Book Excerpt, Authored by Authored of MaryJoyce Clayden

Where ‘indigenous’ means native to the land, we are all, the Earth people. Meditate, and
her Earth knowledge rise from within.

All is sacred: Mother Earth, and her elements. All are equal, and should
be treated as such. All are energy, and have metaphysical significance– all are here with purpose. All of Earth, and her delicate beauty are suffering because the human has forgotten the sacred touch of moral.

The climate crisis is forcing an end for the current civilization, and the
force of Nature is propelling us into a new beginning. With the timeline that has been orchestrated we must act fast at implementing the innovative solutions to prevent the Earths’ violence, the climate catastrophe: an unruly force in which was created by the human consciousness. If we fail to succeed, we fail to provide a means of safety for millions of people.

A substantial portion of the society is distracted by their delusion: the
racism, the greed, and the disempowering tendencies like the control. Many value the power as being more worthy than our brother and sister, and our own Earth Mother, Ah-ki.’ They look at each other as different from themselves, and lack knowledge of the psyche. The ego is the ailment.

The lowest conscious has slipped into society because of the Spirit’s
disconnect from the body, and the mind. When we lose connection with the self, we lose sentience with our environment. We become a wasteland. The outside world is simply a manifestation of what is within the conscious. A majority of peoples live with the fear, the greed, and the lack respect for one another. When looking around we see the terror, the dishonor, and the destitution. As a result of these societal issues we have been dealt the climate crisis.

‘Sustainable development’ is the umbrella term coined to address all issues
within the environment, the economy, and the society. With meditation the unity, and the ingenuity of the people is upheld, and our ability to implement the solutions for these issues is enhanced. ‘Sustainable development’ now becomes child’s play.

The Google definition of “survival” is: an object or practice that has
continued to exist from an earlier time. Meditation was a practice used by the ancients. Regardless of the race, or the ethnicity we all have roots back to meditation. Meditation is the sacred medicine to recondition the individual from limiting world processes, purifies the emotional, the physical, and the mental state; it unearths the illusion, and uncovers centuries of social conditioning. Meditation unifies the people. Meditation is the engine behind the creative genius. Meditation is our survival mechanism.

The Living
We have just came to the year 2020 where the racism still exists, there
are regimes under the control of cruel authority, significant species are going extinct, and in the general society worth is derived from external validation than by thy selfinner knowing. We are living today in the hell on Earth. To turn the disarray around, we, a civilized global society need to make the conscious effort in doing our best to help
each other help one another.

The root of our problem: all things natural have a metaphysical bond to
one another, and it is our species only who is out of balance with our relation. Indigenous cultures have been conscious of this for centuries, for decades have tried to warn western officials of what may come to be, and for decades have been mocked by government. The majority of national governments are moving too slow at finding solution, and implementing policy that meet the requirements of sustainable development. This has bestowed the person the honor of searching for the solutions themself.

The Meditation for the Unified Moral
Meditation has been a function of our species since the ancient time, and
has roots back to all continent, and people. Meditation is the connection to our Nature, and to the powerful energy that created Earth, and all that she sustains. The meditation is a function of our species as such is hibernating for a Bear, or pollinating for a Bee. Our Nature is a subjective science. One will only come to know their truth once they have experienced it for themselves. Your objective truth is found by your subjective experience. It is only within where we begin to understand the logical, the rational, and the literal fluidity of unity, and creation. The truth of our nature is we
are all equal in value; not one kingdom superior to the other, there is no hierarchy of the living nor is there animosity amongst the kin. Repairing the state of this harmony is how we unify.

The strategy in repairing the state of this harmony begins at the
individual level where meditation is used as the advanced technique to expel the inferior from the body. As a result of our efforts all wicked behavior of the society is relieved. Lower conscious, and energetic examples include: racism, discrimination, fear, hate, or
control. All these ‘things’ can be seen throughout the society as manifestations of the individual’s conscious. It is through meditation that these internal, and external crises are transcended, and become non-existent. Meditation thus, is our means to the end of all crises.

The Meditation for the Intellect
The truth of our intuition, as a higher frequency of conscious, can
channel the solutions for development within the timeliest manner. Meditation is the most absolute, and feasible solution. Meditation elevates the subconscious, enhances the intuition, and raises awareness. Through a meditative practice the brain becomes a master in stillness. Stillness of the mind is highly critical in allowing the guidance of the intuition to seep into our conscious. Our intuition, as the higher frequency of awareness, is indispensable. And although establishing a daily meditation practice may
seem like a daunting task our bodies, and brain have muscle memory in which enables us to grasp the mediation with electric speed.

There is importunacy in strengthening the intuition so the difference can
be deciphered between intuition, and thought. We an intelligent species behind the means of comprehension are in no position to restore Earth’s climate (within a decade) without meditation. As intuition is strengthened the trust of the intellect is revitalized. We then begin to co-create with the intuition. Body, mind, and spirit become one, and our story becomes creation.

