Christina Lavers – We are in unprecedented times. When I tune into what is occurring energetically I get the word ‘liquidation’ coming through strongly. It feels like the energetic structures that have defined and informed our reality for thousands of years are finally dissolving and becoming fluid. It is as though everything on an energetic level is in a state of flux. This can feel unsettling, especially as so much in our external world is saturated with fear. But I sense so much potential for transformation. So much power, possibility, and positivity can arise from this point. I believe the key is not to overly focus on that which is outside our control.

We all have a sphere of influence, areas in our lives in which we can effect change.

We can focus on our inner world, healing and integrating our shadows. This is very powerful because the more we have healed our inner wounds and integrated our shadows, the less we are triggered by external drama.

We can focus on being a calming force for those around us, on spreading love and kindness to help neutralize the high level of fear and stress that is circulating through the collective.

We can take the time to fill our own cup so that we are well placed to reach out from a centred and loving place.

We each have our own unique skills, abilities and connections and now is the time to ensure that we are taking action in alignment with our hearts.

As this liquefying stage continues there will be much chaos and misaligned energy trying to pull us into its sway. It is so important right now that we don’t hand our power /attention/energy over to external forces. Anything or anyone that is not 100% aligned with high frequency love and truth is not worth our focus.

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We are in the process of anchoring 5th dimensional unity consciousness awareness. If this virus is teaching us anything it is the extent to which we are interconnected on this planet. The old world paradigm was designed to keep us focused in an ‘us and them’ divisive, separation mindset; the new paradigm is about understanding that there truly is no ‘them’. By stepping into unity consciousness our oneness shifts from a theoretical concept to the foundation for a new reality. It is time to heal from separation; the time of choosing sides is coming to an end. Only when we bring different sides together, sharing open, love focused dialogue can we hope to see the whole picture.

As the current situation intensifies I suspect the world weirdness, that is getting harder to deny, will increase. In BQH sessions clients have talked about a period of darkness coming. One described it as a collective dark night of the soul: a time when we en masse come to understand just how deep and systemic this toxicity is in our society. This is necessary to heal.

Yes there are people who have deeply aligned with evil, who have been using their influence and power to create suffering for so many, including the vulnerable and innocent. False narratives will draw on these revelations to stir up righteous anger and outrage, coercing well-meaning people to align with their agenda. But evil can only exist when there is an absence of love. If a narrative is promoting division and punishment it is operating from a low vibration. It is time to let go of the good guys and bad guys story. Love is strong, it does NOT tolerate abuse, but love is also wise enough to know that depravity and corruption is not resolved through creating more pain and suffering.


Be-aware of wolves in sheep’s clothing speaking about love and light, but promoting division and or an individual. I feel the spark of a divine plan incubating within each of us, wanting to birth out into the world. Each of us are crucial pieces of the collective divine puzzle. It is time for each of us to connect with this internal divine spark and express it in our own unique way. Nothing needs to be forced or pushed, the more we can relax and give focus and space to this internal unfolding the stronger it becomes. It is time to pull our focus away from external theatrics. It is time to rise up together! It is time to stop watching ‘the show’ and time to start shining!

This is the darkness before dawn. We can use this time for quiet introspection, for reassessing, for realigning, for connecting deeply within. This will serve us individually and as a whole because beneath the surface we are all intimately connected. As more individual lights shine out within the collective unconscious this love will spread exponentially, bringing clarity to the density and alignment to the whole.

Hopefully when we can gather again there will be even more love, kindness and understanding, allowing us to more swiftly raise our collective vibration and begin to work together, drawing on all the amazing skills, talents and wisdom we hold among us to rebuild a society that is based in love, in kindness, and in integrity.

We were created for this! All is well!

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