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Lisa Transcendence Brown – Powerful Light Codes have been delivered these last few days/weeks/month/year(s) (and always continue to increase/accelerate)….

The importance of all of these “higher dimensional”/Source Codes are always “understated” if you will….

To support/assist all with RETURNING to Full Heart-Mind Consciousness where each LIVES FULLY FROM PURITY/UNITY with every conscious breath, with every conscious act, with every conscious thought, with every conscious exchange….

3D worlds were dependent, divided and lived from separation, lived from fear, lived from “give my power away”, lived from “need” rather than a State of Consciousness where sharing, caring, unity and peace emanated out…. instead of a space of coming together instead of finger pointing prevailed….

THESE COSMIC ENERGIES are VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENTS for all. They are to BRING ALL INTO NEW STATES OF AWARENESS, new realizations, new understandings THAT THE OLD WON’T WORK ever again. Period. There is no “finishing that sentence” with an excuse or a but or a “trying” anything…. ↓↓↓

THESE COSMIC CODES, these brilliant RAYS OF LIGHT, these REALITY CHANGING TEMPLATES —- completely REPLACE the old…..

They OFFER IMMENSE OPPORTUNITY, immense beauty, immense peace, immense ease, immense abundance, yet in a WHOLE NEW WAY….

The NEW (Earth) Ways won’t “look like before”…..

No, we are not “going back”.

Yes, this is a HUGE WAKE-UP CALL, an ATTENTION GETTER, if you will.

Yes, all have to SIMPLIFY. Yes, all go back to BASICS, yes all have to go deeeeeeeeeeper inside.

No, “ignorant bliss” is not an option anymore. Pure BLISS is, yet this is a completely different energy. A Sovereign One.

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Yes, coming together is necessary, otherwise you’ll have to “do it alone”. Yet, coming together is not from lack and need, it’s from inspiration, excitement and the willingness to CREATE ALL NEW REALITIES birthed/born/brought forth from DEEP WITHIN and shared with all who are truly ready, truly open, truly care to BE A PART OF SOMETHING SO BEYOND BEAUTIFUL….

These “new realities” LIGHT YOUR SOUL UP from the inside out. These “new realities” SUPPORT EVERYONE, yet your presence, your care, your love, your kindness and your own contribution is required, otherwise the “pull” creates a Gravitational Distortion, an imbalance if you will…..

THESE NEW REALITIES ARE AVAILABLE TO ALL… Yet every heart must be WIDE OPEN, COMPLETELY for each’s separation/ego to dissolve….

THESE CODES PRESENT immense opportunity for all… yet to receive is different than “before”….

These codes awaken, activate, shift all to a much higher dimensional plane of existence where ONENESS LOVE PRE-VEILS and opens up so much more for all!

Every moment forward PROMISES to be powerful, pivotal and reality-shifting in every way. Every “moment” is but a vibrational return to where each functions from in every way…..

As each tune in from a much deeper level inside and connect fully to much higher dimensional/versions/realities much higher aligned, so much possibility, so much potential and the only limit is then “each”.

These are “observe/review” yourself. Observe/realize and Re-Evaluate all. Observe, tune, shift completely….. Open your Heart completely and allow the old to dissipate inside, allow it to dissolve and embrace the depth of your own CONNECTION and the LIGHT OF YOUR OWN DIVINE ESSENCE/SACRED SOUL…..

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As we enter “April”, a massive collective Death/RE-Birth/Resurrection & Phoenix (Rise from the Ashes) Powerful Energy Month….. so very much on every dimensional level is occurring…. THIS MONTH IS A HUGE OPPORTUNITY to REMEMBER your own HUMANITY, remember your own Fall, remember/Experience your own RE-Birth FULLY, through complete ego surrender and allowing your whole body/being to shift into PURE TRUST, PURE DIVINE ALIGNMENT AND PURE CONNECTION…. for your own highest, purest and Sacred Self can emerge fully from within…….

YOUR NEW EARTH VERSION OF YOU is kinder, compassionate, caring, respectful and UNIFIES ALL… It’s also immense COURAGE to march to the beat of your own drum and forge a path through all new…..

YOUR NEW EARTH VERSION OF YOU, is you AS YOUR HIGHEST VERSION/ASPECT of all of your selves…. Living, breathing and BEing this fully and allowing all to vibrationally re-align while consciously aligning all yourself.

YOUR NEW EARTH VERSION LIVES NEW EARTH REALITIES… through your every moment/day life.

These LIGHT CODES activate your cellular body, your DNA, your Crystalline Grids/Structures, your Plasma LightBody and so very much more. Your whole LIFE DOES CHANGE…. it’s supposed to… and it’s beyond BEAUTIFUL ….

Holding onto the “old” is what creates suffering, struggle and fears….. Fear is 3D. It IS A VIRUS, an addiction and what kept all “bound” to 3D realities before….. This is an opportunity to TRANSCEND ALL OF THAT…. and usher in all new.

This is “the precipice” (we have many along the way). This is “that moment” that decides and determines all for each/us/you. This is the NEXT PHASE OF COLLECTIVE RE-BIRTH of each’s HUMANITY/HUMANITARIAN ASPECTS that shift our entire planet over to all new timelines….. ♥

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Embrace ALL NEW FULLY…. and be wide open for OPPORTUNITIES to make a difference, on every level, by BEING YOUR LIGHT FULLY…. and touching all as LOVE here. ♥

With the utmost kindness, care, compassion respect and love,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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