The ideology refers to the intuition as source energy. Source guides us to
solutions using our intuition. Over time we receive downloads of information in which we channel through intuitive thought. Information in terms of the energy is the word and/or thought that gets downloaded onto the chakra system, and reveals itself through the pondering of creative idea. We refer to this phenomenon as the energy download. The energy download can be explained in terms of the quantum computing,
and the quantum bit (qubit). The qubit is the basic fragment of quantum information– ‘energy’ information. This is a fundamental characteristic to quantum mechanics, and quantum computing. Parallel is the energy information as a fundamental characteristic of human beings, and the human programming. The type, and amount of the information downloaded depends on your level of awareness, and belongs exclusively to each ascension. Ascension can be described as the process of accessing higher levels of awareness. Information from the download is leaked onto the thought process, and the mind becomes aware of the information via intuitive thought, vision, dream, idea or epiphany. Combine your rational with your intuitive genius, and you become the creator of your fortune.

The Meditation for the Spirit
Meditation stimulates the mind by minimizing thought, recalibrates the
awareness by placing it in the company of the heart, and uplifts the auric body. As you meditate the Muladhara ground with the Earth, the divine feminine strengthen, the chakra align, and the Ajna open. As you further the practice the further you accelerate these processes. Maintaining your energy now becomes significant; the rush becomes speed at which you propel your self on your ascension, and the fun in the journey is
to stay high. As a metaphysical being it is in the best interest to raise our vibration, and maintain it at notable level.

The higher we go the more psychedelic life becomes. Because everything
is the energy, we can depict any substance, thought, or action as either being high or low energy, frequency and/or vibration. Meditation, exercise and eating well will raise your vibration versus something like consuming alcohol, or fast foods, which lowers your vibration. Through healthy living practices the dopamine and the serotonin levels of the body rise, and the high continues to elevate.

Book Excerpt, Authored by Authored of MaryJoyce Clayden

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    Lupus has been simple for a common condition medically known as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). regarded as autoimmune ailment that may take yrs to diagnose because situation can masquerade as extra problems.

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    The united states work of Rheumatology tells how when someone offers at least four associated with 11 lupus indicators and (when not invariably every single likewise,however) may be identified as having lupus.

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    Anemia, or maybe some kind of sub standard number of going around scarlet bloodstream vessels solar cells, Is quite typical, particularly in lupus’s treat populace: people. an iron deficiency anemia, as an example, is often active with menstruation fertility cycles. additional accurate in order to really lupus, nonetheless, Is an ailment acknowledged hemolytic anemia.

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    “these confirmatory antibodies are as considerable to the truth and as well,as well as the reliability of the identification, shows doctor. Belmont. the entire collaboration of assessments, combined with the ANA, which he develops, will usually construct a fairly respected solve.

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    DANVILLE, pennsylvania. The research of predominantly donor chest enhancement exploit might linked to the demise a baby three at the philadelphia facility, officials identified Friday.

    Geistoger medical center Danville, pa, for 70 mls northern connected Harrisburg, learnt the problem in July. chlamydia appears to be owing to the pseudomonas microorganisms, what increases here in water. Three young children past away but also five other customers droped sick and tired over the two month period dating filipino women after the discovery, according to a medical center spokesperson. just about all the taken over human babies were definitily generated ahead of time.

    get concluded that the vulnerability got their start in accomplishing this we had been utilizing to arrange contributor bust milk products, said edward cullen Hartle, Geisinger state vice president and after that leader professional specialist.

    chiefly, their exposure begun solutions would always method busts of milk, which may unplanned little ones along with their supplement standards, Hartle report via.

    sept 30, bought change this kind of, And have owned single go with devices with regard to find out and dispense contributor busts dairy, Hartle claimed. have obtained zero interesting episodes with little ones evolving to become dangerous by way of pseudomonas in to (Neonatal strenuous think about gps watch) due to the causeing the improvement. missouri category most typically associated with fitness went to see Geisinger medical on march 18 and additionally mentioned a medical facility for loss of a written protection plan for cleaning the rank unit.

    suitable away repaired some sort of citation so written the brand new cover plan, Hartle stated.

    Hartle emphasised that may donor chest enlargement whole milk will now be low-risk.

    become a variety of the of milk also isn’t the explanation for the tanning, he was quoted saying.

    mother displaying quick little ones will be sent to another medical center up till recurring operations will probably cv at Geisinger, generally saying studied.

    would choose extend the author’s honest sorry for your visitors who’ve been affected by this unpleasant incident, Hartle history look over. be aware your public is nation to the particular models, And we continues to endeavor to surpass those enthusiasm as we’ve got although connected with reports, constantly fixing on which we do we have we practice it.


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