Dean Wennemar – This is the single most important piece of information perhaps in human history for its implications on our current situation.

A virus is not contagious.

A virus is created BY the body to cleanse toxins.

It’s not a living organism. Has no reproductive capacity or respiratory system.

It has no ability to compel another cell to replicate itself.

A virus is created by the body to absorb dead and damaged cells which are then excreted out of our nose mouth and ass.

Therefore knowing now what a virus is it exposes the great deception of vaccines. Vaccines only potential function is to make us sick. The only way you can “catch” a virus is to have it injected into you.

Vaccines are designed to create more sick people for the sick care industry.

And furthermore this information totally exposes the coronavirus pandemic as a complete and total deception waged upon the human race for malevolent motives of every kind.

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  1. This video has been removed for violating You Tube’s terms of service. This is the message that I received upon attempting to view this video from Australia. FYI


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