts are completely controlled via the virus reversal coding in their DNA, whom they have personified into different satanic hierarchies. The terrible things people do to each other and to the innocent animals in the world is a result of a distorted sick brain, that is sick because of DNA reversal coding, created by the cosmic viruses.

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We can transmute the viruses and their reversal coding by focusing within our Inner Spirit-God Self and filling our self with the loving energy of Source. Doing so begins reprogramming our DNA coding to the original Source Code of Natural Order (the divine blueprint) before it was modified with the reversal coding of the cosmic viruses that became the mind controllers. They cannot exist in the Heart tone of pure Love in action and in the brainwave of Alpha, Theta, and Delta harmonic sound tones. As more people stand for Love, they are re-writing the coding in their personal DNA template, and then this will expand within the collective consciousness grid. This is how we collectively transfigure into the new holographic reality field of spiritual freedom.

To stop the dark from manipulating your energy and influencing your mind, emotions, body, and spirit, you must stop it in its tracks and in all ways refuse its control over your being in every way. This takes deep conviction and strength to reclaim your divine power and reclaim your Christ Body.


We are now ready for meditation:

Beloved Inner Spirit Higher God-Self,

In pure Love, open all Christ channels, fully connected and resonant with the Living Light Code.

Within our God Space, we call upon our Guardian Universal Family Rays of Divine Consciousness aligned to the Universal Law of Unified One Sacred Healing Mission to work together for the highest capacity of Source light, love and power in divine right order and harmony.

In alignment with the Living-Light Code, we Anchor and Seal our Highest Timeline, as Cosmic Natural Laws are being restored in the name of Self-Sovereignty herein stated and commanded in perfect Divine Will now.

Close your eyes a moment and place your attention on the center of your brain, intend-align to project with your inner vision, to activate your 12D Zero Point Light Shield, the Eternal Force of Divine Source Spiritual Protection, to fully seal your auric field from any intrusion or manipulation.

Focusing your inner vision, streaming through Diamond Platinum 12D Ray White Light.

Clear your connection from six inches above the Crown to six inches below the feet, ground down and feed through your Inner Central Vertical Spiritual Pillar-Chakras of your Christ energy receivers and transmitters.

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Project with your inner vision the Krystal Eternal Spiraling White Light conscious energy moving through your chakra points of inner Stargates 12, 9, 6, 3  to activate your Cosmic Divine Trinity.

Bringing everything into integration and unification, all levels communicating, all circuitry pathways fully connected and open as this allows for a crystal-clear spiritual-energetic communication link with your whole-body template and the frequency of Unity Intelligence.

Feel yourself connected, sustained, and nourished, fully supported, and protected in your White Light, Eye of Source Field-12D Zero Point Shield.

This is the energy field of your original Divine Blueprint Rainbow Crystal Plasma Body.


Now either mentally, or verbally, say the following statements of Spiritual-Energetic Deliverance:

My declaration of intention is to serve my Source, the Organic Living-Light Code. Within my highest Self-Sovereign Divine Source expression, I Am Virus Free.

I address all generational and ancestral lower spirits that have been bound through the past, present and future, in the authority of Source-God and the Cosmic Christ.

I choose my Source power and Christ energy to free my body, mind and spirit system of any interfering demonic essence or negative spirit oppression that inhabits my being, from past, present or future.

All deceiving demonic entities and lower spirits and their essences, and residue are hereby notified of their eviction and to be cast out of my body-mind, and spiritual body at every level in the Power and Glory of Source Love in the eternal light, the Living Christ within me, Now.

I choose the divine power of my inner core spiritual identity to inhabit my whole-body template fully and completely as the residence dedicated for Christ Unity Intelligence. I Am self-determined, and I command my God Space and consent to align with the Cosmic Sovereign Law of Unified One.

I command my right to reclaim my inner core spiritual identity as single occupied, and to remove all bondage and agreements between ALL ritual objects, symbols, curses, ceremonies, implants, entities, demonic essences or Satanist spirits.

I denounce all connection to these disharmonic inversion and reversal influences in past, present or future timelines within all identities of my body to fully align and serve my true purpose of my inner core spiritual being.

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I command my energetic structure and all aspects, to break the tie of any agreements that are destructive to my Inner Spirit.

I command my right to choose and I Am Virus Free in the Cosmic Sovereign Law in service to the One true Divine Source of benevolent Creation, the Organic Living Light Code.

I command my right to terminate this mind control matrix and end this anti-Christ game.

I command my right to own my sanity and to choose divine wholeness.

I am made in the perfect image of Divine Source to enjoy pure Love.

All deceiving and interfering spiritual oppression or demonic essences are cast out of my body, completely and permanently.

I choose sanity, wholeness, integration, and unification as the perfected truth inside my body, mind, and spirit which I know is made in the perfect image of Divine Source. I Am Source embodied!

I now restore my Christ DNA coding. Through unconditional love and forgiveness, in order of priority and as necessary, I release all inversion and reversal influences within my aura, body, mind and spiritual layers that are not of my sovereign divinity back into the Cosmic Rainbow Heart of Source, to be brought back into balance.

Beloved Inner Spirit Higher God-Self,

Please permanently seal my aura, body, mind and all spiritual layers from any intrusion, Close and seal all harmful portals permanently so that I may recover all of my memory, recover my brain and mind, recover all of my body parts, recover my spiritual energies, and pure essences, in the united Divine Will of Divine Source that serves liberation, freedom and pure Love in Christ.


Beloved Inner Spirit Higher God-Self in witness whereof,

I harmonize and Hold this space in the name of the One True Source-God, for mySelf and for all of HUmanity.

I seal this into the Living Eternal Light of inner Union of divine Wholeness in service to the One Self, God-Spirit. Beloved Universal Family of Oneness, we are Home in the Organic Living-Light Code of Love-Unity. And SO, it is. Thank you, beloved Inner Spirit Higher God-Self.

~Romeo Baron

Blue Rainbow-Sun Oraphim Guardian Host


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