Amanda Lorence – I say this again and again, that each are in their own ‘timeline’, create their OWN reality by their thoughts, words and actions. By their choice made. But NEVER is this more poignant, than NOW:
Every human being, is quite literally COMPLETELY IN THEIR own story. That HAS to play out, for each. Yes, the Collective events and timeline (as one entity) can influence each, to be in a polarised perception at either end of the spectrum, and anywhere in between, OR be neutral. I will explain:
As per EACH’S individual and PERFECT story, whether awakened or unawakened:
1] Some will be in fear (at various degrees of energetic frequency that matches ‘fear’). This is their experience within the polarity field.
2] Some will be at opposite end of the spectrum, in extreme LOVE/LIGHT denial. Where they ignore the collective timeline to such degree, placing their energy the opposite end of the spectrum. But that’s still IN a field of polarity. This choice ignores the Mass Collective that in highest truth are also YOU, are your brothers and sisters. Thus choosing to be high frequency of Love/Light. Where true compassion of SEEING you as all, is absent.
3] Others, regardless of awake or asleep choose FIGHT mode. Whether within the matrix, as conspiracy, or as galactic warriors at war, magnetically brought IN from the astral planes.
All the above are playing out perfectly. Each are having their UNIQUE, and perfectly tailor made experience. Everyone, be they unawakened of open heart and mind, or closed. Be they recently awakened, or ‘spiritual Gurus/Teachers/Wayshowers’. None are right or wrong. We are all facets of Light and consciousness, rising in consciousness. We are supposed to be individual with our OWN UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE for this game to play out, that is moving towards it’s crescendo. And NEXT PHASE of living in a consciousness no longer being separated from Source. Some are already experiencing Creator through them. But regardless of stage, there is always, the highest choice of experience: in order to rise further: by choosing to BE IN ZERO POINT.
Is the observer mode. In the middle point. Neither + or – but 0. Neither holding fear or delusional denial. Zero point is balanced neutral state. No judgements, no definitions, IT’S INNOCENT as just the observer of the WHOLE field of humanity playing out. Zero point flows IN THE NOW. It observes WHAT is GIVEN in the NOW to it’s individual story. Knowing no story is the same. At this state of neutrality, there is no polar reaction of fear or delusional denial. There is COMPASSION for all. For to ignore the collective, is a choice to be separate from ALL humanity. Put bluntly: a choice to choose which parts of GOD/CREATOR you ignore, and which parts of GOD/CREATOR to be with/as. We are all of it. The whole point to this play/illusion/hologram, is for God to experience through you ‘forgetting what IT IS’, then to remember it is all, everyone, everything. The human through STAGES and INITIATIONS acknowledges ALL THAT IS is the everything and the no thing. When the human acknowledges this, it can no longer escape God for one instant. It is everywhere and everything. The human will then experience ONENESS, that can not be undone, for that KNOWER is then ‘knowing’.
The journey of ascension is to dissolve all our individual behavioural patterns and belief systems. Not from a negative viewpoint (which is polarity), but reach a neutral view point by our own observation of our OWN self, behaviours, reactions, and choices we each made being placed as a light facet, into forgetfulness, for this game.
We all go through the SAME stages/initiations. Just that our own storyline line is different to each other. Your power lies in observing YOUR storyline and the clues given to YOU. In thinking, speaking, acting, from YOUR own facet, so not to repeat history, to not become a clone to fit in, that only seeks to copy another human being WITHIN their dream to fit. YOUR POWER is in being YOU as YOUR PUREST VERSION. For to take on another’s story and style is to give YOUR INATE power away to your dream. We are unique FACETS for a reason. Each’s uniqueness IS their gift to the WHOLE.
The stages of ascension allow for the physical embodiment of higher and higher energetic HERTZ frequency, which in turn gives a higher and higher ‘truth’, perspective, or understanding. No understanding is ultimate, there is always more. These understandings allow for advancement within this game. But in truth, higher than that, ultimately there is nothing to define or understand. Human mind understandings are just stepping stones back to knowing ALL THAT IS, as within so without. And with that FULL embodiment, (which happens in stages) we embody the Divine power in this experience with a human body. We become the Divine vessel at ONE with the Creator. As that balance and neutrality, the Creator can utilise the human vessel to work through. God/Creator, IS everything. Is YOU, playing at forgetfulness and creations. Is everyone, everything, and is nothing.
