Gregory Trollip – The Matrix is a system designed to numb your senses, alter your mood and keep you entertained or distracted whilst the elite, cabal, Illuminati WADA WADA whatever you wanna call those Fucking Muppets who have been controlling the lives of the masses for eons. Your external reality is a direct reflection of your interior design or internal dialogue you see.

Those who fell from Grace know the Universal laws well and use them against humanity to keep them from connecting to their Hearts, instead programming fear into their heads. Most people spend their lives paying for the day they die with life insurance not realizing that the only real death is that of the Spirit not being acknowledged. The way you feel is the slide you put into your projector everyday So the more those running the show keep you on a strict diet of poisonous processed food and water, poisonous pharmaceutical ‘health care’ and poisonous negative media, the lower your vibration and the easier it is to control your puppet. Do you ever come home from work Super excited or turn on the TV and they’re showing acts of Kindness or Amazing New inventions.

Thoughts which are emotionalized become magnetized because feelings are primarily made of Love and are direct messages from Source through the Heart. What have your feelings been saying your whole life. Everything is perfect, keep doing what you’re doing!? HMMMMM not Exactly. You’re programmed to live in fear and that manifests as your reality for in Truth real manifestation really just aligning your vibration and Frequency with the Joy of that which you wish to see or Be. It already exists in your vortex since the loving thought that Created it. Thoughts are manifestations sent into the waves of Creation and when feeling is imposed on them they start to assemble in atoms of like nature.

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The role of the dark egos is to keep us in pain and suffering with just enough hope to keep trying harder essentially moving energy in fear and thus destroying ourselves and the Planet…meanwhile they’re travelling intergalactially, have underground safety bases/cities even and research centers using tax payers money to plot the next joke against the dumb paying blindly. Have you ever asked yourself, what makes one being Superior to another Or What gives another the right to tell you which path to take or what your options are?! In a Universe of Infinte Dimensions and Unlimited Possibilities you were born go live in a box house, study in a box school, work in a box job and create your own box to call home…BWAHAHAHAHAHA

REALLY REALLY Sisters and Brothers of the Light..With All the miraculous functions the body completes without your attention, why would you need to run off to a doctor? Of All the Infinite Creative options available, why would schools teach us to fit in a box and follow existing needless to say failing system? This is the Biggest Scandal in the Herstory of Creation, the Question is..Do You stand up for your birth right and claim your Freedom or do you fearfully hide behind the blinkers of ignorance buying into the ‘it’s too good to be true’ fallacy? The veil has been lifting and it’s never been easier to see the Truth.. if you Awake!!! Will you Surrender and Trust the process of Divine Will or will you focus on the quick sand of your be LIE f systems missing the Silver lining. Can you even begin to imagine everything you have been taught is a LIE. The Resurrection of Truth is upon us, have Faith and know that Dreams of Love, Do come True.

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