Our Unified Focus
Activation this Sunday, April 5
A Transformational Imperative
During a Time of Global Crisis
This is a very important and very timely focus considering the volatile situation now occurring on the world stage. Fear and panic are running rampant in the minds of the masses, only amplifying the situation on many fronts. This, of course, is the nature of the extremely polarized human blueprint.
Our current task at hand is to make a complete departure from the game matrix. Through Avatar Blueprinting, we are taking the emboldened steps to be liberated from all that keeps us locked in a fear-based reality of such immense illusion.
To break free, we are repolarizing our total energy field to the one true Self of our eternal existence. This is a transformational imperative!
This is a challenging time for sure, however, it is our time to shine. We incarnated to assist in the planetary shift while serving as wayshowers of the new consciousness.
Let’s rise up together into the new blueprinting to give the greatest level of service to the entire human race!
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During April, we are initiating grand repolarization of our human blueprint to vibrate in unison with our true eternal essence.
This core vibration is pure bliss and absolute peace. This is not a passive state by any means, but a state of consciousness that is all powerfully active and ever-expanding into the greater vibrational fields.
As one goes through the phases of this repolarization, the old methods of expressing oneself die out completely. All of the artificial human constructs eventually fall away to enable one to function as a God radiant being.
It is only then that one can move into a position of mass influence, to wield effectual service for the highest good of humanity.
This is the purpose of our group work. We are evolving into a posture of complete and total fusion with our true eternal essence. This is characterized by the Avatar archetype with the collective ability to significantly influence the consciousness of the mass mind.
We simply cannot be effective when we still function from the ego framework that is always choosing sides. If we attempt to offer outer service while remaining in separating tendencies, we are only adding to the severe polarization of humankind.
With all that is going on with the viral pandemic, please pause for a moment and deeply contemplate…
  • Is there anywhere within you that is in a fear-based vibration?
  • Do you hold the opinion that China is to blame for this virus?
  • Do you feel that it is the ‘dark cabal’ who is behind it all?
  • Do you think that possibly someone created this virus as a bioweapon to victimize humanity?
  • Are you following the ideas that project we are in a war of “us” versus “them”?
Any focus towards these types of speculations and victim blame games are only making matters worse! These types of consciousness projections keep the extremes of polarity in place, thereby escalating what is happening now.
This is because the polarity of sides is constantly being affirmed… good versus evil, light versus dark, us versus them… what a game!
The fact is, this global pandemic was created by the ENTIRE mass consciousness of humanity. It doesn’t matter where it originated, or who is playing what role. It originated as a collective thoughtform of hatred and division.
This current reflection of the “global pandemic” is the defiant rise of the mass ego, as it takes its last bold stand. Just look at some of its surfacing reflections such as fear, panic, confusion, lies, inflammation, suffocation, greed, selfishness, superiority, and inequality.
These are just a few of the ego-driven conditions that have been triggered by the highly transforming light of singularity now sweeping across this sacred sweet Earth.
Sincere levels of love, compassion, and care are also on the rise. This is the true human spirit shining ever so bright and victorious. It seems that the catalyzing light may have an important agenda?
Through horrific times of large scale suffering, it is common to witness great acts of compassion and loving gesture. A lot of it, however, is not sustained after the event subsides. The ego reverts right back into separation and its usual self centered tendencies
This is the very reason why more waves of purification are right behind this one. This doesn’t necessarily mean the next waves will be viral, yet, we can be certain that they will be pivotal to bring a reckoning jolt to mass human consciousness.
There is much, much more this story as you know so well. The big question for you is this… are you ready to leave this artificial matrix once and for all?
This next month we are bolding stepping up and claiming, “Game Over.” In order to quit playing the game, the polarizing stronghold of the human mainframe must neutralize completely.
Of course, this is easier said than done. Up to now, the human polarity is all we have ever known. We are conditioned into this false reality since birth. How do we get out of it?
This is the purpose of this next month’s Blueprinting
and to begin a very practical discussion on the “how.”
Next Module ~ Begins Sunday, April 5
This is a year-long program delivered monthly.
You may register for the remaining series or go month to month.
Avatar Blueprinting is an extensive program of spiritual advancement that supports our next level of vibrational upgrade. Together, we are building out our advancing blueprint and its sustaining matrix for the multidimensional human expression.
This is a year-long activational series that focuses extensively on manifesting the evolved human design and its expanding lens of perceptual awareness and service.
The highest purpose of Avatar Blueprinting is to help you ascend into your highest vibrational potential. This gives valuable support to the creation of a sustainable foundation from which to thrive in all creative life endeavors.
Your great Divine Presence is ultimately in charge as it works in tandem with your powerful intentions for advancement.


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