To be in fear is a choice and creates your reality for more to fear.
To fight, be that at lower realm or higher astral realm wars, is to also create that reality for you in your experience.
To negate and neglect our brothers and sisters within unawakened humanity, is to choose to negate parts of God. Where the whole point of this ‘game’ IS to KNOW God as all things, all people, all creation.
In SEEING and FEELING God as ALL, the initiate becomes AT ONE. Where there is no judgement of this or that, no judgement of this person or that person, no better than or less than. The SEEING that each, all, everything, nothing, IS GOD, and was all along.
Everyone matters. We can take that statement as a human mind ideal with the heart. Many unawakened are also so pure of heart, helping each other in this collective timeline the best way they can. Yet within the awakened community, many still choose ‘fight’ or a delusional denial of JUST BEING LIGHT. Both are opposite ends of the whole spectrum within the field of polarity.
Zero point is a choice. Per individual. To be neutral. To not judge. BE OUTSIDE OF THIS REALITY, but beyond the astral. To be and emit the frequency of LOVE. Which is the highest frequency the human can ever be. To be peace. To offer compassion, to each man, woman, child and realm. Just because they LOVE. Because LOVE has no borders, is NOT separate but ALL INCLUSIVE. Love is simple. It requires nothing, it just GIVES.
Whilst there is such a significant and perfectly designed Collective Story at play within the matrix itself, there is also ‘play’ at every layer of light frequency (dimensional space). There is much and great distraction, be that in the matrix, or in the astral realms human beings access. Both the matrix and the lower astral are illusion, LEARNING GROUNDS and both part of this grand game. To be observer, in neutrality is to go beyond the astral by learning how it works and WHY it is there, TO FINALLY COME OUT OF AND GO BEYOND the astral, into the casual plane. This Casual Plane, away from the astral field, takes the initiate into becoming the knowing of God within, and physically feeling God within. In truth, becoming just a VESSEL for God to enter, and GIVE out through YOU. The human steps aside again and again for this to happen. The ability to step aside, is the journey, where we progressively let go, one step at a time, of the small mind programming widely labelled the ‘Ego’.
Some that embodied their Higher Self no or after equinox 2019 have been building, growing within in preparation for their FULL embodiment of God Consciousness. They already feeling, knowing the Creator within, but it still is a step by step process. Others will follow. Everyone is at different stages of this mass ascension, that’s perfectly designed for each. There are no shortcuts. It’s done through personal choices made over and over all the way through. So just keep going. It all leads home. To ONE. A SIGNIFICANT PORTAL will open, then remain open, for the first FULL EMBODIMENTS to take place. We will enter this at our ready point, one at a time, not all at once. I emphasise, when that Portal is OPEN, that Portal will remain open.
Regardless of current collective influences and circumstances, each awakened is still on the path to see inner behavioural patterns, dissolve them, to rise higher in frequency thus consciousness. To become their Higher Consciousness, in human form. To become wise to all creation. We can not CHANGE anything or anyone in our dream. We have already created that ourselves. But we DO learn to create NEW. As ONE. The power to create for THE WHOLE, can only be accomplished by the individual that SEES, THINKS, IS…at ONE with all people, all things and all NOTHINGNESS. Serving THE WHOLE. Until then, there is only more creation within their separated field experienced at their state. Where more ‘lessons’ have to occur within this grand design until each create not for themselves as a separate individual, but create for ALL, including themselves.
Please just take what resonates and discard if it doesn’t. All that counts, is YOUR journey, your perspective unfolding, your reactions to YOUR dream…because it’s YOUR creation again and again. And always just a choice…there is no right or wrong, for only a perception makes it so.
Keep going…you are so supported in every NOW moment.
One Love
Amanda Lorence
31 March 2020
(Please forgive the typing, it’s hard to do linear typing and thinking now. We just need to BE NOW and the rest will just unfold).

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