Zoe Davenport – Right NOW is the opportUNITY to come together for the purpose of co-creation. Some are feeling separated, divided and unsure of the truth, some of hunkering down to wait it out and some are awakening for the first time.
YOU star seed came HERE for this purpose – this is what we have all been talking about for 10+ years esp since the 2012 gateway that saw a huge spike in those being unplugged from the system.
Remember this is ALL playing out 100% as intended – does it feel scary to you NOW that things are actually collapsing?
Maybe we held a romance with HOW the New Earth would be birthed – but for the mothers out there you know how painful childbirth can be right? But the payoff?
Unconditional Love
We said 2020 was gonna be a BIG one – perhaps the egos wanted it to be easy-breezy – but the only challenge in this experience is to witness how the self is in response to what is outside.
Take your precautions
Use this time to come into yourself, to be still – Yin, resting phase and allow the events to play out through the higher heart/higher self/higher timeline perspective.
How you show up right NOW as a being of light is EVERYTHING to humanity – so hold your calm, your grounding and see this as a gift.
Everything is unfolding, everything is being exposed for it cannot hide anymore – there is too much light.
We are not in conflict or divide with anyone – however, the collective energies are seeming to play out the roles of fear-based agendas.
See it for what it is – then open the real eye and FEEL into what is YOUR truth.
Are things shifting?
What is to come – everything you have been calling into creation. But in order for that to manifest – we HAVE to collapse and contain the systems that were running the planet into extinction.
Raise your light NOW star seed – it’s time to remember your divine self-expression and Your part to play HERE.
How wonderful it is to be in this experience, to gift thanks & gratitude to the basic supplies, clean running water, a bed to sleep in and knowing that this too shall pass.
Boost your immunity by boosting the way you respond to the external forces.
Hold your frequency and nothing that is not of the highest intention can enter your field.
Use this time to work on self-care tenfold, connect to source, good foods and hunker down, also nature as much as you can!
See this as a blessing & gift that you get to be part of – wherever you are in the world know you are important and the medicine you bring to the Earth is paving the way.
We know it can get fearful down here, we understand the collective pull on the Heart and how it affects the body.
But know YOU are HERE to embody mastery over the mind, matter – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.
So now more than ever this is no different – apart from really going inwards.
The structures are re-setting – just like a computer system needs to re-boot after it’s had something, things may seem slow or standing still but then that’s the divine beauty of diving into the zero point field and creating from the quantum.
Have compassion – but don’t attach
Take the cautions – but without the fear
Set yourself up – but without panic
Come into your divine mastery this month – know thy self to be divine self-expression, know thy self to be HERE NOW and embody that mastery to hold the field of light!
Thank you for your divine service
With love Always
Zoe Davenport – Multi-Dimensional Travel, Speaker & Author
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