I’m seeking collaboration projects with other Activators, Sound Healing-Music Composers/Artists, and Angel Investors to take this Planetary Shift to the Next-Level! COSMIC DISCLOSURE CONFERENCES, AND NEW EARTH FESTIVALS/EVENTS. Here We Come! Contact: @[email protected]

For the Emerald Sun Order, HUmanity, and our mother Planet of EaRA and TaRA. May we all be conscious, whole, and free.

Universal Spiritual Ascension Decree: In Divine Presence with the Cosmic Alliance of the Higher Heaven Realms. In this Ascension Cycle, we are here on the Planet to restore the Universal Blueprint of Cosmic Natural Order. To assist our Divine Humanity for the complete Liberation into the Higher Reality Field of Divine Oneness. We support the Full Disclosure of humanity’s true origins and hidden history to be revealed to all, as well as returning the tree of knowledge and the awareness of the multidimensional limitless experience that is Ascension to be given to all citizens of the Planet through the Cosmic Event.

May the Cosmic Divine Trinity be unified in ALL Eternal Life Forms through the emanation of pure Solar White Light to ignite the Plasmic Sun Conscious Mind, for the emergence of the Collective Christ Consciousness Ascension Reality Field in the Resurrection of Eternal Life in co-resonance with the Universal Law of Unified One.

We resolve and resign all involvement from the false control matrix game fully and completely, as we are Source Embodied, Self-Sovereign, and Eternally Free.

We ignite all lines and Arcs of Pure Source Light, totally and completely. We are free from entanglement, attachment or traps now and forever. We reclaim our Eternal God-Spirit and Diamond Sun Spiritual Body as the ONE true Divine Source would have it be.

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We command this in the Cosmic Sovereign Right and freedom for all Eternal Life Forms, through all timelines and system density layers as emissaries of the ONE most Divine, Organic Living-Light Code. So be it and So it is.
~Romeo Baron Blue Rainbow-Sun Guardian Host
Oraphim-Christos 144 Harmonics Activator

Youtube Video Link:
Voice Over and Blue Ray Light Light Language by Romeo Baron and Tatiana Roumelioti -Mystcret Codes. Music produced by Ozzie-all of you.



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